Reliance communications has now launched what they claim to be the most competitive 3G plans in India. The My Best plan will help consumers surf more at a very nominal rate, the plan when compared with other plans will save consumers up to 90% per month.

The new plan is now available across 13 circles which includes Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. The lowest that the consumer can pay is Rs.  250 / month for 1 GB of 3G data. The My Best plan also offers what they call the No bill shock.

Now if you are a heavy 3G user and have no idea how much bandwidth you will be using that may vary every month, sometimes less, sometimes more, the No bill shock will be an added advantage. Here is how it works. For up to 1 GB you will pay only Rs. 250 per month. Now if your usage crosses over 1 GB then from 1 GB to 6 GB you will need to pay Rs. 250 + 20 paise per MB for anything over 1 GB and less than 6 GB. If your usage crosses more over 6 GB you will be charged Rs. 1250 per month with unlimited usage (speed throttled).

Here is an example

Usage per month Price you pay
900 MB Rs. 250
2.5 GB Rs. 250 + 300 (0.20/MB for 1.5 GB) = Rs. 550
7 GB Rs. 1,250


Reliance My Best Plan

Usage (3G) Bill Per month
< 1 GB Rs. 250
> 1GB < 6GB Rs. 250 + 20p/MB over 1 GB
> 6GB (Speed Trottled) Rs. 1250

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -