The Moto G5 Plus is here and it comes with a powerful processor, good RAM/ ROM, dedicated external storage option and decent battery life. But the unique thing about the G5 Plus is the 12MP camera on the back with a f/1.7 aperture – it is indeed an excellent camera but as I mentioned in title – condition apply.

The Moto G5 Plus box pack contains the handset, user manual, warranty card, data cable, standard quality earphone, SIM tray ejector pin and travel charger (12V / 1.5A). SAR Value as mentioned on box : 1.450 W/kg @ 1g (head) and 1.450W/kg @1g (Body).


The Moto G5 Plus looks good and feels good (metal body), it gives you a different in-hand experience compared with other handset, thanks to the design and the flat back. Again the  back panel looks unique with silver borders and two color shades. I bought the G5 Plus grey color version. Handset weighs around 155 grams.

Moto G5 Plus unboxing

This is a dual SIM handset you can use 2x nano SIM and a micro SD card simultaneously. 4G with VoLTE is supported.

Moto G5 Plus dual SIM + Micro SD slot

Moto G5 Plus review

There is no LED notification and it is not needed as the alerts are shown automatically on the screen, when you get one or when you pick up the handset, plus you can view the content by tapping without unlocking the handset (check video review).

As far as the sensors are concerned there is accelerometer, proximity, light, Gyro and there are additional proximity sensor on the rear next to the camera. These proximity sensors on the back work with the on screen notification when you pick the handset. Magnetic sensor is missing.

Moto G5 Plus retail unit

Display and OS

The Moto G5 Plus is running Nougat Android 7 out of the box, and it is pure stock version. This handset sports a 5.2 inch screen with 1080p resolution (IPS TFT), protected with gorilla glass 3. Viewing angles, color reproduction and touch response are very good.

Memory and Storage

The one I bought for review came with 3GB RAM and 16GB Storage. You will get 10GB free internal storage and 1.5GB free RAM. OTG is supported, you can connect and access contents from external pen drive.


The Moto G5 Plus houses the Snapdragon 625 octa core (64 bit) processor clocked at 2GHz with Adreno 506 GPU. Overall performance was smooth and lag free.

Moto G5 Plus hands on


Quadrant : 19329
AnTuTu : 61766 / 12881
Nenamark 2 : 59.9fps
Disk Speed :  167 MB/s read / 43 MB/s write
Multi Touch : 10 point


I tried 3 games Bullet Force (in ultra quality mode), Modern Combat 5 and Asphalt 8 (high) and all of these games worked really well, smooth, no issues, no lags and battery temperature was also under control around 40 degrees in 24 minutes during game play.


The Moto G5 Plus comes with 12MP camera on the rear and 5MP on the front. This rear camera comes with f/1.7 aperture, you will get really good shots in low light conditions. If you are using auto mode the camera quality will be above average and if you switch to manual mode you can get much better shots, much detailed shots – but condition applies i.e. you need to know photography or just play around – you can actual see the effects live on the screen, keep changing  / playing around with settings manually and when shot looks great on the screen capture it.

Check the sample night shot one with auto mode and other in Manual mode, download images on PC and then check you will get a better idea.

Moto G5 Plus 12MP primary camera with f/1.7 aperture

You can record 4K videos. Video stabilization is supported but that works only up to 1080p video recording mode and it is really good. Slow motion video can also be recorded at 720p resolution (120fps) – check video review.

Camera rating 4.3 out of 5

Moto G5 Plus rear and front camera samples

moto g5 plus rear camera sample hydrant moto g5 plus rear camera sample leaves moto g5 plus rear camera sample tree moto g5 plus rear camera sample branch HDR moto g5 plus rear camera sample long shot moto g5 plus rear camera sample night hdr auto moto g5 plus rear camera sample night Manual mode moto g5 plus front camera sample hand

Download Original Image files (right click and save) (do not use it for commercial purpose, without permission of


There is finger print sensor on the front it is fast and accurate. You can shake the phone when it is in standby (off) mode to automatically switch on the LED light (torch). There are on screen navigation buttons if you want you can switch those off and use the finger print button for navigation.

Moto G5 Plus ports

Tap finger print / button to go to home screen, swipe right to left to go back and swipe left to right to view apps running in background.

Sound is loud and clear. In call sound was very good. No issues found with WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth. There is NFC, probably once tap and pay feature is launched in India it will come really handy.

This Moto G5 Plus comes with Water-repellent Coating it does not make it water proof. Even a splash can possibly damage the internals – so better take care, this is not a water proof or water resistant phone. The speaker vent is on the front.


The Moto G5 Plus comes with 3000 mAh non-removable battery that will give 5 to 9 hours of non-stop battery life on a single charge. With mixed usage you can expect up to a little over 1 day of usage and with heavy usage it will last for a day.

Moto G5 Plus Battery Performance (time / battery % drop / estimated battery temperature)

  • Running Benchmark app – 19 minutes / 3% / 35 degree
  • Asphalt 8 + Bullet Force + MC5 game play – 24 minutes / 7% / 40 degree
  • 4K video playback with full brightness (WiFi /4G on) – 21 minutes / 5% / 36 degrees.

It took me 1 hour 26 minutes to charge the handset from 21% to 100% using wall charger. For full charge an estimated less than 1 hours 45 minutes (Turbo charging).

Max battery temperature I encountered was 44 degrees when I was outdoor under the sun using camera. Battery temp is under control no need to worry – as long as battery temp is under 48 or 50 degrees.


The Moto G5 Plus is a powerful, stable and a very good handset that supports VoLTE (reliance Jio works) and the camera is also excellent depending on your usage, in auto mode you will get above average quality. Battery life is decent. Overall it is a very good buy for the price.

Moto G5 Plus Versus Honor 6X camera

When compared with Honor 6x it is hard choice to make as cameras on both these handsets does an excellent job. 6x however gives you dual camera DSLR style shots which Moto G5 Plus cannot, but G5 Plus can shoot more details in low light that 6x cannot. It is a bit complicated deciding which one has the best camera, cause some shots will turn out great on 6x and some shot from same angle will turn out great on G5 Plus. For those who understand photography it will be very difficult deciding which is best among these handsets as performance will be different case to case (shot to shot) basis, those who don’t understand photography it is rather easier for them to decide which is the best.

My thoughts – 6X camera features (dual cameras / simple to use camera app UI with advanced feature) and Moto G5 Plus camera (f/1.7 aperture) both combined would have been mind blowing.

Moto G5 Plus handset rating 4.3 out of 5

You can buy the Moto G5 Plus from Flipkart from Rs. 14,999 (3GB/16GB).

Published by Gogi Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -

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  1. Sir I am not able to get this much great pictures.Colours here are so grey.Very less saturation.Low light pictures are good .
    Please guide me how to take such pictures in pro mode.And also recomment some 3rd party camera app where I can adjust saturation and contrast myself.

    1. No front flash; But the screen turns white (like a dull flash) if you want to enable front flash. Not exactly a flash, but works average.

    1. No, there is no call recording facility by default, but you can use external apps to record calls. I see it as a drawback.I am using an app called ACR for call recording.

  2. Good Morning Gogi ,
    Is video stablization on Moto g5 plus is good enough for making Short Movies ?
    I’m not able to find good camera for this purpose and my budget is 15,000.
    Must reply

    1. Okay I would say, the best stabilization on a camera phone I found was with sony xperia XZs but that is too costly. You will need a external stabilizer for making really good professional type smooth shot movies. I will be coming up with a new stabilizer review soon, if that works great then you can buy that and use with any phone not just G5 Plus, cost of that stabilizer is also under 100$.

      1. Yup ! I’ve asked you earlier about zhiyun 3-axis gimbal …. but that’s may too much out of my budget.
        And I found digital stablization on moto g5 plus better than most phones with OIS.
        So asked you for confirmation.
        BTW i’ll send you my 1st short movie’s link. 🙂
        And yes, a video stabilizer is much preferred coz it can be used with any camera.
        Thanks for prompt comment and eagerly waiting for your new video Stabilizer review.

