There are two things that will attract more users towards the Micromax A100 Superfone Canvas, the 5 inch screen and the price of under Rs. 10,000. The A100 seems to be the best option as compared with Spice Mi-425 and Karbonn A9.

A big screen of 5 inches gives you more work space and is more comfortable to work, especially if you spend a lot of time surfing, playing games, on social networking or watching videos. The Micromax A100 runs on the ICS OS (Android 4.0) with life like clarity (16.8 million colours).

Inside the hood
Its a 1GHz (single core) Qualcomm Scorpion chipset ARM V7 processor with Adreno 200 GPU. A 512MB RAM, 512MB ROM, internal storage is 1.5GB, dual SIM support with dual Standby, so far these features seems similar to the Spice and Karbonn models which are slightly cheaper than the Micromax A100. But once you look at the A100 specifications the extra price really does not matter.

Display Screen / Looks
Micromax A100 is not only super slim but also has got that display advantage. The screen is at 5 inches (4.92 inches to be precise) multi-touch capacitive with amazing 16.8 million colours for life like clarity. This is too good when compared with 4 inch screen on Spice Mi-425 (read the full spice Stellar Mi-425 review) and 3.8 inches on Karbonn A9.

The screen resolution is similar as on the other two models at 800×480 pixels resolution (728×480). However it’s with 16m colour support.  Advantage MM A100.

Micromax A100 review

Operating System
The MM A100 comes with ICS OS (no word if it can be upgraded to Jelly Bean – though the hardware is capable). As for the Karbonn A9 it runs on 2.3 and probably will not get an upgraded to ICS. The Spice handset on the other hand also comes with Android 2.3 with ICS upgradable – ‘mentioned’ but it’s been a long time and there haven’t been any updates.  Clearly the A100 wins again.

Memory, internal storage, Connectivity
Already mentioned before the RAM is 512 similar to what Spice and Karbonn A9 handsets house. Internal storage on Spice is 203MB, Karbonn is 1GB and on A100 its 1.5GB. All the 3 handsets support dual SIM and microSD card up to 32GB. As far as connectivity is concerned the A100 supports 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 3.0 and micro USB port.  The Bluetooth on A9 and Mi-425 is version 2.1 – advantage A100.

5MP auto focus camera with LED on Micromax A100

Micromax Superfone canvas Camera
Again the camera is of similar resolution found on Spice / Karbonn i.e. of 5 megapixel resolution auto focus camera with LED flash. The 0.3MP front camera is also included. Homeshop18 first listed this handset few days before the official launch with some incorrect specifications. But yes it does have a front camera. The quality is similar to as seen on A9 / Mi-425 models.

The A100 can play the popular Angry birds, Agneepath and Temple Run games flawlessly and even many HD games.

Micromax A100 Benchmark / Performance
The Quadrant Benchmark tool gave it a score of 2075 and on Antutu it scored 2733. This when compared with Spice Mi-425’s Quadrant score of around 1414 is just too good. The loudspeaker and in call speaker quality is really good. It has G-Sensors, proximity and light sensors.

ICS OS (Android 4.0) runs pretty smooth. You can play HD videos at 720p – full HD at 1080p is not supported – you will need to convert the videos to supported format. The back side has got the soft satin finish which gives a solid grip and comfortable to hold in spite of it’s big size. Noise cancellation is supported via dual microphones.

Micromax A100 superfone canvas

A battery of similar capacity as on the Spice Mi-425 (2000 mAh li-ion) powers the Micromax A100 with up to 5 hours of talktime and about a week in standby mode. The handset should easily last for more than a day for heavy users.

Micromax A100 review (Superfone canvas)
If you have gone though the comparison between Micromax A100 v/s Spice mi-425 v/s Karbonn A9, you will agree that the A100 is the winner. The A100 is priced at Rs. 9,999 and you get a little more that what the other two models are offering.

The best model of the three?  A100 > Spice Mi-425 = Karbonn A9.

The Micromax A100 is big, good performance, fantastic screen with 480 x 782 pixel resolution 189.62 ppi and refresh rate of 60. It may not be as good as the Samsung Galaxy Note but it will definitely turn heads. And for a price of under Rs. 10K it will not hurt much even if you accidentally drop it.

“With inputs from Deepak Navangule”

Micromax A100 Key features and Specifications

  • Qualcomm Scorpion chipset with ARM V7 1GHz + Adreno 200 GPU.
  • Android ICS – 4.0.
  • 5 inch (4.92”) 800×480 pixels with 16M colours (189.62 ppi).
  • 512MB RAM, 1.5GB internal storage free of 2GB 4GB total space and microSD support (32GB max).
  • Sensors: Proximity, G-Sensor and light.
  • 3G (HSDPA 7.2Mbps / HSUPA 5.76Mbps), GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi, microUSB and 3.5mm jack.
  • Wi-Fi tethering and Hotspot supported.
  • Rear 5.0 MP camera (Auto focus) with LED flash and front VGA camera.
  • 2000 mAh Li-ion battery with 180 hours standby and up to 5 hours of talktime.

