I had a meeting with Beelabz founder Mr. Anand Sankaran on Sunday in Thane, Mumbai. This was in reference with the delays in delivering the tablets and other issues that customers were not happy about.

The person Anand Sankaran and his company and any other company that he owns/run is a not genuine, he is a fraud. Even after the meeting till date, he has not yet updated his site and does not talk about refunds or the tablets. He is a habitual fraudster and it is confirmed BeeLabz is a fraud company.

Even Romit Ray on July 13th has confirmed.

As regards Beelabz you are more than cent percent correct in terming it as a fraud company. This I say because of my experiences with the one man show of Mr. Anand Sankaran during my very short tenure , where in I assumed the responsibilities of  developing the retail distribution network only.

Yes I have left Beelabz. Primary resons being:- No products on hand to market  and non receipt of salaries and allowances. I would not be in a position to throw light on the reasons behind non delivery of online orders as this was absolutely looked after by Mr. Anand Krisnan and I was looking after Channel sales which never saw the light of the day.

After receiving the scanned courier receipt, everyone was assured that, finally, the product was dispatched. Everyone including myself (I booked the Prashi + tablet) would frequently punch in the tracking code on the courier website (FedEx) only to be greeted with the disappointed messages “not found”.  For some reason the dispatch never happened.

After meeting Anand, I got answers to all of my queries. For customers who are still waiting for deliveries, I would suggest to, hold on; this is a new firm with some initial hiccups. We have waited for a long time; it’s just a matter of another week or two, hopefully.

The reason for the delay is because of unavailability of some parts. The manufacturer failed to deliver it on time, in fact BeeLabz is also going though the same phase that the customers are. Anand told me that since there was already a lot of delay, the courier receipts were sent assuming that the product will reach their office on time, but it never happened. It was not a good move but, that’s what you learn from experience.

Beelabz customer service is being revamped and hence you are not getting any reply either by email or phone calls. The customer service will be fully functional with new staffs by 1st June. As for the tablet delivery, the process will start from 3rd June, by that time they will have all the stocks and from 3rd to 10th June all pending orders will be completed, probably you might get the tablet before 10th. The company is also taking up some steps to avoid such issues in the future.

The company is in a process of getting more top executives for smoother functioning, they are aiming for something big, Mr. Romit Ray – Executive director and Mr.Sujit as President Operations have already joined. I also had a talk with Mr. Romit Ray on phone.

Beelabz will make an official announcement about the same on their website Beelabz.in, today, and may also come up with a refund options for customers who are not comfortable or those who don’t want to wait.

It seems Beelabz have started the delivery process and some users have posted the feedback on Facebook. For updates follow facebook.com/BeeLabz.

Note: I would suggest you to keep away from Beelabz, if you still want to buy from them do it at your own risk.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in