Indian broadband users, here is one reason to rejoice. You Broadband, an internet service provider in India are now offering dual speed plans where in you pay just Rs. 999 per month and get speed up to 12 Mbps with 25 GB limit. After 25 GB you can still continue using the plan at speed of 1 Mbps.

You Broadband are advertising this plan in a rather unusual way in Rajinikanth Style, mind it. The dual speed plan is called Hurricane and available in 1, 3, 6 and 12 months options. Now this is really good for heavy net users who spend a lot of time on the net downloading games, movies and software’s.

The You Broadband Dual speed plans are available in Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Surat, Vadodara, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Thane, Pune and Vishakapatnam.

You Broadband Hurricane Plan
You Broadband Hurricane Plan

You Broadband Dual Speed Plan (Hurricane)

Plan Speed up to GB Validity (Days) Price
Hurricane You 25 GB for 1 month
(Rs. 700 installation charges extra)
12 Mbps / 1 Mbps 25 30 999
Hurricane You 80 GB for 3 months 12 Mbps/ 1 Mbps 80 90 2999
Hurricane You 175 GB for 6 months 12 Mbps/ 1 Mbps 175 180 5999
Hurricane You 375 GB for 12 months 12 Mbps/ 1 Mbps 375 360 11998

New customers will need to pay Rs. 550 for a new connection.
Plus Rs. 700 for refundable modem deposit and Rs. 1650 for Router Sales Amount.

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  1. i have the same problem, i have taken 12mbps plan in surat and getting 300-400kbps downloading speed.. don’t know what to do?? i have complaint a lot not solved i lost my 1000/-

  2. Hi, I have taken you broadband 12 mbps speed.
    1) Speed is never more that 800 kbps in test my speed. totally false promises on papers.
    2) out of 30 days my internet works for 10 days. They are just looting the money from customer.
    I would never recommend them

  3. I am facing problem from last one month in my internet connection. I have taken you broadband connection one month back anf from starting i am facing severe problem in connection. I raised more than 20 complaints to your customercare but no resolution till today so i am raising my voice through this social media . I paid you three month advance and your system is deducting my service days but i am not able to use it, You people are cheating with the customers. If you dont believe then check my account. User id gsd303 (Gourave).
    The perception in my mind for you broadband is just Cheating with their customers…nothing else

  4. I faced speed problems all the time and finally got it removed. You broadband lacks infrastructure and terribly survives only on cheating people. An interesting read here

    and it also mentions other facts. That is an eye-opening fact-sheet for all. unfortunately we live in an corrupt country where Anna is put behind bars and these fraudsters flourish.

    Other reviews below

  5. My friend had 1 Mbps plan of you from 1 year and i seen there was absolute no issues to him. so I also thought to Move to You broadband.

    BUt in last 1 months he changed his plan from 1 MBPS to Hariicane plan (12Mbps – 1 month -999rs).

    So theroraotclly he must get a DOWNLOAD speed of 1- 1.5 MBps .

    but he only got 300-400kpbs speed.

    He made a Comppaint about this and he stuggled 2 weeks for this issue. There Service engg came to his home and tried almost 4-5 times to make him get that speed but In Vain..

    Finally he said "AS this is new plan , our n/w in this Area is not upgraded to handle this 12Mbps, so we will not be able to get this 12Mbps speed. i suggest u to go back to his old 1Mbps speed"

    So my frd changed plan from 12mbps to 1 Mbps , but Lost 1000Rs and and lost fo headache to get that speed.

    So i concluded that i will go for "Angel 512-1Mbps 1 Mth"

    1. I have had this connection for two days, I switched from Hathway, mainly for their alarmingly bad customer service. The customer care line for you broad band seems to work well, and seem to have good approach towards their customers.
      But it looks, lip service is what you get. The so called 12MBPS, so far is just a dream for me. I am even struggling to stream youtube video, I have to admit I had no problem with HathWay even when my account is downgraded to 600KB from the fair usage plan of 2MBPS.

      I am wandering if they are going to fix it in the next few days…!!! I will post the update if it is rectified or not!!!

      1. I’m looking into which BB service I should go with is Chennai as well, so please let us know about your experience Ambess. I really don’t know anything about the BB services in Chennai, and went with Airtel since it was the largest company I knew. However their service was below par and I’m looking to make the change. Thank you.