Good news for android users they can now watch YouTube videos offline by downloading the videos via channel subscription. Users can also download Google maps for offline navigation without the need of a 3G / 2G connection.

However these updates are available for android ver 3.2 and above. If you are using the Gingerbread OS (Android 2.3), these features are not available and will not be activated in the future. So it does make sense to go in for the latest android version namely the Android 4.0. Also note that the latest Jelly Bean the android 4.1 is in queue.

For YouTube videos you will need to subscribe to the channels and only then will you be able to download the video. On Google Maps there is a new option called Make available offline, just select it and mark the area on the map. The map will then be downloaded on your handset or tablet and it will also tell you the space required for the same.

Download Google maps on android

If you are using the 3.2 and upwards, you might have already seen the upgrade option, for both YouTube and Google Maps. If you have still not upgraded, do it now. The download map features is what was needed especially in India where 3G is still restricted to certain areas, moreover the phone signal goes completely offline on highways and isolated areas.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -