Finally the word is out; MediaTek MT6577 dual core processor will power the much awaited android smartphones in India. There are quite a few handsets lined up for that dual core advantage with no clue as to when the handset will hit the Indian markets, now we know when.

MediaTek today announced the MT6577 chipset with dual core advantage ready to power up upcoming handsets in India. With this news we would see some brands launching their handsets probably by end of this month or the next.

The handsets namely the Spice Mi-500, Micromax A90, (Micromax A100 – not sure) and probably the Karbonn A24 may also get this dual core advantage. As we all know the A90 which seems to be the best low cost brand, when launched came with a single core processor. Micromax will be launching the A90 dual core version too, pretty soon, possibly with a price of 2K extra.

Another reason  I believe that the Karbonn A24 will come with this processor, cause this chipset does support resolution of 1280×720 pixels. Though some brands did announce their dual core handsets, but MT6577 was not available in India, until now,  and hence the delay.

The MT6577 dual core Cortex ARM A9 processor is clocked at 1.0 GHz coupled with Imagination Technologies PowerVR Series5 SGX GPU. The dual core architecture used is similar to what is being used in most of the high end smartphones.

The MT6577 supports ICS, HD and full HD video playback and other features usually found on smartphones like camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. When compared with MediaTek single core processors the M76577 can improve performance by up to 40%.

MediaTek MT6577 dual core

There are many low cost handsets with excellent feature and affordable price tags already flooding the Indian markets and now get ready for the dual core versions, coming soon.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -