Reliance Jio Set top box get it free with Jio Fiber plans

I already had the Reliance Jio Fiber connection and now the paid plans have come in to effect. I got the Jio Fiber Gold plan with which I got the free Reliance Jio Set Top box.

In this video I have shown what you get inside the box, i.e. Reliance Jio Fiber Set Top Box unboxing, how to connect the Jio Set Top box and how the interface is.

I would actually call it a TV box rather than a Set Top Box. You might have seen such TV box, this one has a USB port, a HDMI port a network port. For connectivity you can use network port or built in Wi-Fi.

All you need to do is connect this Reliance Jio Set Top box with the Reliance Jio Fiber router and that’s it you will be able to access the free content on your TV, in fact the same can be viewed on your smartphone too..

Reliance Jio Set top box


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