To make the most out from your Android phone you will need to setup your Google account when you use it for the first time. Though once you have your Google account setup you may never want to delete it, but just in case if you do here are some ways of getting rid of your Google Account from your Android phone.

How to permanently remove the Google Account from your Android phone

There are several ways to do it but make sure you know what you are doing and as a precautionary measure do take a backup of your data. When you remove your Google Account from the handset all your account related data is also erased for example your contacts, calendar and Gmail data will go empty.

So before you try out this option make sure you synchronise the contacts and other data with Google so all your recently made changes are updated on your Google account.

There is one option that most android users usually use which is the factory reset option, but then all non Google related data is also lost. This is as good as bringing the Android phone back to the state when you first opened it from the box pack.

However we will use other methods that will remove Google Account without any factory reset or a matter of fact without touching other important data that you may have on your phone.

Method 1

  • Launch the menu option and look for Settings.
  • Tab settings then tap Applications (for managing applications).
  • Look for Google Apps and tap that icon.
  • Then tap the Clear data button.
  • Once done, reboot your phone then start any Google application like Gmail or Google Talk you will be asked to enter the account info again.

All your contacts, calendar and Gmail data will be wiped out without affecting other data present on your Android phone.

Method 2

  • Use your computer and change your Google account password.
  • Now go back to your phone and try accessing the Google services, login attempt will fail and you will be asked to re-enter the password.
  • You can at this point enter a new account login and password your new account will then replace your old account.

Method 3

This method will work on Android handset running the latest Android OS.

  • Using the menu option go to settings and tab Accounts & Sync.
  • In the manage accounts section you will see your account listed, tap it.
  • You will then see 3 sync options for contacts, Gmail and calendar.
  • Uncheck all and you should see the sign out button, tap it.
  • You will then be asked for a confirmation to sign out and all data related to the account will be deleted.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -