I got this review piece, yesterday, the Veedee D10 a 7 inch capacitive touchscreen tablet with 1.5 GHz processing power and Mali 400 GPU. This is the MID series tablet capable of decoding 2160p videos, can play HD videos and comes with built in speakers.

The Veedee D10 was in the market for quite some time and is different from the recently launched Veedee D10e tablet, D10 first came loaded with Android 2.3 OS but now it comes with the latest ICS (Android 4.0). For review purpose I got this tab with android 2.3 and a CD with android 4.0 OS.

Veedee D10 (ICS) unboxing and review

Surprisingly the tablet looks much like the recently launched Micromax Funbook the front side and even the rear side looks almost identical, well except for the Micromax logos.

Design and Built
The tab is light weight, plastic body and has rather very simple look. There are dedicated physical buttons on the front side with a VGA camera placed in center (top). The mini USB, HDMI, reset, TF card slot and 3.5 mm audio jack is present on one side. There is a power button with volume up and down placed on the top side. The built quality is good and feels comfortable when holding in the hands.

VeeDee D10 box pack (android 4.0)
VeeDee D10 box pack

The 7 inch display comes with capacitive touch technology supports 800 by 480 pixels resolution and support multi-touch (5 point). The display output quality is good but not very sharp.

There is a front facing camera you can use for clicking images or shooting videos. Video chat is possible using Skype via Wi-Fi or using any supported 3G Dongle. The camera quality is decent; you shouldn’t expect much from a VGA resolution.

Veedee d10 front view
Veedee d10 front view

The Wi-Fi works pretty good you can even connect supported USB Dongles. The 3G USB dongle models are listed when you browse through the system settings – Wireless and networks -> more… then tap the 3G Support information. Do remember that not all USB dongles are supported.

You can browse the net, watch YouTube video, chat and check emails, everything works out of the box.

Veedee d10 rear view
Veedee d10 rear view

You can play many audio and video files I tried the avi video and MP4 1080p resolution movie trailer which worked pretty well. There is built in speaker and a 3.5 mm audio jack you can use for connecting external headphones.

I tried the pre-loaded angry birds game which was smooth and touch responsive. This tab comes with Mali 400 GPU which is even capable of running the ShadowGun game. You can play high end games that are complied for the Mali GPU.

Veedee d10 ports
Veedee d10 ports (The screw, I would not want to put it there)

Performance between Android 2.3 and Android 4.0
I got this unit with android 2.3 pre-loaded the experience was good and then I upgraded the OS to Android 4.0. Apart from the interface and usability which is better on Android 4.0,  I tried browsing, playing games, watching movies everything was as smooth as with 2.3, there is not much noticeable difference.

While running on the android 2.3 I downloaded, installed and did a benchmarking test using the Quadrant app and the same was done after upgrading to Android 4.0. The benchmarking app results did improve a little bit with android 4.0. You can view the test results below.

Veedee d10 benchmark
Veedee d10 benchmark

I presume this tablet will last for about 5 hours. It takes about less than 4 hours to fully recharge the battery (with less than 10% power). The battery life is good on an average you can expect it to last for over 5 hours. But when playing games the battery drains off much faster (you can play angry birds for almost 3 hours on an average. MP3 playback about 8 + hours and Video playback 4+ hours.

Overall a good tablet with specifications that is nearly identical with other tabs available. The only issue is the display quality which isn’t very sharp which is because the LCD pixel density is set to 120. If the density is changed to 160 the output is more clearer as good as on the Xtab A10 (Xtab A10 comes with 160 pixel density).

The Veedee D10 with android 4.0 is available for Rs. 6,990 and can be ordered online from Veedeedirect.com.

Watch the unboxing and review video

Disclosure: Veedee sent me this review unit(returnable) with android 2.3 and a CD to upgrade to Android 4.0.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in