Technology is improving and smartphones are now able to work for a longer time on a single battery charge. However for some users the nightmare continues and some seek help from battery monitor/saving apps.

As an android smartphone user, you can improve you battery life almost instantly by following the procedures mentioned below. A battery saving app will also do the same, unless you don’t want to burden your smartphone with that extra app.

Screen brightness
The display screen consumes a lot of battery juice. The higher the brightness the more the battery drain. Most smartphones do have the auto brightness option, though that is a good option and can save a considerable amount of battery juice.

But if you spend a lot of time at a particular location (say your office desk) you might want to go manual and change the brightness to the lowest. Try it and it will definitely improve your android phone battery life.

Screen Timeout
This feature needs no introduction the lower the time-out, the better. But for smartphones an ideal time would be 1 minute, that’s because there is a lot more features on these phones and sometimes you are just lost or waiting for a process to complete.

Look out for that Network Bar
Keep a track of the Network Bar, the higher the better but if it keeps fluctuation it will drain more power. You will face this issue where you have network problems or specific areas inside the buildings. Though there is nothing much you can do about this, but if you can it will help a lot.

If you are in an area where there is no network, it would be better to switch off the phone or enable airplane mode, so that the network signal is not constantly checked as constantly searching for a network will drain a lot of battery juice.

How to Improve battery life on android smartphones

Cool Environment, better performance
Have you ever noticed that your phone does last longer when you are using it in a cool environment e.g. AC office / home or indoors. The battery will drain faster if you are operating the phone in a hot environment. Hence when possible keep it cool.

Switch off Services not required
Not using the Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth etc. then it makes sense to switch it off. Even the data connection if possible, this will ensure your phone saves that extra Battery juice and will last longer.

When to charge the battery?
Now this is a very important. Charge only when you get a message “battery is low – connect to charger” usually at 15% power and make sure you charge it to 100%. You need to follow this process for extended battery life and performance.

It is also advisable to switch off the services that are not in use while charging. Furthermore to speed up the charging process you can even switch off the phone (if possible).

With busy and hectic schedule it is not possible to follow this step, and users would always want to maintain a full charge all times and in that process they keep charging the phone every now and then. But try to follow the full drain, followed by a full charge (pattern) as and when possible.

Switch off Auto Rotate
Almost every android phones has this auto rotate feature, you can switch this off which will help save battery. At times this feature may also get quite annoying especially when you are reading into something important and the orientation changes cause of accidental tilting.

Close apps that you are not using
Once you open an app on your android phone it remains active in the background, even when you close it. It is better if you manually close the apps (process is much simpler on ICS (Android 4.0) OS and above). This will not only help manage memory but also put fewer loads on the CPU which in turn will improve battery life.

Try out these methods and you will see an overall improvement in the battery performance. If you know of any other tip, leave a comment below.

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  1. Infocus turbo 5 ko charging karne me jyada time lagta h aur jaldi charge end ho jata.. Koi solution batao….jyada charge chale.

  2. Mere pass ikk karbonn alpha a112 mobile h
    Jisme charging ki presentege automatically below ho jati h
    Plz koi tarikka bataye ki me ise sahi kar saku

  3. I don’t know what is wrong with my battery before it worked very nicely but now it doesn’t work at all. I brought micromax q336….plz suggest me if possible.

  4. Micromax canvas juice 3 plus headset battery drops very fast, battery capacity is 4000 MaH Li-on.

  5. Hi….i just wanna ask u i m having micromax canvas 2 a 120
    n i m charging this phone with a samsung charger so is that
    good for my phone….?

  6. I have found that my Lava Iris 504Q’s battery lasts much longer if I switch off and restart it immediately after full charging. (Not the reboot option in the phone). It almost lasts twice as long compared to when I do not switch off and restart. I had read this tip somewhere and find it really useful.

  7. Hi
    I have a micromax canvas 2 A110 phone. Purchased in March. Phone battery is 2000mAh the phone battery drains very fast and Im not even able to get 6hrs of standby time. When I called up customer care they asked me to bring my phone to their office for servicing instead of telling me the price of the battery. Should I buy a new battery?

    1. hey!! my micromax phone is kept in charge and fell down & from then its no turning on. can u help me what should i do?

  8. Hi gogi, I bought new karbonn A15 mobile. I always stop all the apps and fully decrease brightness and timeout 15 sec and disconnect all connectivity. Now my prob is charger is only for 14 hour even if i not touch it.. Any suggestion?.. my charger not showing 100%.. if i use internet it decease 30% charge within 10 min.. pls help me..

