I owe this article to all my readers who supported me on the BeeLabz issue. Like them, my own patience has now run out. It is two months since the company promised us our ‘fully paid-for’ tablets yet, till date there is no delivery. What’s even more disturbing is that the company has now gone silent and give false assurances and even delaying the refund process! What must we do now?

First, I shall briefly recap communication between buyers and the company since May 2012: We had ordered tablets from BeeLabz after making full payment starting early May. Some had ordered in June. The competitively priced tablets named GeekT, GeekT+, Dhruv and Ashni were all China-made and imported by BeeTabz, a Bangalore-based company. The products’ price and promised set of features prompted us to order. Since then, over the past 2 months, customers have inquired or complained about non-delivery. The company responded on a few occasions.

On behalf of my readers, I took up the matter with Anand Sankaran, the founder of the company and other senior execs. During our meeting on May 27, Sankaran explained to me in much detail about the business and the reasons for the delay. His explanations sounded genuine so I decided I ought to wait some more time. I even asked him to put up the details on BeeLabz site and provide a refund option, but that never happened. The same week some of us had received scanned copies of the courier receipt, which were as fake as the Tracking Code given on another occasion. Their Facebook page has also started removing all negative comments which is an alarming sign.

BeeLabz fraud

Like educated and decent folks we accepted all of BeeLabz’s excuses and explanations (even the pathetic fake Tracking Codes, and surprisingly he plays the same trick again and again) and waited. We can hardly even assess the company’s presence, leave alone its financial ability from the fact that company has an office in Bangalore. I’m told it’s just a ramshackle place with a single individual (probably the owner Sankaran himself) sitting there! I never once assumed that BeeLabz would be a fly-by-night operator. But now, even I wonder if I have made a mistake in paying for a product I will never ever see. (I had booked the Prashi+).

There is one more interesting thing I found. The BeeLabz website mentions – MyAshni concern. Out of curiosity I did a search for MyAshni on the net and on 3rd page on google search found the link. You can try “MyAshni ebay.in” to get the result on the first page. I got this site http://myworld.ebay.in/myashni which is no longer registered with ebay.in but the page still exists.

myashni ebay.in complains

Now probably this link may have nothing to do with BeeLabz and could be a different company. But once you open it you will see a negative feedback score with 4 comments and one of the comments saying that item not shipped and fake AWB now, this is similar to what we are experiencing. I am now confident that there is no hope left in this company and its better for the customers to demand a refund ASAP. If they can’t deliver what kind of after-support can you expect?

BeeLabz.in Beetabz showman - fraudster Anand Sankaran
The man (fraudster) responsible for the mess – Anand Sankaran. Be warned do not do any business with him and customers stay away from him and his company.

I have removed links from my site to Beetabz website and have also mentioned a note warning people to stay away from BeeLabz at the end of each article. Finally, I think it is time now to choose between going to the police, moving court or filing our complaint with consumer grievances cell: http://www.consumergrievance.com/ or http://www.akosha.com/ (Akosha seems a good option).

Activity on Facebook

beelabz facebook update
BeeLabz saying they will put up the refund and give COD delivery – Nothing Clear!
Beelabz facebook July 6 2012 - 3:06 PM
Don’t understand why the company is sending screenshots – just trying to prove that they are genuine and then coming up with another excuse – gateway issue. This is going the same way as the courier tracking code. Let’s see if payments will really be credited back to the customers account or anand will come up with another excuse on Monday.
beelabz facebook - 7th July 2012 (6:10 PM)
Negative Messages being deleted!
beelabz facebook more time?
There you go another so called final confirmation, once again!

beelabz facebook another comment

beelabz facebook enough is enough
enough is enough
beelabz fraud - post deleted on facebook
Beelabz have taken the money from customers (been over 2 months), they are not delivery, not refunding, giving fake tracking codes, giving fake refund codes or assurance (confirmed by ebs.in), and when the customers are expressing their anger on Facebook, they are deleting the negative comments which is the truth.
Looks like BeeLabz are not working they are spending a lot of time on Facebook removing comments.
Anand on facebook after a long time
Updated 14th July 2012, BeeLabs commented after a long time, but no word about refunds?
Anand is still not clear he says “About 20th Delivery” they are positive. What do you mean by that? will they start the delivery process after 20th? or will the customers get the product by 20th? Confusion – total confusion. The fraud continues…
beelabz fraud facebook proof
About 20th Delivery then the negative comment missing (deleted) and then reply to Mayur is shipment yet to reach so how can he be positive?
beelabz delay and more delay
What more can I say the facebook status “then and now” says it all. The last update was on 19th July 2012 and by the way beeLabz is working it would be better to keep track of the year too, it’s 2012

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in