You can now buy the Micromax Funbook from and for Rs. 6,499 with free Tata Photon 3G dongle with 2 months free usage (limited to 1 GB). There was a lot of confusion regarding the free Tata 3G dongle.

The Micromax website mentioned it came bundled with Tata photon whereas when I called the support (when the tab was first launched) they were as confused as I was and told it came without the photon option.

Now even has updated their buy now page which now mentions that Tata Photon + 3G Dongle comes bundled. I think it is the Tata Photon plus that will be bundled as seen on the Ncarry site.

Buy Funbook from
Buy Funbook from

Now this changes the equation completely. As of now the Micromax Funbook becomes the cheapest among Xtab A10, VeeDee D10, VeeDee D10e and Karbonn Smart Tab 1. Though I have not yet checked the funbook tab yet, I think it belongs to the same MID series and processing power and features are as good as the Xtab and D10, D10e.

Funbook at
Micromax Funbook at

What’s more this tab comes with a 3G Tata Photon dongle which will definitely work with the tab. This also means the device is internet ready right out of the box. No more fiddling with existing USB dongles that may or may not work with the tab. And since this comes for free you will not mind having another 3G dongle. Do note that you may need to subscribe to Tata photon plans to continue using the 3G connectivity.

More details on Micromax Funbook here. To buy it online visit or both offering it for Rs. 6,499 for 4GB version.

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    1. That’s great does not matter if you think its the tablet free or the dongle free, you still pay what they ask for.

  1. Dear gogi and all micromax funbook user plz help me my funbook is now lock by enter wrong pattern and now its need email and password and when I am entering correct email and password but its show wrong plz help me.

  2. I want to buy a tab within rs 10,000 with phone calling facility and for internet browsing (external Dongle OK). Which is better micromax funbook talk or wammy ehtos 3G. Please suggest its urgent as I have to gift it.

      1. Sir is it possible to access 3g internet with micromax funbook talk through Micromax MNX400r via wifi? A vital problem issue on it as this tablet support only tata photon dongle for 3G. Pls give some advice and if possible plz upload a video on youTube.

  3. Hello friends,
    Can you tell me that does micromax data cards works with funbook or not? And micromax data cards are the product of huawei or not? am planning to buy funbook but am confused with these matters please help me. Thank you.

  4. Hi Gogi

    I recently bought Funbook PRo 10.1 model. When I connect it to power supply , the tablet switches on. It immediately says charged.

    But once I disconnect the power supply, the screen switches of completely. Does any one face similar problem..? Please help.

    Also, please let me know where are the service centers in Chennai.

    1. Ubarpsi, its a defective battery. If its been less than a week you got the tab you will immediately get a replacement.
      Service center : .

  5. hi gogi, pls guide me. At 45% battery funbook sudden goes off. After I charge funbook then its working but when 40 to 45% battery funbook goes off. What can I do for this problem?


    1. Vishal, charge the battery for a longer time even when its fully charged. Then see if the same happens. Could be a defective battery you will need to get it to the micromax service center.

  6. I am prompted to register in the micromax site each time i want to play a game. Any reason ? quite frustating

  7. dear vishal
    Can you tell me what are the changes to be done to work with idea netsetter. What's the setting on your funbook?

  8. hi friends, any one suggest me that micromax funbook can run with any other dongle except tata proton plus.

  9. I am facing charging problem with my funbook when I try to charge my funbook through pc by connecting via usb cable it charge normally and when i try to charging it via charging adapter it got very warm from behind plz help me sir, give me any solution.

  10. @Simple Singh: You will not get Tata Photon dongle in the packet of micromax funbook. Instead you will get a Tata Photon Plus card which you have to take it to the Tata Docomo outlet. There you have to show this card and you will get Tata Photon dongle but you have to pay Rs. 500 to get this dongle.

  11. Pls guide me, I use unlock idea netsetter with bsnl 3g card. Its working with funbook.

    If I use this dongle any problem to funbook or software of hardware?


    1. Vishal, a dongle will not damage the hardware or software if it works good, go ahead and use it.

    1. yes of course you can use it by connecting it to the 3g dongle it will automatically configure in case no open settings and start data roaming

  12. Friends,

    The funbook will not support new airtel 3g dongles with imei starting from 86**(Model E173Cs-1). But it will support old airtel 3g dongles with imei 35**(Model E173Bu-1) – locked with airtel. Both are Huawei make 1731.

  13. Please help me how to install game, song, video on external memory card? My internal memory card is full? plz help m using micromax funbook tablet.

  14. Hi

    I purchased a funbook last week. Its working fine an no issues so far.

    Great value for money product.

    I want to connect the funbook to my Samsung LCD but i dont know where to procure the HDMI connector/cable. Can someone help please

  15. My son bought Micromax tab from homeshop but he didn't get this offer of Tata photon + dongle. What can he do?

  16. When I go to games etc, then I resister and then go back and type my email and password and press sign in but it tells that please check that your email is activate.

  17. Sir I want to ask one thing, funbook is wcdma platform but you can say that you use idea net setter but sir the idea net setter was GSM platform and funbook has cdma paltform so how is it possible ? plz give me reply.
    thanks in advance.

  18. I bought the micromax funbook from snapdeal but it is not working properly it has many defects plz help me how to get rid of these problems.
    where are its service stations?

  19. micromax tablet is best. It's support all 3g unlock dongles I am using airtel unlock dongle.

    1. Hi Rock star I brought The Funbook on 29th June 2012, I was unable to use any other dongle please please please help me.

      I am waiting for the replay

      Thank you.

    2. I was unable to use any other dongle please please please help me. I am waiting for your reply. Thank you.

  20. Can anyone tell me the procedure to connect Reliance 3G netconnect + to micromax funbok tablet the below procedure given by Nikhil is not working

    Guys this tablet will work with Reliance NETCONECT + as well as other 3g dongles.. see here

    1. Go to Settings–> Slect More–> then Mobile Networks

    2. Enable Mobile network and also enable data while roaming.

    3. With the given Extension card for connecting the USB port connect your Reliance.

    4. Click on the Mobile networks, in that you can see “TATA” with the dial number #777.

    5. Click that, it will go inside that option,

    6. Then Scroll to the user name and password section.

    7. Select and enter your user name and password of your Reliance(ie. MDN Number)

    8. Then save and come out

    Please let me know the procedure for Reliance 3G Neconnect +

  21. I am little confused of whether I will get Tata photon prepaid or postpaid on by paying Rs. 500.
    I want only prepaid if they are giving that option or can I convert to prepaid later on?
    Please let me know the procedure?

    1. Hi,

      For the first three month it is compulsory that you use postpaid and not prepaid.. only after three months of usage u can change it to prepaid. 🙂

  22. Some people have mentioned in their blogs that they can use many data cards with this tablet is it true?

  23. please help me, can someone tell me how can I use my vodafone net cruise in my micromax funbook? I tried so many time please help me out .. please.

    1. Hi, No you cannot, it is locked. You have to root the device in order to use other dongle devices.

    1. plz call me dear I bought funbook but my dongle is not supported plz can I use other dongle please share details.

  24. Hi all ,

    For all those facing late or non delivery issues , I recommend They not only ship on time but also show the status of item as Out of stock when it is not available. I got my Micromax tab in 2 days and is working fine. I mostly use Wifi and have tried HD videos, Music, apps n games from Play store. Working very smooth.

    I just have one issue – when I connect any device to the USB port, the screen flickers and experience auto touch. Did anyone face this issue?

    1. @Dino: Funbook will only recognize Tata Photon dongle because the application is preloaded in funbook. That's the reason the screen flickers when you try to connect any other device.

      Posted by: Suman Sahu


  25. I brought this funbook yesterday but that retailer didn't give me tata photon dongle with it can you tell me its coming free with it or not, bcoz on the packet its mention that its free with it, inside the packet but I didn't get please tell me what should I do?

    1. Bhanupriya, dongle is not exactly free, It does not come in the box pack, there will be a card or letter or something that will mention the process on how to get it. You need to take that card / letter to the nearest Tata store and after paying I thin around Rs. 500 or so you get the photon dongle, and yes you need to submit some documentations for proof.

  26. hey I am planning to buy funbook but I am a little confused because I have micromax usb modem3.1g it has a bsnl sticker on it and any SIM card can be used to surf the net via my desktop. But will the micromax dongle work with the Micromax funbook?

    If not then can you suggest me any other tablet which will work with my micromax usb modem ? 3g and 2g both.

    1. Aman, in Micromax funbook there is no option for mobile and hence you cannot insert any sim there. It only supports Tata Photon dongle and it is pre loaded with it.

      Posted by: Suman Sahu


  27. I got a new funbook, works fine, but while charging the device works erratically, any solutions please?

  28. I had some problem with the funbook's OS so Iwent to MM service center in my city I asked him to repair the software issue and install the android 4.0 ICS. But when I went the other day to take my tablet back, I was shocked to see that they had installed android 2.3.4 and the RAM was showing only 256 mb I want to know if they can change the ram from the tablet?

    1. Friends,

      I want a genuine opinion from everyone.

      don't you feel that this micromax funbook is very costly.

      Let me explain charge of funbook is 6500 + time you spent on installing custom ROM+time you spend on resolving problems related to power backup+ time you spent on dongle connection+ time you spent on visiting service center+ time you spent on followup with micromax customer service+ time to you spent on reading blogs on web site+ time you spent on writing this comment?

      Please share your opinions.


      1. Go for Funbook Pro, it is the best at the price, I am using this with Reliance NetConnect+ it is the best go for it, and enjoy.

        1. Samit – Can you tell me how you were able to connect Reliance Netconnect+ on P500 Funbook Pro? I have a Netconnect 3G dongle, but when I connect to tablet, it shows "damaged usb storage". Also, the TATA Photon+ connection keeps disconnecting and then reconnecting automatically. Not sure what is the issue. Any help aroudn these issues will be appreciated.

  29. I am from kashmir and I bought funbook, can I use internet through nokia phones to connect through data cables?

    1. If your nokia phone has wi-fi and if you can use it as a wi-fi router, then you can access internet on funbook via that.

  30. Can we use internet by connecting the Funbook to modem directly, through USB adapter, is it supported?

  31. When I turn off funbook and after 1 to 2 hours I try pressing the button the tab does not switches on. But when I connect charger for 30 second and remove charger after pressing the button then tab is working. What can I do pls guide me?


    1. I am facing the same problem an like its a hardware issue. Motherboard needs to be replaced..

  32. I have bought funbook, would like to connect internet via reliance data card ZTE 2736,but it is asking some pin number, I don't know what it is can any body help me how to connect please. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hey Dr. Ranjit/Gogi,

      I have exactly the same model of Reliance data card, ZTE AC2736. Were you able to get connected by following the steps provided above. (i.e, to use reliance user name and password).

      The steps seem so simple, however not sure if micromax would have the drivers to detect it.


      Srinivas Desai.

  33. my FUNBOOK stuck, was watching a video 1080p, minimized it, opened repligo was reading a pdf turned pages and in the middle its hanged.
    I tried everything tried all the physical button. putting it to sleep turning it off. Connected the charger then to pc to mount sd card.
    Nothing works. As of now the funbook displays the same page and no movement i cannot turn it off nor can i put it to sleep. the screen is up and the battery was fully charge.

    1. Try this. keep the power button pressed until the tab turns off (about 5 to 10 seconds). Then start the tab by pressing power for few seconds.

      1. Gogi sir, I am from Bhutan and recently bought micromax funbook with tata docomo proton dongle from India. Can i legally own it?

      2. Tata docomo network is not available at my place. Can I use 3g dongle of mts and reliance on my funbook?

  34. Hi Guys, Gogi.

    Got myself Fun book at a local store for 6499. Mine was manufactured on 6th May.

    From build prop got to know it was built on 3rd March or something. Disappointed that MM didn't do any patches for the problems reported. 🙁

    Nothing to Repent, Screen Quality is quite good may be since I had low expectations.:)

    Ideal for Casual Gamers, ebooks, browsing. There are some issues like we have to resize the fonts, zoom in etc. for an ideal viewing.

    Played Shadow Gun, Temple Run, Angry Birds.. etc. This tab really handles games well.

    No Problems with touch screen, even while charging. There is some lag while screen orientation, apps registering touch etc. may be due to low Ram but nothing bothering too much.

    Already rooted my device & tried to change frequencies but it doesn't get applied & reboots itself. May be MM has intentionally done some restrictions.

    Since there is availability of Chinese & Custom Roms already. I think its matter of time that a nice & fast ROM is on our way.

    I have tested both with Tata dongle & a general huawei dongle with BSNL sim.

    Tata one was old model & didn't recognize. But BSNL works perfectly & 3G is super fast. No need to do any settings & it detected dongle automatically including APN.

    Overall very happy with the device. 🙂 & tab is sleek * lighweight….

    1. bro, can we use it with any network other than TATA photon? like i have a vodafone dongle. will it support the dongle?

      1. Alok, take any tab for instance it will work only with selected dongles. I have photon ec152 that does not work on any tab. Dongles that activate special launcher programs when plugged in will not work.

      2. Alok, I am using idea net setter huawei 1732 with bsnl card, very good, working with funbook.

        1. Hi Vishal,

          Today I have bought the Micromax Funbook and trying to connect to internet by using unlocked idea net setter huawei (airtel sim)o682, but I am unable connect to internet, can you provide me the APN setting.

          Please Help.

      1. Not all of the dongles will work, and in most cases the dongles if that is working you will see the notification on the tablet.