    1. fist you will have to reboot your android karbonnA15.
      I am giving sum tips how to reboot
      1.switch of your mobile volume button ,power button and home button at once will see many format
      4.go bottom ,here you find reboot
      5.touch are does’nt work while doing this proccess have to press home button to” ok”
      7. fist copy all apps in SD card that is in your phone
      8.while reboot all your data lost.

  9. Dear Gogi, I have just now purchased Micromax A89. It works well but my problem is when the mobile is in sleep mode (means I have set 30 sec.), after that the screen is fluctuating and lightening the screen. Why it is ? Whether this is one of the system in this model because it is consuming lots of battery power. Please suggest.

    1. Its a defect get it checked if issue is not fixed get it replaced if it been less than 7 days from the date of purchase.

  10. I need help in making my Micromax A65’s Battery more productive, it gets charged very quickly but also drains considerably quick… Some one help me with this please…

    Android system taking more battery, its about 45%…My friend said it will be normal after few days of use but I am worried. My Phone is 2 days old…!!

    Thank you !!

  11. Dear Gogi
    Thanks for the above all details.
    I just wants one classification on this,
    how safe is to talk when the phone is in charging position?

    Santosh Shirke (Pune)

  12. Hi, After reading the reviews and comparison between Karbonn A30 and Micromax A110. I finally ordered Micormax A110 from Snap-deal on-line site.
    I hope i will get all the accessories. I am just waiting for my new phone.

  13. Gogi one question, I use my phone to browse internet on my laptop so I have to keep my phone always connected to pc via data cable. During this my phone also charges by data cable, and almost every time it shows battery full notification. So will it harm my phone?

  14. Did you mean orientation change as auto rotate. May I know bit more about why it cause battery drop?

    1. Kumar many a times we carry the phone in hand and at times walk with the phone still in our hand, in such a case if the auto sensors are enabled it will be very active as the hand is moving, this will drain the battery a little more than if you had switched of auto rotate.

  15. Gogi, I waited when you asked us to wait instead of buying A90. Gogi, Thanks to you, I bought this phone. I am happy I did. Can you please tell me whether I can get a back cover for this phone? I also need a screen cover. Can you please suggest us those covers.

    1. Since you are using this phone personally, can you please let us know what are the accessories you bought/using for this phone apart from the ones that was given with this phone.

    2. Ram, take the phone with you to any local shop and test the covers. This is the best way and they will also allow you to check, then buy the one that fits well.

  16. hello, how to connect my Micromax a87 to my Computer (windows XP service pack2). I tried so many times but it didn't working please help me in this issue.

  17. I am charging mmx a57 every now and then because I surf a lot on this and I also surf while charging is this ok?

  18. Long press menu button then you will get the task manager option. You can know which programs are currently running.

  19. gogi I use mma50 from last 3 months no problems still. I use it all the day starting with 100% battery till the night with about 15-30% battery left then I apply it for charging throughout the night{8-9hrs. approx}. Is it ok or any update needed?

    1. It is ok as the phones come with overcharge protection. But if in the morning the phone seems heated up you should avoid doing this.

  20. Gogi,

    The above info is very useful. I am using A100 need your inputs on 2 points

    1. How to manage the applications running in background. Also I have installed Advanced Task Killer (ATK) with an Auto kill frequency of 30 mins. Any other means of managing background applications?

    2. When i use ATK widget it displays 'XX apps killed, XXX M memory available'
    This amount of memory available indicates what?

    1. Yogesh,

      1. You can also manually close the background apps by just tapping the context menu button (3rd one on right) and tap and drag the app box either left or right. Or if you are using task manager it is also ok.
      2. The free memory is what will be available for the system. When you run calculator, browser, games etc, some memory (RAM) is assigned for those apps. Now if you get back to home screen those apps are still open in the background and RAM is still assigned for those apps. Hence it is better to close it and free up the memory or you may just keep running more and more apps and at sometime find the phone working slower that what it was before.

  21. Hi gogi,

    Nice article…

    I am using MMX A100. I am not heavy user. At the end of the day my battery remains approx. 70%. I put it in charging using A100's charger ,throughout the night (approx. 7 hours). (I am using same practice for my Old phone Samsung Spica I5700 & no any adverse effect I found, it is convenient to me also)

    Is this practice is Ok or if I need to discharge upto 15% & then full charge to 100%.

    Experts pl suggest……….:)

    1. Ravi if the battery is at 70% it can easily last for 2 or 3 days. Don't put it on charging for a longer time even when charge gets full. The process you are following will not have much effect but at some point the battery will start giving wrong levels and at times will suddenly drop say if its 50% in next 3 minutes it will fall to 20%.