Tata Photon Plus is the best wireless mobile broadband available in India. It has also been awarded the Product of the Year 2011 under Mobile Broadband (Wireless) category.  Instead of the wire broadband you should go for the wireless photon plus option for a simple reason that it provides wireless freedom and you can carry the wireless broadband connection where ever you go.

I have been using a wire broadband connection and had a mobile GPRS connection that I used when traveling. There were a lot of problems with the fixed broadband because of wire snapping, electricity fluctuations and what not. The mobile network (GPRS / EDGE ) from Airtel was no good either the speed was terribly slow. So I decided to get a Tata photon connection that offers the same broadband speed and the tariff is also nearly the same but what I get is mobility and downtime because of wire problems are totally eliminated.

The process of getting the Tata Photon Plus is simple. Just visit the nearest Tata Indicom center and ask for the Photon Plus broadband USB device. You need to submit one id proof ( your driving licence or Passport), one address proof (electricity / credit card / landline bill) and one photo.

Once you submit you can get the new Tata Photon Plus USB device activated instantly. There are many schemes you can choose from depending on your need. The cost of a new Tata Photon Plus USB is Rs. 1800 1249 and with some schemes you can get 100% cash back, so you will get the 1800 back within a year (Rs. 150 for 12 months) . The amount gets deduced in your monthly bill.

The Photon connection is post-paid and you will get a month bill depending on the tariff plan you have chosen.

Tata Photon Tariff plan (basic data)

  • Rs. 99 for 512MB valid for 1 Day.
  • Rs. 100 for 100MB.
  • Rs. 255 for 1GB valid for 30 days.
  • Rs. 350 for 1.5GB valid for 30 days.
  • Rs. 450 for 2GB valid for 30 days.
  • Rs. 850 for 5GB valid for 30 days.

Tata Photon Unlimited Data Tariff plan

  • Rs. 700 for 2GB Unlimited valid for 30 days.
  • Rs. 750 for 3GB Unlimited valid for 30 days.
  • Rs. 1000 for 6GB Unlimited valid for 30 days.
  • Rs. 1200 for 11GB Unlimited valid for 30 days.

I got the Rs. 950 scheme where I get up to 3.1 Mbps speed until I reach 5GB after which unlimited at 156kbps. The price is same as my currently fixed broadband where I pay approx Rs.1000 for 500 kbps unlimited.

tata photon plus USB mobile Broadband box pack
tata photon plus USB mobile Broadband box pack

The Photon plus USB device from Tata (India’s superfast mobile broadband service) is plug and play it automatically installed the software on my windows PC and was ready to use. I even plugged it into my netbook running Ubuntu Netbook Edition and it got detected easily.  Just go to system > network connections on Ubuntu netbook edition and choose the mobile broadband tab then click add and you should find the EC152 Huawei USB device listed there.

tata photon plus USB Broadband Mobile Internet with cover price in India
tata photon plus USB Broadband Mobile Internet with cover price in India

Tata Photon Plus EC152 Huawei features

  • Speed up to 3.1 Mbps
  • Upload speed up to 1.8 Mbps
  • Plug and Play
  • Supports up to 4GB of Micro SD card which can make it work as a storage device too.

As soon as you get the device you can start using it. You get 100 minutes of free internet activity this is until the papers you submitted are verified and your account then fully activated. It may take about 8 hours to get your account fully activated.

Published by Gogi Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in

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  1. Guys, please don’t use Tata Photon. I have been through very bad experience with Photon plus. They won’t provide you 3.1 mbps speed, I’ve never got more than 1.2 mbps and 95% of the time the speed is less than 100 kbps. The customer care is even worst, they don’t provide you actual facts and there is no transparency in their ticket resolution. They won’t allow you to provide actual feedback and close your tickets without informing you. This is my personal experience and I give 0 out of 5. I have suffered a lot because of photon plus. I have a lot to tell about Photon but I hope above lines are enough to take any decision.

  2. Hi Gogi,

    Hope you are doing well. I need urgent help/recommendation from you.

    I am currently using shitty “Tata Photon Plus” dongle as my primary ISP, now I think it is high time to switch to wired connection. I live in Goreagon East, Mumbai.

    I am not sure about any major ISP, my local cable operator too is not feasible in my building, so I doubt about major ISP’s. This is the sole reason I opted for Wireless Internet but now I am tired and frustrated due to its speed, connectivity and prices. Wired connection at 512 kbps is still better than think junk dongles.

    Could you list some reliable ISP’s as per their prices, service, speed and stability? Also which ISP are you currently using. I have an option of You Broaband but still not sure and 5networks does’nt even bother to reply to my emails, same with Hathway.