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  1. hello sir..
    I’ve micromax a100 smart phone. I want to use mouse & key bord on my micromax a100. it ia possible.?

  2. I am going abroad with this mobile,my doubt is,this mobile can work in netherland or not?

  3. Dear Gogo I want compass app in my mmxA100.There is no magnetic sensor in it.Please guide me which app i have to download.iam waiting for your kind reply.

  4. hi gogi….i used my otg cable for first time in canvs2 but its not working….nothing is showing…what to do…does it requires special method to use it or unlocked it….? plz tell me anyone asap…

  5. I am using Micromax A100 for the past 4 months but recently when i restarted the phone, it is showing the message as “Encryption Unsuccessfull”. Can you please tell me what might be the problem in my phone?

  6. dear gogi,

    i have lost my MMX A110 Canvas 2 on Dec 20. is there any possibility or way to track and locate my lost phone? it was hardly 5 days old and was gifted on my b’day. i’m seriously missing that phone and moreover i bought a new phone Karbonn A30 which is waste of money, i am not satisfied with the performance. please do help me out to track my lost MMX Canvas 2 mobile.

  7. Dear Gogi…
    My MMX A100 is starting from the side key on the right side..
    Its terrible as the set was working absolutely fine for the past five moths now.
    can you suggest any solution..

  8. Heyy
    I just started using Micromax a110 it seems that the Bluetooth
    Device jabra cannot be coonectedi tried some apps drum play store
    But it doesn’t work plzz help

  9. I am unable to install nfs as my a110 offers limited memory. Can’t we use external memory for any application.

  10. Hey Guys now go with latest micromax version A116 canvas 3.. and beat all samsung guys 😉

  11. I am using Since 4 month finally its good product..
    1. Covers are not avail like A110, If anywhere avail please suggest me guys…
    2. Can we update android in this mobile,if yes how to do?
    3. In galaxy 3,we can drag video while playing,what is that application name?how can we install in our mobiles?

  12. Often when I siwtch on my wifi the phone got hang and it off and on after fifteen mins any help from experts.

  13. I have micromax A110 model.When i am trying to click photos,it is showing a message.

    It is showing the message : “Your storage does not have enough Space.Please trelease some storage.”
    But when i am checking my phone’s memory ,a lot of space is there.
    So please suggest me how to tackle this problem??

  14. When I receive calls in my a110 sometimes it goes mute have to use headphone for receiving calls what to do gogi?

  15. Hi Gogi,

    Please confirm if there is micromax has released ROM update for A100 like if has for A110.

    If yes, please share the features added in new ROM update.

  16. Hi,
    I have micromaxx A110, even after setting the vibration on off mode my phone vibrates whenever i type any message. can you please help me how to turn off this vibration mode

  17. Hi Gogi,
    Wish you a very happy new year!

    I am planning to purchase A110 but after getting some review of it. I hope you have something to share about it. Could you please share some information regarding it?

    Thanks !

    1. Don’t purchase 110 at all if u still not purchased it on 5th february micromax a116 will available in mumbai with jelly bean and 1.2 quad core for 10-12k hold on that

  18. Micromax A-100 does not have 512 MB RAM. It has only 388. The screen is big, battery life is good and I am very happy about these two.

    But the response for touch is too slow. I feel like throwing the phone down.
    I talked to the service center guy. The receiver is not good. Too much of unwanted noise.
    Hopefully A-110 will be better

  19. Hi Gogi,

    Is there a way/app to turn off Shutter sound (camera) in mmx A100 and A110

    Also let me know if there is a app to get a self timer for camera

  20. Hi Gogi,
    MMX A100 is a super phone..
    i was recently trying to play some videos but there was a little drag and sluggishness..
    Is there any problem with high resolution videos?
    Any solutions you can suggest…

  21. Dear Mr. Gogi

    Questions regarding Micromax A100

    1) Is it possible to create folder on application screen, rename it & merge similar applications in one folder
    2) Is it possible to add more home screen
    3) Whenever i restart the phone there is a notification that my external sd card is not supported but from the settings if i unmount the card & remount it again everything works fine
    4) Sometimes when i switch on wifi the phone hangs
    5) Does OTG cable support pen drive
    6) How to increase the storage capacity of call logs
    7) Can you tell any application that would download you tube videos

    Can u please answer

    1. Hello Mr,

      I am do facing above problem. Specially How to increase the storage capacity of call logs? Can you please suggest what can be done to fix the issue?

      Thanks & Regards,

  22. Hi gogi.

    I have a problem in browsing speed mmx a100with vodafone.. can you tell me if there is a problem with Vodafone? And also I tried checking for Network settings and can’t find 3G … And u have 3G plan in Vodafone Chennai…. and also in this page itself there are plls talking about the slowness with Vodafone… is ir the problem with Micromax or sim…please advise a Solution.


    1. Hi try to select preferred network as gsm/wcdma abd sure will be solution to problem and Vodafone 3g chennai available

  23. Hi ,
    gogi i am in chennai i like to buy micromax a100 this new year how internet speed 3g and 2g and they have some problems this phone , how customer service
    plz tell me frnz,

  24. Hi gogi, somebody has deleted camera option from my mobile and i couldn’t find in my phone. I can’t take pictures from my micromax canvas A110. Please advice me what to do?

    1. If you do not see the camera option in the menu, you can try looking for in settings apps (ALL) and see its not disabled. Other option is to do a factory reset which will fix all the issues.

  25. I have a100 and it is showing invalid pattern even my pattern is correct now it says unlock with your google account I had entering it but it still locked pls help me.

    1. First shut off your mobile then switch on by following method 1.simultaneously press volume up button abd switch on button then blue screen appears and with that try to wipe cache your problem may sort out

  26. Sir, Where can I buy a case for my micromax a100 & how to off the camera sounds in micromax a100 sir plz reply.

  27. MMX A 100, i am facing the problem with no range on Sim-2 some times, specially when i travel out of city, if searched manually it shows connectivity but no range, is this the problem of phone or Sim-2 (reliance GSM card)? Sim-1 Is Idea, if asked to reliance people they suggests, search manually, then select again reliance. Please help is this problem.

  28. gogi sir plz advice me
    i want to purchase micromax a110 but i m confused that micromax a110 is better or Micromax Superfone Canvas A100 is better

    1. I think A110 Is Better…..
      But The Main difference is their cost…
      A110 costs 9999 and
      A100 Costs 10499……

      Its Because A110 has LCD Screen Where As A100 Has Amoled Screen…

    2. Govinda, MMX a100 is only single core but MMX A110 is Dual core with same price. MMX A100 is out dated. Just close your eyes and Go to MMX A110. I also using MMX a110.

  29. How do i stop background process in micromaxA110.My battery is getting discharged very fast.Wer will i find task manager in micromax A110.How do i make my phons battery run longer???

      1. Downlad ….
        Go Power Manager…. App From Any Site…

        And Install It…
        My A100 Can Run For More That 4 Days…..

    1. Remove the battery without switching off your phone. All the on going process will be erased. This way battery will last better. I hope it works for you.

  30. A100 is a great phone for features. You enjoy it as anything if it works well. But in case of problem it is worst. No customer care support. No quality control. No within time repair obligation. My Motherboard was damaged within 24 days and there was no one to listen at MMX. At the mercy of service center it get repaired. I bought it with hope to have video call, cant found video call option.

  31. Hi Gogi, I encountered a problem of wifi authentication on my MMXA100 just this afternoon. My laptop though is connecting well with the same wifi. Can you suggest any solutions? Thanks.

        1. The router you are using check what channel is assigned. Shut down and restart the router and check the channel again, if different then try and see.

  32. Hi Gogi,

    Which one mobile is best under 10 K?

    A90, A100 , A110, A90s, Samsung Galaxy ACE Duos?

  33. Dear Gogi, A100 for two months, one problem already asked you on 2/11/12 but no answer yet. Now I am facing another problem,:In call log I cant delete the frequently contacted list, I tried some apps or it, but frequently call list remain the same. Please guide me How can I delete /remove the frequently calls list. I will be thankful to you. Your friend,Madhukar

    1. Madhukar, I have no idea how to remove this frequent call list, you can remove the logs but not this one strange.

      1. Veena suggested to download touchpal contacts. I have done, but there is no use. Frequently contacted list doesn’t remove. Thank you for the suggestion.

  34. I have one issue with my MMX A100, the red flashing square problem, I un tick the Strict Mode Option too, but It never get resolved….
    Please help me,,,,,,

    1. Hi, try restarting after unchecking strict mode. Final option is to Factory reset( you will lose you apps and data,when you do this). But it worked for me after factory reset.

    2. Hi can you please reply my mobile also the same problem is coming can you please tell me how to solve this issue. Now i given to service center (Univercell)..just 1 month ago i call me -9962454547.

  35. How can I connect Micromax A 100 to PC to use internet on PC. Is that require PC Suit, please help me, I am a new user, please give complete details.

  36. I am not getting youtube downloader in micromax A100 google play store. Pls suggest me where can I get this free app.