From 15th August Adobe will pull the plug for Flash player on Android phones. This means that there will be no further flash versions, but Adobe will continue updating the current flash versions for bug fixes and / or minor updates.

From august the flash player will be completely removed from Google Play. If you want to use Flash on your android devices (if not already installed) you may need to search for the Adobe flash player APK file on Google. The latest Android 4.1 version does not come with flash support and there is no way to install it via Google play.

Apple devices never supported flash but the android OS did and that was the reason why it always had an advantage. But now from 4.1 there’s no flash. Google it seems are not interested in the flash technology on android, instead they are looking forward to do more with HTML5.

Adobe Flash player app on Google play will be removed from 15th August

Android without flash is something which may not go well with many users. The first thing that user usually ask, when buying an android phone is, “does it support flash”. Adobe will officially cut off the support line for flash but hopefully other 3rd party developers might come up with some alternatives to run flash.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -