Multiple Sign-in support now enabled on Gmail for Mobile

Most of you might have used the multiple sign-in feature in Google Gmail from your desktops or laptops but now, you can do the same from your Mobile phone too. Gmail for mobile now comes enabled with Multiple Sign-in and with some more useful features.

With the multiple sign-in option Gmail users can login to different account on the same system and conveniently switch to and from the accounts without having to log-off or log-in. For example you can login to your personal as well as your business email account on Gmail and can work with any of the account by simply selecting it (switching it).

To sign-in into another account just tap the account switcher (you email id with a up icon)  that is located at the bottom. You should then see the option to login into another account or to sign out of all accounts.

multiple sign-in now enabled on gmail for mobile

multiple sign-in now enabled on gmail for mobile

This feature now enabled for mobile is good news for professional on the move who often use multiple accounts. There are some more useful features that have been incorporated into the mobile Gmail version.

You can now set specific signatures on your mobile which can be different from what is setup on your desktop. For example the signature with the text “Sent from Gmail Mobile” will automatically be attached at the end of every mail. This will help recipients know that you sent them a mail from a mobile device and hopefully they will forgive you for those spelling mistakes, if any. It is a known fact that people make a lot of spelling mistakes, unintentionally when composing messages from their mobile phone.

signature and vacation responder feature on gmail for mobile

signature and vacation responder feature on gmail for mobile

Another great feature is the vacation auto responder. Now you can set that too from your mobile. Just setup the start date and the end date and you are done.

So want to see the new features in action just grab your mobile device and punch in

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