    Will be waiting for your comment on this.

    Also guys from Mumbai suburbs are welcome for their wise inputs.


    1. Gaurav, you will need to check locally cause some ISP will work well. I was using Photon but over time their quality dropped and I could not even access the connection at some placed that used to work before. I am now using MTNL wired network for almost a year or so and not issues till date.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I will think about MTNL but was avoiding it due to the nature of their customer service. I have no problem if connection is stable.
        Still will check how reliable it is in my locality..

        1. Gaurav, not sure about at your end by here at my place service is at par as compared to private players.

  3. Dear, I am in Pune. (hadapsar area) Please suggest me as I want to purchase TATA Photon Plus.. but as shown in your comment complaints against TATA photon. I think i will go Universal Dongle.

    Please suggest me which I would Buy.

    1. If you know someone in Pune who is using the Photon plus then check it before buying or better go with universal dongle.

    1. I do agree with you, it has gone worst as of today. I have cancelled the connection about few months back. I was using this from 2011. When I got it in 2011 the network used to work at many places but now it works only in some selected areas and connection is also pathetic, my mobile 3G works better and at all places.

      1. https://tatabroadbandpune.com
        Rs. 699 30 GB unlimited 10Mbps 1Mbps
        Rs. 899 60GB unlimited 10/16Mbps 1Mbps
        Rs. 999 100 GB Unlimited 16/40Mbps 1/5Mbps
        Rs. 1099 200 GB Unlimited 16/40Mbps 1/5Mbps
        Rs. 1299 300GB Unlimited 16/40Mbps 1/5Mbps
        Rs. 1599 400GB Unlimited 16/40/100Mbps 1/5Mbps
        Rs. 1999 500GB Unlimited 16/40/100Mbps 1/5Mbps
        Rs. 2499 500GB Unlimited 16/40/100Mbps 1/5Mbps

  4. I think its absolutely ridiculous that the author of this article is recommending Tata Photon over a wired connection. NEVER ever make that mistake. A wireless connection will never give you the stability, reliability and bandwidth of a wired connection.

    I am currently enjoying unlimited 1mbps wired connection with no FUP for Rs.1100 per month. No drop in speed during peak hour. Which wireless provider will give you that huh?

    Both wired and wireless have different purposes. Wired is for those need a stable connection at home. Wireless is for those who want Internet on the move. Neither can serve as replacement for the other.

    1. Anjan, in some cases wireless is better than wired. This is a 2011 article and wired connection has improved a lot today. How this makes sense.

  5. I need 2 buy a tata photon dongle for my micro max p275 tab so,photon Is good r not pls leave me a reply in 1day.

    1. Never ever make that mistake. I’ve been using tata photon+ for two years. They told me that I’ll get atleast 1mbps download speed. But They’re all bast****. They’re liar. I get download speed like hell…say 15kbps to 50 kbps.. thats it! now u decide!

    2. hello frnd
      kya tum mujhe bata sakte ho ki p275 aap ka kaisa chal raha
      kyon ki maine bhi liya hai mai etawah se hon aap kaha se ho
      tumne kon sa modem liya tha kya tum mujhe bata sakte ho kya
      plz aap jaisa sad frnd

  6. I am having 3.1 Mbps Tata photon Plus unlimited plan, its 3rd class broadband service and I am using it in south delhi saket area still download speed is between 0.09 to 0.30 Mbps.

  7. Never ever go for this device… Its a bloody ###kng device with no speed in even the posh area of Kolkata.

    Total waste of money and time…

  8. Tata photon is a totally bloody piece of shit. I'm using it posh area of south Delhi they are promising speed of 3.1/mbps but I never got speed more than 500/kbps since I brought it & its expensive too. They are giving 5 gb unlimited in 950/month but Reliance giving 10 gb unlimited in 950/month. I advice all never ever go for Tata.

  9. Its a really nice description you have written about photon plus. I was thinking of buying one and was searching for the price of tata, got it on your blog. Thanks

  10. Using tata photon+ reminds me of those days when I used dial up connection but even that was better

    1. Hi Souvik,
      I am using Tata Photon plus and it's amazingly fast may be the network is good here in Navi Mumbai.

  11. Photon+ Postpaid is bloody shit, I'm using this since last November(1year) in Pune, can't even browse during peak hours. Such an idiotic internet provider should make sure minimum bandwidth available to the users who pay them.

  12. nokia 7230 -2.1mbps speed sony mobile s speed maximum 7 mbps speed but yeh surver pe depended speed karta hai tata photon plus 3guna tez 21 mbps kya ye sach hai ya yunhi

  13. TATA photon+ is a crap……….it is a worst product which never works and is useless in all the means.

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