Search using Google Gravity and watch the results falling

Google Gravity has been around for quite some time and it has grabbed more attention as per Google Insights. Google Gravity was developed by Ricardo Cabello which is the same Google search engine combined with Gravity.

The word Gravity itself says a lot and one can presume that it will be something related to special effect or Gravity effects. As soon as you open the gravity link the content falls apart, but you can still search and when the results are found, they fall too.

Google Gravity makes use of jQuery Effects to bring about those falling effects. The searches still works and the so does the links. Gravity project is not recommended for use in our day to day searches, but once a while, it’s OK.

Google Gravity : Google Search with Gravity effects

Google Gravity : Google Search with Gravity effects

How to try the Google Gravity Search

You can use any browser and click the link below.
Launch Google Gravity

The gravity may not work on certain browsers it did work on Firefox (took some time to load), worked on internet explorer 9. Just in case if the link does not work on your browse try it on Google chrome, it surely will.

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