Today one can not only browse websites using their desktop or laptops but they can do the same from a tablet or a mobile phone too. If you are letting your child use your tablet / handset for surfing think again, without any parental control app your child is left vulnerable to harmful and unsuitable content.

There are many free parental control software available for Desktops and laptops but when it comes to mobile phones or tablets there hardly any. Thankfully there is one app for the android OS recently launched by Kaspersky Lab. The app called Kaspersky Parental Control is free to use, currently in its beta phase.

If you are using an android based device either a tablet or a mobile phone you can download this free app (link at the bottom). This app will help you easily setup Parental control filters that will protect your child when they’re online.

With the help of Kaspersky Parental Control app you can block sites related to pornography, drugs and violence and you can even restrict applications for example you can allow access to selected apps.

Kaspersky Parental Control app for android 2.2 and above
Kaspersky Parental Control app

This app will protect the default browser, but your child can download a new browser and the filters may not work on the new browser. You can use the application control features to block the android market app, that way your child will never be able to download any new apps or restrict access to other browsers you might have already installed.

This app is about 2.5 MB in size and required android 2.2 or higher.  To download this app, run the android market and search for Kaspersky Parental Control or visit this link.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -