Good news for Vodafone prepaid users 3G tariff plans prices have dropped. You can subscribe to 3G from as low as Rs. 25. Vodafone had revised their 3G plans recently but the tariff plans were different for prepaid and postpaid customers.

It is not just Vodafone but other subscribers are also following the same path. I am using Airtel 3G, I had subscribed to 3G plan wherein I pay Rs. 100 for 100 MB (that was when I started) and then Airtel upgraded the plans to 200 MB for the same price and now its 300 MB for Rs. 100.

It seems that the 3G providers are not getting many subscribers because of exorbitant pricing. By reducing the cost they could get more subscribers. Another reason is because of competition, if one carrier alters the price, the rest follows – they have to.

As per the new Vodafone 3G tariff plans for pre-paid users (no extra roaming charges (for data)), the minimum cost is Rs. 25 for 25 MB data valid for 24 hours. There is also the Pay as you go option where in users can pay Rs. 0.02 per 10 kb.

For Rs. 100 you get 300 MB data with 30 days validity (similar to what I am currently using on Airtel). The MRP options are 200, 250, 375, 450, 650, 750, 850, 1250, 1500 and 1599. The max tariff is Rs. 1599 for 12 GB with 30 days validity. Anything above the prescribed limit will cost 2p per 10 kb.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -