Xolo Tegra Note – Nvidia Tegra 4 tablet coming soon

Xolo will soon launch the Xolo Tegra Note an Nvidia Tegra 4 quad core powered tablet with 7 inch screen. This info was revealed by Nvidia, today, no word about the price tag.

The Xolo Tegra Note will be powered by Cortex A15 quad core CPU coupled with 72 core GeForce GPU. According to Nvidia this will be the fastest tablet running a pure 100% version of Android OS. Moreover the tablet is also entitled for OTA updates directly from Nvidia rather than from XOLO.

XOLO had already listed the Xolo Tab tablet on their website, it is different from the Xolo Note. Tegra Note sports a 7 inch screen with 1280×800 pixels resolution. The interesting part about this tablet is that it also comes with a stylus. RAM is 1GB and built in internal storage is 16GB. Micro SD card up to 32GB is supported.

Xolo Tegra Note tablet

This tablet also comes with 5MP rear camera and a front VGA camera. Other features are Wi-Fi (b/g/n), HDMI support (Micro) and Bluetooth. The tab doesn’t come with built in SIM slot and / or phone functionality. The battery mAh is not known but according to Nvidia on a full charge you can play HD videos for almost 10 hours.

Though the price has not yet been confirmed it could cost around $200. Stay tuned for more.

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  1. anmol says

    I just saw in chinese website where tegra note has already gone for sale. Also there is review on you tube. Its scored 34,000 in AuTuTu benchmark and is above the note 3 against 20,000 of Google nexus 7 2013 and 12,000 in Quadrant benchmark against 5700 of nexus 7. Its graphics is 50% more powerful then that of adreno 320 of nexus 7 in 1080p offscreen test. As it has a 720p display it will be able to run games at 60FPS while nexus 7 does at 30FPS at 1080p. Nexus 7 has better colour contrast and games too will look better on it. While the games will be smooth as butter on tegra note but don’t know how is its display. Tegra note has great camera features and audio output. The stylus is addition which allows you to draw or edit photos or taking notes but only some will find it useful. Its 1GB RAM does limit its multi-tasking capabilities. Since it runs on pure android at least more than 500mb of free RAM will be available. Gamers will love it but nexus 7 can run all current games smoothly.

    • anmol says

      Also found out it scored 72GFLOS against 51GFLOS of adreno 320 in nexus 7 2013. That makes gamin on tegra note future proof. I am worried about service that will be provided by lava. I don.t want to keep my tab in service center for months. I will probably buy nexus 7 2013.

  2. Robin says

    1 gb ram.. :/ .. that sucks.. It should have 2gb ram and also I hope it has screen with good colors and high pixel density.

  3. Anmol says

    Xolo has the opportunity to beat micromax with this tablet. If it becomes I hit then xolo’s smartphones sales will also increase. Since tablet buyers in india prefer one with calling option I don’t think it will be a replacement for samsung tab 3 or Micromax Canvas Tab. I hope it will priced at 16000. Rumors of 17k price for this tablet is spreading. Also xolo have said it will be priced below 20k. I am stuck between this and nexus 7 2013. Gogi sir which do you think is better option?

  4. shyam says

    Only if there is a lot of bloatware. Otherwise 1 gb ram is fine. On my Nexus 7, even with multi-tasking ram rarely slips under 450 mb available. If bloatware is there which keeps starting up by itself, you’ll need more ram. But usually, when a manufacturer provides more ram, it usually also means they’ve stuffed your device with a lot of bloatware to use up a lot of it.

    • shyam says

      This is an international standard tablet by Nvidia. Xolo has nothing to do with manufacturing it, only the distributing of it in India and some other countries.
      There is no ‘guts’ involved or technological innovation. Anyway Xolo only rebrand and distribute goods, they don’t manufacture anything. Have a look at the specs here, this is no budget tablet. Like the Nexus 7, it’s a serious tablet priced cheaply.

      • Terry says

        well shyam none of the Indian company make products they all are rebranded. but Xolo has guts to provide firat Intel based first Nvidia Trega based to Indian. and now the tie up with Nvidia tablet

      • Ali says

        Haha good joke shyam

        So which indian brand has his own product. Hope u don’t think Canvas is created by MMX. Its only MMX rebrand it at right time. Any way I am fan of 1st 3 model of Canvas. Now I feel they are loosing the touch.
        Now Xolo is following the same.

        • shyam says

          My point is that ‘guts’ is only involved when you rebrand a Chinese or lesser known product at a lower price point at the right time, as you say. Then, you are taking a risk. But, when a well-known company like Nvidia comes to your doorstep and asks you to distribute a tegra 4 quad-core cpu and 72 core geforce gpu for 199$ in India, it is simply a great opportunity for you. Any risk here is being taken by Nvidia manufacturing and selling these specs at this price point. Of course, Xolo must be doing good work if Nvidia want to do business with them, but they’re not the ones making a bold move or taking any risks here.

  5. shyam says

    This may become the ultimate gaming and multimedia tablet for people with a budget under 15k(replacing the old 32 gb nexus 7 now retailing for just 14k at amazon.in)! One thing you know with Nvidia is that the screen and graphics will be mind-blowing! And very likely the sound quality as well! And expandable storage to boot! The expandability should have been up to 64 gb instead of 32 gb but you can’t get everything. The stylus is a nice extra. It has sleek, sexy looks and is probably lighter than the old nexus by about 50 gms, and a back camera as well.

    The one mistake that Nvidia should not make is to clutter it up with bloatware. If they resist that temptation, this will be a very acceptable cheaper upgrade from the old nexus(cheaper than the new nexus) for many people.

  6. Zeeshan says

    This is an Nvidia tab.
    R&D and Manufactured by Nvidia.
    It will just be released under different Local brands of various countries to cater the market.
    Hint: OTA updates will be directly from Nvidia and not Xolo
    Kudos to Xolo. Die Micromax Die.

    • amit says

      Any reason for so much hatred towards Micromax ? I hope u know that it’s Micromax whose canvas series made it possible for the average Indian middle class to experience the Android OS on faster hardware and at the lowest price. I know there are companies like Lava ,etc. But Micromax was the first to spark of this competition ….

  7. Shivam says

    I also know that all of their handsets are rebranded but no official news comes in public that ‘X’ handset was rebranded by ‘Y’ company in some ‘Z’ country. This Tablet was officially launched in an event by nvidia and nvidia’s CEO himself said that this tab will be sold in different countries under different brand name so that they can have deeper worldwide supply.

    Well this is just my suggestion. This is your blog. You are the ‘ruler’. I just wish that Nvidia should be given the credit which Xolo is claiming.

  8. Pradeep says

    Atleast nvidia considered branding it under xolo rather than your so called samdog. There was a mistake that I said xolo was innovative. But yes it is more advanced than micromax and other competetors. For those who like samdog , enjoy your dual core galaxy tabs.

  9. Harneet says

    Xolo will soon take place of Micromax and Micromax is becoming an overpriced brand like Samsung…. Xolo will be the No.1 in a few months…

  10. vishal says

    Hey Gogi,
    why NVIDIA removed the post from their official website and why xolo also mentioned nothing about it?

  11. Shailendra Singh says

    XOLO will be the No.1 in India, keep it up………….

    I am using Q1000S, really outstanding performance……..

    • Ranveer says

      To become No.1 they also have 2 provide gud after sales service which is pathetic.Lot of people area facing problems regarding that including me

      • Pradip says

        Most of People will not buy a Phone or tab without having a service center…

        Micromax is doing well becoz of their ‘Check Points’ & in case of Xolo there is lack of service center or no service center …May be its a reason fr Xolo’s lower price than Micromax ..

  12. yash khatri says

    This same tab is used in O hereye song by ayushman khurana see the videos and see the tab in his hand it says xolo and he uses a stylus. I belive this is the same tab.

  13. Shivam says

    kindly mention that this tab is manufactured by nvidia and not by xolo. Nvidia will b distributing it in India under brand name XOLO. In other countries it vil be sold under diff. brand names

    so other peoples pls stop spreading shit that ‘xolo is so innovative or it is a monster etc’

    all credit goes to nvidia

      • sahitya raju says

        Then what abt the phns they launched using intel cpu’s when they are officially named as the first phn with intel inside?are they rebranded?every international site represents xolo as the first intel phn makers then frm where they rebranded them?

    • Sumit mishara says

      yes and it will nothing then an gaming pad with no sim card and calling facility its to costly and waste i will prefer buying psp

      • sahitya raju says

        Bro actually u must be happy coz tegra devices are not so cheap and they are launching a most powerful’device for minimal price…..this is only for gamers and I’m sure no device can perform better than this

    • shyam says

      Only if there is a lot of bloatware. Otherwise 1 gb ram is fine. On my Nexus 7, even with multi-tasking ram rarely slips under 450 mb available. If bloatware is there which keeps starting up by itself, you’ll need more ram. But usually, when a manufacturer provides more ram, it usually also means they’ve stuffed your device with a lot of bloatware to use up a lot of it.

      • Sumit mishara says

        lol mmx hold 22% of share where lava and xolo even after 2 comapny they hold below 7% share in the country and about this tab its totally waste of mane with no sim card slot !! even 10k would have been to much for this tablet
        where mmx P650 offers sim card and 3g Slot with Meditech1.2 quadcore and 1 Gb of ram and 16 inbuilt storage with multiply window and stop when you look away feature amazing table that is

  14. RBK says

    why they are not targeting INDIAN DIASPORA?? In India WI-FI hot spot is not so commonly available..
    In western countries it’s OK…

  15. Amartya.B says

    Just one thing Gogi you mentioned that Xolo is going with the base version.Are you sure because I think they replied to a post in fb that they will upgrade to the 2 gb version?(price ~225$)

    • Sumit mishara says

      but it is no where to micromax newly launched tablet P 650 which come with inbuild sim slot and 3G where this xolo tablet is totally waste with no simcard slot and no calling

      dont you think its to costly

      • Terry says

        check xolo tab powered with snapdragon with 3g sim functionality under 13500. so where is mmx charging above 16000.

      • Aditya says

        Are you kidding me? Dude, Tegra 4 is a beast, alright? And your MediaTek 1.2GHz is nothing in front of it, plus, lower screen resolution! I don’t know why everybody needs sim slot for a tablet? Use a phone! Tablets are for media consumption and entertainment mainly!

      • Zeeshan says

        Do you even know one thing about Tegra 4 SoC ?
        Go get your info right.

        FYI Nexus 7 has no calling facility

        And maybe another version with sim slot for data connectivity will be launched.
        Who knows ?

        • Amartya.B says

          Nah dude the Tegra 4 for tablets that is the one that does not have the mobile radio is used in this so no sim calling but hell who cares a 72core GeForce GPU at 15k bring it on Bit**es

          • shyam says

            Frankly, Google and Asus would not have expected this kind of competition for their Nexus 7(old as well as new)! This is a cheaper upgrade from the old Nexus and has the stylus and expandable storage advantage over the new Nexus(and possibly in color saturation and audio quality as well, remember who Nvidia are!) And how many people can really tell the difference between a 1280×720 and a 1920×1080 resolution? 2 gb of ram on a sim-free device may mostly only be for showing off value(I don’t think anyone thought ram was a problem on the old Nexus) If Nvidia can keep their baby bloatware-free, Google and Asus suddenly have a headache on their hands! Incidentally, not sure why anyone would mention Micromax on this thread. They are a good company of course but this is a different level of competition.