DD National (Doordarshan) can now be accessed for free on your Mobile phone. Doordarshan will be providing free service on Mobiles in 16 cities across includes this includes the 4 metros. Mobile users will need to use the DVB-T2 dongle receiver to access Doordarshan.

There are two things needed, one the DVB-T2 Dongle and the second thing is that your smartphone or tablet should support OTG, cause you will be connecting the dongle via the micro USB port – you might need an OTG cable.

DD channels are free, there are no additional charges – for now Sports, News, Regional / Kisan and National channels will be relayed. This is a good option for those on the move, they however will need to carry the DVB-T2 dongle with them. This unit does not use internet.

access Doordarshan using DVB-T2 dongle

Connect the dongle to your smartphone or tablet, download the software and start receiving the DD signals. You can find these DVB-T2 receivers on ebay.in.

Published by Gogi Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in

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  1. I am having Samsung Gallexy j7 mobile. I want to buy DVB t2 dongle on line. please guide me in this matter.

    1. I am having Samsung galaxy j7 smart phone. is it possible to watch DD TV channel in bangalore by installing dvb t2 dongle instrument.

  2. Please post the product image so the followers dont get confused. I bet you are in process of acquiring one for review 🙂 Am i correct Gogi?

      1. Hi gogi,

        Can i have the link from where you are buying this product ? I would like to buy one as well but i am confused which one to buy ..

      2. Any update on the delivery? When we can expwct review? It is not easy to select one without hands-on experience with them.
        I need one for sure.

  3. gogi….plz clarifies that, which is the best way to buying this product,and whats the official anouncement and price …

    1. The product is available on Chinese online store like gearbest and banggood. And since they are under $30 you will not need to pay any custom duty.

  4. Dont you remember guys.

    The nokia N96 smartphone in 2008 era has got inbuilt DVB-T2 chip.
    At that time only delhi is providing doordarshan free to air facility on mobile.
    Good to see bhopal comes under those 16 cities.

  5. Good for watching cricket on DD1.
    They should add all free to air channels to this service and should bring this service to all over the country .

  6. gogi, want to see a review of this. its a all new way of watching TV without internet or installing dish antenna.

  7. Good job by DoorDarshan .. If streaming quality is good then it will be hit among people specially students those who r living in mess for watching cricket matches & also on the move in trains 🙂

    Star Sports tum v kar dalo 😀

    1. so far no one seems interested in implementing in handsets. hope Chinese brands xiaomi ,lenovo etc take notice of this next gen technology.

  8. Gogi there is DVB-T2 tongle for mobile available in Chinese online store, with micro USB type

  9. Hi Gogi,
    If possible list and review the DCB-T2 dongles and also the quality of transmission.

    1. Dear Gogi.. This is very interesting.. There are many cricket lovers like me who will go for this product.. Requesting u to advice some DVB-T2 receivers we can look forward to.. If possible make a video on this.. It will surely get many attention.

  10. The sixteen cities are Aurangabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Guwahati, Chennai, Patna, Lucknow, Ranchi, Cuttack, Bangalore, Indore, Jalandhar, Raipur, Bhopal and Ahmedabad.

      1. srijise.

        Please share your experience. How watchable is the stream? Which one did you buy?

      2. brother please mention the exact name of that dongle u bought or please share the link, thanka.