Today almost everyone has a Google Gmail account and many have started using Google Doc and other Google services. However to access these services you need a working internet connection, but it could get really frustrating especially when the Internet connection is unreliable and disconnects quite often.

Imagine you have just created an important mail and have just clicked the send button and then the net connection goes dead. The email is still lying in the outbox waiting to be sent but at the same time you cannot access Gmail for say composing another email, well until the net comes back.

Thankfully Google has understood this problem and have created the Gmail offline app that you can install and work with Google products like Calendar, Docs and Gmail offline, without any internet connection. As of now Gmail is available offline but other Google services like Docs and Calendar will eventually be added over the next week. The Offline Google Mail app is available for download from Chrome store for free. This app works only on Chrome browse so you need to get the Google Chrome browser installed in case you haven’t.

Offline Google Mail chrome App
Offline Google Mail chrome App

So how does the Offline Google Mail app work?

Once the app is installed the Gmail data is automatically synchronized and you have the latest copy on your PC as well as on Gmail. Periodically Gmail offline app will sync with the Gmail server and keep the data fresh.

In case of a failed internet connection you will still be able to read mails, compose new mails, reply, search and even archive the emails and when the net connection comes back the data from your PC is synchronized with the Gmail server and if any messages are in queue they will be sent immediately.

How to install Offline Google Mail

  • Start the Chrome browser.
  • Follow this link and add to chrome.
  • Now to see the apps all you need to do is open a new tab in chrome browser and you should see the Gmail offline icon. Click it to load the app.

The Offline Google Calendar and Google Docs will soon be made available. Offline editing is still not possible on Google Docs and Google team are working to make it a reality.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -