There is a Transfer Feed option in Google Feedburner which can be used to transfer your RSS feeds to any other Feedburner account. There could be many reasons for transferring feeds from one feedburner account to another, but the common reason is to move RSS feeds to AdSense enabled account to monetize the feed traffic.

In fact I faced the same problem, I had a RSS feed running on a different Feedburner account that was not linked with Google Adsense. Also Google does not allow more than one Adsense account per user. I wanted to place AdSense ads on the RSS feeds but could not do so.

If you login to AdSense and go to My Ad -> feeds  +new feed unit, you will find an option to move feedburner feeds to Google Account, well that is not the option, the reason I mentioned is because that is what many would try at first and which will not work, moreover the link looks quite confusing. Actually this option was to move the RSS from Feedburner to Google account after Google acquired Feedburner. As for now simply ignore it.

How do I move my Feedburner RSS feed to another Feedburner Account

The process is very simple and it does nothing but simply passes on the ownership to the other account. Now you can not only transfer feeds to your own (other) account but you can also transfer to just about any feedburner account.

transfer feedburner feed from one account to another
transfer feedburner feed from one account to another

All you need to do is login to your Feedburner account (the one that has the feed you want to move to a different feedburner account).

Click the feed title that you want to move.  You will then see the Transfer Feed option on top just next to Edit feed details | Delete Feed.., click transfer feed.

You will then be able to permanently transfer that specific feed to another feedburner account, all you need to do is add the email address of recipient and then click send transfer acceptance request. Do cross check the email to make sure it is the correct one.

Once done a mail will be sent to the recipient asking for a confirmation and when the recipient accepts the transfer (this has to be done within 72 hours)  the feed ownership is immediately transferred and the recipient will see the feed listed in his feedburner account almost instantly. The feed will be removed from the account you transferred from.

All the details are kept as is like the subscribers, feed settings, status etc. It is just the ownership that is changed.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -