Tata DOCOMO Photon Max unveils unlimited plan for customers in Hyderabad

Tata DOCOMO Photon Max is now offering special unlimited plan for customers in Hyderabad wherein customers will need to pay Rs. 1000 per month and they get speed of 6.2 Mbps for the first 3 GB data usage and after that they can continue enjoying at 153.6 Kbps speed for the rest of the month.

Reliance Netconnect Wi-Fi Router slim, portable and Handy

The reliance 3G mobile broadband dongle is a good option but if you are using multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices and want to access the internet on each of those devices (sometimes simultaneously) you will need to invest in a Wi-Fi router that supports USB modems. There are quite a few Wi-Fi routers available with USB …

Reliance ZTE MF668 (21.6 Mbps) and Huawei E173 (7.2 Mbps) data cards

Gone are the days when you would depend on the wired network for broadband access today you can get amazing speed from a mobile broadband dongle that is compact, portable and is plug & play ready. The Reliance 3G Mobile Broadband Dongle can give speed up to.. hold your breath…28 Mbps.