How to download Facebook videos

Today many users are logged on to their Facebook account. In fact for many the day starts with a Facebook status update. On Facebook you chat, share your thoughts with other like minded, get into a discussion, share pictures and videos. Most of the videos are links from YouTube which can easily be accessed from YouTube itself. However there are some videos that are hosted on Facebook also called as Facebook videos.

If you like a particular Facebook video you can download it and view it whenever you want. This not only save internet bandwidth but also saves your time which you would have spent searching for that video again, on Facebook. Well there may be many reasons as to why you would want to download a Facebook video but here is a method on how to download videos hosted on Facebook.

How to Download Facebook Videos

  • Login to your Facebook account and go the post that has a Facebook video. It is easier to distinguish between a Facebook video and a YouTube video.  If you place the mouse pointer over the video you can actually see the video link in the browser status bar.  Facebook video will be hosted on the Facebook domain.
facebook video copy link

facebook video copy link

  • Just right click on the video and click copy link location.
  • Now click which will open the site in a new window and simply paste the Facebook video link and click download.
facebook video download

facebook video download

  • You will then see the Facebook video tile with a download this video button. Click it.
Download facebook video confirmation

Download facebook video confirmation

  • A download box will open with option to save the Facebook video most probably in mp4 format.

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