Karbonn mobiles have now entered the tablet bandwagon in India by launching their tablet, the Karbonn Smart Tab 1. This Smart Tab comes with 1.2 GHz processing power with android 4.0 OS. Another feature is the 3G G-Sensor for enhanced gaming experience.

The Karbonn Smart Tab 1 can be booked online from the Karbonn mobiles website. Again an unprofessional method followed wherein you will need to fill in the form and submit. This could also mean that the tablet is not available immediately and there is no guarantee when and if you will get it. It seems Micromax Funbook which was launched recently and is currently getting good response has forced Karbonn mobiles to launch their Smart Tab quite early.

Karbonn Smart Tab 1 features

This tab is powered by 1.2 GHz processor and runs on ICS Android 4.0 OS. There is front facing 2 MP camera that can be used for video chatting. This tab does not comes with built in 3G instead you can use Wi-Fi or even connect external 3G dongle (if supported). Other features are HIMI port, full HD video playback at 1080p.

The common feature that you will find missing is built-in 3G, GPS and Bluetooth. The Smart Tab 1 comes with a 3700 mAh battery that as per Karbonn mobiles can play up to 25 hours of MP3, 8 hours of video and you can surf the net for almost 7 hours. You cannot use this tab as a phone.

Karbonn Smart Tab 1 low cost tablet launched in India
Karbonn Smart Tab 1

The touchscreen support multi-touch (5 points) and is of capacitive nature. The Karbonn Smart Tab 1 is now avaible in India for a price of Rs. 6,990.ย  Karbonn claims that their tablets will be better than funbook, better screen, 2 MP camera and a longer battery life (web surfing upto 7 hours).

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  1. Hi gogi, my karbonn smart tablet1 upper fiber glass has broken yesterday, and suddenly touch was not working. plz. help me how much that costs for repair. where we will get that plz. help me.

  2. I was in dilemma between micromax funbook alpha and karbonn smart tab 3..? my requirements r document viewing and little bit gaming and expecting gud battery life… plz suggest one of them that suits me.

  3. I bought it 2 days back from Reliance Digital at Mumbai at just Rs. 4990/-. Very nice tab and extremely slim. Nice display and even front camera is fine. There are pre-installed games like angry birds seasons and turbo fly 3d (demo) and both run really smooth with no lag. I didn’t find any lagging so far in 2 days. Video playback is awesome and it even plays 1080 p video very smoothly. Even the pendrive connects easily with the micro-usb to dongle connector which u get along with this tab. Its extremely nice tab to buy with fine battery backup. U canโ€™t really expect much in Rs. 4990/-

  4. Hi gogi, just yesterday i went to Infinity 2 mall at malad and saw Karbonn tab 2 (Blade) and its price is Rs. 4990/-.. i am really attracted. I played with it for about 20 mins and loved it and angry birds season was damn smooth to play. Just wish to ask, is it worth buying. I am not aware abt Karbonn Tab's durability. Please reply soon ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks in advance..

  5. Hey Gogi ! any updates on karbonn smart tab 3(BLADE), and smart tab 9(MARVEL). These two popped out in tv commercials of clt20 recently. I am unable to get any info. Hope you will find out.

  6. Hey, I am having a Karbonn Smart tab 1, which I purchased quite recently. I do understand pros and cons of budget tablets so won't discuss about the negative points here. Just a small query about Micro SD card. I have inserted 16 GB Micro SD card. The applications/games which are being downloaded now are getting saved in flash memory.

    Even if a particular application is saved on Phone (and if it is movable), there is an option to move it to SD card but when I move it to SD card it goes into flash memory and the Micro SD remains empty. This means only Videos, songs and pictures and other word or pdf files can only be moved to SD card and not games and other applications as in Android phones. Can somebody clarify my doubt please! Would be of great help, please!


  7. Hi Gogi !
    Please help me
    Karbon Smart tab 1 or 2 Support GSM 2G Browser Via Datacard ( i have a HUAWEI E173 all GSM Sim Supported Datacard )

    1. Ventak, you will need to check with karbonn which dongle will work – the model number. Once you know the dongle you can use any SIM 2G/3G etc on the dongle.

  8. I am struggling to get through —

    Pl. suggest & guide how to connect usb dongle of reliance net connect

    ZTE AC 2736 to micromax funbook.

  9. Hi,

    Looking for tab which has SIM slot and works on SIM also, would appreciate if you can recommend one.

    Many Thanks

    1. Hi check out this link .
      look for the heading Low cost Tablet with built in 3G Price list.

  10. Please suggest Among 3 (X tab A10 plus,Funbook,Karbonn) Which should i go for ? I am really confused among 3.

  11. what's the feature difference between k.smart tab and Samsung galaxy tab 2 310.

  12. please review on domo n9 se it is coming with 1 gb ram. No where I got reviews for this please give full review on this. And it comes for 6000 can we go with this or any -ve about this tablet?

  13. Hi,

    I got my karbonn smart tab a couple of days back! looks neat, well, though it gets heated up fast, may be because its new, battery back up is decent and performance is pretty good display is cool with full HD.


      1. Hey gogi,

        Paid INR 6990/- through karbonn mobiles website but couldn't select the color. I got a white one instead of grey/black.

  14. Which one should I choose,karbon tab, Micromax FB, Veede d10s,I am confused, please help.

    1. Arun, hold on I will be putting up a new tab review tomorrow so far it looks much better.

  15. thank you so much sir, and must say, I love your blog. Keep it up, keep goging

    1. Thanks Deep, and FYI may be next week I will have another video review on a tab with built in 3G.

  16. hi gogi, You know what, I cant wait anymore. I'll go with fun-book. Is there any way to cancel the pre-booked karbonn tab? please respond!

    1. Deep, I can understand. If you have just filled the form (not made any payments) then just ignore it they will not send it without your confirmation. But in case you sent the money, you will need to call them and cancel the booking. I do not like the pre-booking method that too via simple email form, it looks like as if the company is not taking it seriously.

  17. I want know if I can connect this tab with my MTS data card (or any other) for net surfing?

    1. Deep the company has not revealed much in details but for any tab you will need to call / checkup with the company and find out which dongles will work. Do note that not all 3G dongles will work.

  18. Till now only thing I can see is good battery life. Hows the ram ?
    Btw love your blog

    1. Abhinav, They have not given the details but I presume it will be at least 512 MB.

      1. Had a chat with Jaina marketing it takes 3 weeks to deliver that's a lot of time I'll wait for your review.

  19. Hi gogi I have the micromax funbook, do you think the karbonn tablet be worth the upgrade ?
    Or its better to stick with funbook?

    1. Ahinav, The Karbonn specifications are good and they claim a better battery life, so in all it will be better. Still not yet available, though. But hey hold on there are a few more surprises coming today. Just keep checking my site.

  20. hello gogi, I want to ask you something. Yesterday I pre-booked this karbonn tab. Do you have any idea when it will be shipped? Is it like the other online shopping sites. I want this tab as soon as possible, I might shift to another state, want to carry this with myself. Sorry for my English. I hope you will response as you did before. Have a nice time.


    1. Deep, no idea when they will make the tab available, I too had booked the tab, but frankly I do not like this pre-booking via email form. I guess when the tab is ready it you will see it on many online sites just like what happened with Micromax funbook.

  21. Hi gogi,

    Just got a call from JAINA MARKETING AND ASSOCIATES for pre booking of Karbonn smart tab1 for INR 6990 through net banking or cheque. After i submitted Query on .

    Liked it as I wanted a cheapest TAB. Well this outsourced company in genuine? Should I book, any reviews?

    Thanks, Anil

    1. Anil I too had filled the pre booking form but did not get any call or email from them. The Karbonn mobile is a joint venture mobile manufacturing company with Noida based Jaina marketing & associates and United telecoms limited in Bangalore. So they are asking to pay via net banking / cheque. The tab looks good no review yet as I am still waiting for the tab.

  22. hey gogi, the price has been announced for this karbonn tab. This device is for 6,990 INR only. Now please make a full review and tell us about your experience. What do you think about this tab.

  23. hi gogi, does karbonn smart tab 1 supports high end android HD games like asphalt 6,MC3,gta3, shadowgun etc?
    and why micromax funbook does not support hd games?

    1. Not sure they have not given more details yet and we do not know the price also. Probably it will if it needs to compete with the other tabs. Micromax funbook can play many HD games not all but yes it can play asphalt, shadowgun etc..

      1. I will not agree with you ..! in youtube they clearly mentioned funbook doesn't support hd games at all…! I was very much disappointed as it does not support…

        ah..!!! thought of buying it …but at last moment heard the news …!

    2. Micromax supports HD games, but with EA and gameloft there is some server error, other developer games run smoothly.

      1. Yes I have also experienced server error when installing those games. I would suggest try after sometime or the installation that you had used is corrupted or of an older version.

    1. Wasim it depends on your budget for over Rs. 5,000 and under Rs. 7,000 you can get a good tab (xtab A10, Micromax Funbook and no the Karbonn Smart Tab 1). You can go for the Funbook or wait for the karbonn tab.

  24. Hi gogi
    Please give me full review of domo slate n9 se. I want 2 buy this tab.help me and tell is right 2 buy this?

    1. Hi
      Domo slate n9 se seems to have reduced their cost to 6,990 now. This tab specs looks just like the Micromax Funbook, Xtab A10 and VeeDee D10. This tab comes with normal USB and microUSB port which is good. A 5 MP front camera is of a surprise to me, please call and confirm the same. Anyway a 5 MP front facing camera does not make sense. Overall the tab looks good same as the funbook, a10 and D10, its up to you which company you trust and who is offering at the lowest price or with extra features.

    1. Hi Karbonn as just started the booking process that too via email, its better to wait. Price is not know yet, but I think it will be under Rs. 6,500 and probably even cheaper than Micromax (not sure) but lets wait and watch.

  25. sir will this tab b good enough for skype to skype video calling plz suggest anyone

    1. I have used the xtab for skype chat, it is not very smooth and the other person cannot view image properly. It seems some fault with skype. The karboon will also be using the same skype, but it has a 2 MP camera which may work well. But still not sure about the quality / speed, but yes you can make skype video calls.

  26. pls suggest me tablet that i can use as a phone & under 10 or 12 thousand

    Tab comes with 1.2 GHz processing power with android 4.0 OS