In April we did not see much excitement happening, so the list of best android smartphones in India has not changed much, though a new member the Galaxy S8 / S8+ has been added to the list of premium smartphones. This page will help you choose the best smartphones you can buy in India.

The only exciting launch (or re-launch you can call) was the Coolpad Cool 1 with 3GB RAM with a price tag of Rs. 10,999. Redmi 4A is still going strong – the cheapest and the best 4G VoLTE smartphone but not for gaming users.

Best Smartphones under 20000 in India (Android) (April 2017)

  1. Coolpad Cool 1 (3GB RAM)
  2. Honor 6X
  3. Moto G5 Plus
  4. Redmi 4A / Redmi Note 4
  5. Redmi Note 3 / 3S / 3S Prime
  6. Moto G4 Plus
  7. Lenovo Z2 Plus

best smartphones in India april 2017


Best Phablets in India

  1. Mi Max
  2. Lenovo Phab 2 Plus

Best Smartphones under 30000

  1. Oneplus 3T
  2. Oneplus 3
  3. Mi 5
  4. Honor 8
  5. Asus Zenfone 3
  6. Vivo V5 Plus (excellent for selfie users)

Best Smartphones over 30000 (Premium)

  1. Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+
  2. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  3. Google Pixel
  4. Sony Xperia XZs

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  1. please gogi, I like ur new A1 Android and I want to buy it but problem is i am in Nigeria. please how can i get it please

  2. pls add the note 8 ( Rs 60k) and J7 pro (20k), both samsungs should be here, any other updates for august 2017?

    1. yes please update to July 2017 now, Please add notes on clear and loud SOUND, and best CAMERA and BATTERY . Screen is ok on most phones now.

  3. Dear ,Gogi, please suggest me a cheapest smartphone with front facing stereo speakers…

  4. Hi Gogi SIr,

    Any tablet would you suggest for the range between 9k to 11k.

    Will buying from gearbest be ok if nothing best is available in India

  5. Hi Gogi..imma avid reader of u for 6+ yrs Q.1) I need ur help choosing the best smartphone under 18k.. Originally my budget was 10-12k but looking at *leeco le max 2@18k (WQHD & SD820) and now someone said that he found *Mi 5 @17500 on eBay, so I stretched my budget.. My priorities are Great display, camera, performance(high end gaming & everyday overalls), music via headphones, giving good VR experience and VFM.. I’ve shortlisted some including the earlier two:
    Coolpad cool 1 @10,009 with 9% discount on great Indian sale
    Leeco le 2 @9,999 if it gives great sound as it says & where to get CDLA headphones
    Nubia Z11 mini S 64gb @16,999
    Honor 6x 32gb
    Moto G5 plus
    Lenovo Z2 plus @11,999
    Lyf F1s @7-7.5k
    ZTE Z11s mini
    So much for a shortlist, hah? I really need ur help and view in choosing the ultimate one..!! U can also suggest another any other. It’ll help many with similar criteria facing such dilemma so plz reply soon.. ?
    Q.2) I’ve bought Irusu miniVR glasses with Bluetooth VR handle on a lighting deal @1,079 from Amazon. This is my first VR and today’s the last day if I want to return it. Is this the best buy in 1.3k? I’ve tested 3d videos( its good) and a game VR Fantasy but except for walking and looking around it doesn’t do much.. I want u to suggest me some VR content including games as I don’t have much.. From Where should I download VR content and 3D movies too, plz share and Which is the best VR player app supporting HEVC (H.265 codec) video playback?
    Your input is always amazing and I appreciate it a lot?.. Ty in advance and reply asap, it means a lot to us?

  6. Gogi bro, please look into this – LEAGOO M8 Pro 4G Smartphone 5.7inch HD Screen 13.0MP+5.0MP Dual Rear Camera…. website – I bought this phone @83 USD (approx 6k). Is this safe to buy?

    1. You will need to pay custom duty and getting via free shipping will cost you double if you get a call from customs. I checked specs looks good. But not sure how it will perform in real world, dual camera looks good 13MP + 5MP on back.

      1. According to a youtube reviewer, nothing have to be pay as custom duty since the amount is low. Now I am worried, should I have to pay custom duty and that too double, OMG. What is the criteria for custom duty.

          1. Ah got it Gogi ji, that means I have to pay custom duty for sure. YouTube reviewer said that he received/bought the phone without paying custom duty. He might be lucky enough. Now I regret to order this phone. It’s still not shipped. Should I cancelled the order? I don’t know their procedure.What you suggest?

          2. May get lucky once or twice, but they can sense if it is mobile or not. Any product below $30 is okay to ship and no custom duty on that over $30 there is fine + they recalculate shipping charges + some other charges + fine. Comes to almost double, hence makes no sense buying from $30 to $150 products and for over $150 go with DHL shipping, there it may cost extra for shipping but overall custom duty / extra charges is way less.

            $200 products via EMS / normal post – get call from custom they come up with 13,000 fine + custom duty + extra + shipping.
            Now same $200 product via DHL – you end up playing may be 1500 to 2000 for shipping depending some also give free DHL (extra) and in India you will play custom duty between 1000 to 3000.

            For cancellation check with the site you ordered.

    1. Both are best. If you want better battery efficiency and excellent display quality, go with galaxy c7 pro.
      If you want better camera then go for OnePlus3T. Well, battery on 3T is good too . You can get 1-1.5days backup easily. But in comparison battery of c7 pro is slightly better.
      On the other hand, camera quality on C7 pro is also good, but you will not get slo-mo and much manual control on camera that you get on oneplus 3T.
      Choice is yours.

    2. Oneplus 3t will give better performance and more value for money and good software development , while c7p for better battery life, low heating big display and over good service from samsung

  7. Sir,
    I want to buy a budget android smart phone under Rs.9000/- so, please reffer me which is the best this price segment and where can buy it easy

    1) Xaiomi redmi 3s (which is not available)
    2) lenovo vibe k5
    Or any other like samsung on5

  8. Dear Gogi,

    Can you explain the difference between single camera & duel camera photography.

    1. With dual camera phones you get great bokeh effect (subject is focus and background blur, you can even control the blurriness), 2 cameras capture simultaneously and best part is once you capture you can change focus later on.

        1. Yes but with dual camera you capture two different things in one go. On some single camera phone you get this option, you might have seen there it takes time and in some cases you need to move the handset a little, so basically a slow process. Dual camera is instant.

  9. Gogi bro u said Lyf water f1s has fast charging but my handset take more than 3 hours,what could
    be reason?

      1. @Gogi, Is it a good buy ? One of my friend has this hand set but you complained heat issues and batter drain ? I see your review with no issues on that front. Any software updates will come to this handset , any idea ??Please suggest .

        1. There are many reasons for heating and battery drain and one common reason is installing apps that are not properly optimized.

      2. I m using Lyf water f1s from 1 month but charging takes more than 3 hours and battery draining fast too.

  10. Gogi, why didn’t you include Lenovo P2 in this list i don’t understand, also we didn’t get any Lenovo P2 review from you till date which is quite surprising, i must say review from you does mean a lot for us, so please come up with a review of the same as soon as possible, for your information after doing the Nougat update even the quality of camera of my phone has been improved dramatically alongwith other applications which was the only drawback i was facing before update.

    1. iPhone is totally different thing, SE at 20K looks good if you are comfortable with spending 20K go ahead.

    2. iPhone never come under option. If u want to buy iphone buy it. Don’t compare the price ,specifications, it won’t work that way.

  11. I have used A lenovo P2 32GB/3GB belonging to a friend for 3 days, found it pretty nice especially the Super Smiled display is gorgeous. Could not finish the battery in 2 days. It is really frugal in battery. Camera issue was solved by use of Open Camera,in stead of camera app by Lenovo, because video focus issue is largely a software issue, sure to be resolved with upcoming Android 7 update for P2. Now that the phone is 13999 in Flipkart, this deserves a place in the gallery of phones below 20k.

  12. I need a wonderful camera …
    so, which one should i go with ..
    1. OnePlus 3T
    2. Honor 8

    1. Honor 8 is better cause of dual cameras but it is single SIM, 3T is better in general if you minus the dual camera on honor 8.

    2. Both cameras are excellent . Both click sharp photos.
      But go for OnePlus 3T because it has OIS. It makes videos and clicking photos shake free.
      Btw , Honor 8 can click DSLR type photos.
      But go for OnePlus 3T.

  13. Lyf f1s is available on flipkart for just 6999 for a limited time. The pricing makes it a smart choice. Sd652 with 5.2 inch the screen.

    1. Anybody buying Cool pad products will regret it. Whatever the quality of the products, the after sale service is largely absent. No spares available at any of service providers. Largely software updates are also missing. While buying please look into this aspect.

      1. Well my coolpad works perfect.

        And now at tempting price of 10990 which other brand offers so much as cool1?

        Cool1 is common man’s one plus 3T

        1. yes, I agree, m using this phone and its amazing. The only issuw which I found that it sometime heated that too while m browimg for more than 15 min…@11k its best. Guys, have anybody tried OTG support?

  14. Hi Gogi,

    I got Mi 5 Prime 64 GB version from for 17500/- after coupon.

    Its awesome mobile cool deal.

    1. Yep. It’s an excellent phone too. It has a separate PRO Mode for video recording.
      But Gogi hasn’t reviewed it. Otherwise it would be in place of moto g4 plus.

      1. Yes Nubia should be in the list since it’s better than Moto G5 plus in all aspects.

  15. Gogi, which phones can be connected to TV. HDMI port. Is there any way to connect any android phone to TV.

    1. Almost all latest phones can be connected via WiFi Direct, if your TV supports. Or you can go for a HDMI dongle like chromecast.

    1. Dear Reader,
      Availability is not permanent and gogi cant change list every time on basis of availability. So please dont post such idiotic comments.

      1. Dear SHRIKANT,

        I tried for redmi 3s prime for a long time and unable to get it, After that tried for note 4 and this time too no luck… Now i have got Lenovo P2 which is an awesome battery beast…

        I have faced the availability issue for long period of time, so i requested to consider ‘availability’ as a criteria while ranking the best mobiles, which may help to choose the right mobile. For your kind information redmi 3s still not available…

        We have the right to tell our opinion, and i am not forcing anyone to follow what i said.
        So don’t be rude brother, it just a suggestion after facing the issue.

        I just want to see this Awesome post must be usable in real-time.

  16. Hi Gogi, Considering that Lenovo Z2 plus has received a few updates already, would you still give a thumbs down to the phone for the camera and pics quality?

    1. Price is good as of now, check the camera sample on my Z2 plus review it is not going to improve, if you are okay with that you can go ahead.

  17. Gogi Sir can we expect upgradation Android 7 In coolpad cool 1pls confirm.

  18. Oppo f3 plus & gionee A1 are two good ones, you could consider in 30 k and 20 k brackets, Gogi bhai

  19. Sir you didn’t included lenovo k6 power… isn’t it better then Redmi 3S / 3S prime?

  20. I have checked Moto G5 plus, Redmi note 4, and cool 1 and Lenovo P2. Here the Lenovo P2 is the best phone I have used. I don’t know how you missed it

    1. I have used Lenovo phones / reviewed Lenovo Phones before their camera is either average or above average, check last 2 Lenovo review on my site.

    2. This is really surprised, well built, amazing display, gaming experience better than RN4, audio quality good, powerful battery.. Three cons – pricy, camera & updates.

  21. Eagerly waiting for Redmi 4 Prime.. Any chance of launching this month? or Shall I go with Redmi 3s Prime‚Äč?

    1. You should not wait whatever a new model is launched by Xiaomi, just go for it, if you are planning to get a handset, cause there will be months gap between the next launch and you can easily sell off the old xiaomi handset and get the new one that you are looking for.

    1. I have not tested that handset, had asked for review unit, but nothing.

      1. Thanks Gogi Sir. Any idea if you would be doing any review for the same in near future.

    1. Yes added that under 30K. It is best for selfie users, pricey though.

        1. It has excellent front DSLR type camera (dual cameras), you seen the review?

    1. lenovo p2 is best in class… 5000mah battery with fast charging is awesome combination.

        1. Sanjay, not all are professional photographers.
          I’m short film director and i know that 75% people can’t make much use of a great camera sensor. They will use the micromax 8mp camera and galaxy s8’s camera in the same way.
          How many times have you seen a iphone owner taking professional photos?
          For some, the average camera quality is satisfying and they may need more battery efficiency and processing power rather than a good camera.
          Hope you understand.

  22. sir…i want best camera phone….which is the best honour 6x , cool pad cool 1 or moto g 5 plus…..

    1. Honor 6x is the weakest in camera department among these the camera phones.(pros- amazing screen and 64GB inbuilt storage, but you will be happy with its camera performance)
      COOLPAD COOL 1 – pros- 1.)32gb internal
      2.) One of the best camera in this segment (with DSLR type photos and faster focus than Moto g5 Plus.)
      3.) Best battery life among these three and most powerful processor.
      Cons- Not expandable storage.

      Moto g5 plus.
      PROS-1.) android nogut out of the box.
      2.)best low light photography (using manual mode) and digital video stablization.
      3.)satisfactory battery life.
      4.) Dedicated SD card slot.

      Cons- nothing.

      1. Sankalp hahaha seems you never used honor 6x or you never read gogi sir review either
        honor 6x camera is excellent camera check gogi sir review
        battery is also excellent got 9 to 10 hrs of SOT
        even beta version of nougat also released and stable version gona release at the end of this may. . . ??
        on the other hand coolpad is good bt 2 main cons
        missing sd card slot
        coolpad leego existence in india, after sales service
        and about moto 5+ its good phone but 16 gb in 15000 its too pricey plus its looks is not good compare to others

        1. Bhai mere, maine teeno k reviews padhe hain bhai … mai english me likha hai pr ab hindi me bhi bol rha hu … in teeno phones me honor 6x ka camera sbse weak hai … DSLR photos click krne k baad check krna ki wo zyada acchi nhi lgti.. subject ki sides me leakages hoti hain bhai .. maine khud click ki hain apne haatho se … dual cameras k hisab se COOL 1 Dual is best. Looks more professional.
          Agar zyada storage chahiye toh Moto g5 Plus le lo. Expendable storage hai , wo bhi alag se di hui hai … hybrid sim slot ka chakkar nahi hai !!

      2. honor 6 x camera is quite good, dual camera. but sound is weak, single speaker, very low volume, no beat on music, its really bad on sound quality. battery is also not too strong 3300 mah. so avoid Honor 6 x and go for redmi phones.

  23. LG G6 is a better buy above 30k price bracket, why you always omits LG handsets ?

    1. Yes ,LG G6 is a good phone.
      But he has not done it’s review .
      All the handsets in the above lists are tried and tested by him.