What do you do when you want to find out your IP address; you probably would visit the whatismyip.com or initiate a Google Search with the keyword “What is my IP”. The results would then show the site whatismyip.com at the first position which you would click and know your IP Address, well that was the old way.

Now Google search will report your IP address as soon as you search using the keyword what is my IP. With this update, there is actually no need, to visit any other sites to find the IP. The Google search gives you the results almost instantly.

This is similar to using the search engine as a calculator. If you were unaware of this, try the search query 5+9 and see the results. Google search can even convert data for example try the query 32hours to days.

Google Search What is my IP
Google Search What is my IP

By the way only the words “what is my IP” shows the results if you try any other query that might be related like IP lookup or IP Address look up you will not see the results.

When you use the query what is my IP, Google will show the IP address of your computer from where the search was initiated. Click here for more information.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in