Reliance recently updated its 3G plans and made it more competitive and now Vodafone is following the same path. They are now offering new 3G plans starting from Rs. 100 for 300 MB for its postpaid consumers.

Two of the new Vodafone 3G plans are really good and might see a lot of users subscribing to it. The Rs. 850 plan will offer 5 GB data limit and Rs. 1,250 will get you 10 GB of data limit per month. The new Vodafone tariff is as follows.

For PostPaid customers

Amount Data Limit
Rs. 100 300 MB
Rs. 375 1 GB
Rs. 650 2 GB
Rs. 850 5 GB
Rs. 1250 10 GB

For PrePaid customers

Price Data Limit Time Limit Extra above data limit
Rs. 24 25 MB 24 hours 10p per 10 KB
Rs. 45 150 MB 7 days 10p per 10 KB
Rs. 109 300 MB 30 days 10p per 10 KB
Rs. 249 1 GB 30 days 10p per 10 KB
Rs. 449 2 GB 30 days 10p per 10 KB
Rs. 850 3072 MB 30+30 days 10p per 10 KB
Rs. 1250 5120 MB 30+30 days 10p per 10 KB
Rs. 1500 10 GB 30 days 10p per 10 KB

The old post paid 3G customers have also got a reason to rejoice. The Rs. 650 plan now comes with double the data limit – before it was 1 GB now it’s 2 GB. In fact all the older plans are now upgraded the price is the same with double the Data limit.

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  1. Parminder Singh
    Posted on May 30, 2012

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