      2. Can we record 1080 video@60 fps

        Please i seen many video of 60 fps from foreign reviewer.

        Buy in indian version As I seen in your review no option seen to record @60fps

        1. 4K ultra HD @ 30 fps

          full HD 1080p @ 60 fps and 30 fps

          HD 720p @ 30 fps

          VGA 480p @ 30fps

          The above modes supported by the rear camera. The front camera doesnt support 4K and 1080p@ 60 fps.

  3. two new feature in Moto g5 plus
    1. long press on setting icon in drower window enable system ui feature
    2. and we can use external storage as internal storage by going through setting-storage – click on add card and then click on 3 dot and open card setting – format as internal.
    Warnning : set as internal storage format the card so better to take backup.

  4. Can you please tell me the shutter speed range of moto g5 plus? Its urgent .. Please reply

    1. 1/3 sec till 1/6000 sec using the default camera app. Also, in close up macro shots, it struggles to focus on small objects.

  5. Gogiji, Does moto g5 plus has miracast or dlna. I regularly mirror my phone to my TV. So wanted to know whether this phone support it? My friend’s moto g4 plus doesn’t have that so i m really concerned about that. I would be really thankful to you if you check that.

  6. Gogi ji, your review unit was made in India or made in China? I got made in China.
    I am also facing horrible noise in video recordings. Plus. Help

    1. My unit is also made in China, when recording make sure you are not placing finger on both the mics, also avoid moving fingers around the mic they might record some disturbance. Even after this if you are facing issue, try using a recorder and see if voice recording in general has an issue, you can also try another camera / video recording app and see.

  7. I’m confused between Moto G5+ and Lenovo Z2+ as camera is not my top priority but z2+ have so much negative feedback any z2+ user please help !

    1. Hi i have a zuk z2 plus got it for 12000. It’s good i get around 7-8hours sot easily 🙂 i’m a developer. So sd820 for 12k is the best deal i could have ever got 😀 .

  8. Sir, Would you be kind enough to make me/us learn in brief in how to get/take best pic via manual mode. i am not able to get the good pic out of MG5+.This is my first smartphone ….thanks

      1. Sir,
        Since last 37 – 38 hrs played around 30 mind video, internet surfing, called a few people, installed 4 apps, played games for another approx. 30 mins, 4G was on all the time. Now 9% battery left.
        Battery management is good. In between 14 hrs I didn’t use it at all. The battery didn’t move at all from 29%.
        So, It seems for user like me it will give sufficient battery back up too.

  9. Gogi sir, i want to buy a phone. Oppo A57 or Moto G5 Plus.Really Confused.Its Urgent,Can u Pls help.

  10. I wish you compared the camera To Moto G4 Plus. You are the only reviewer so far who actually provided original samples.

    1. George, I don’t have G4 Plus with me but this one has better low light output cause of f/1.7 aperture, so definitely better than G4 Plus. Photography is very complicated not as easy as many think, you can get different results from same handset, same location, same position. It is not as simple as using G4 Plus click and then use G5 Plus and click, it has to be done in a controlled environment, and hardly anyone does that.

      1. Thanks for the reply Gogi. I definitely understand that it’s hard to produce accurate tests in non-controlled environments, but even not very accurate comparison would’ve been fine, which I’m sure you would’ve provided if you had Moto G4 Plus around. Thanks for providing the link for the actual full resolution samples, so few reviewers do this nowadays.

  11. You always play Asphalt 8 with Doge dart at speed of 200 km in every phone buy some S class car like Aston Martin Vulcan which goes UpTo speed of more than 600 kmph which put’s a lot of pressure on graphics engine ! I have seen many mid range phones handling slower cars well but lagging in faster gameplay ! But Thanks For an excellent review !

    1. What is the use of buying a 600 Kmph car when you will still be driving on Indian roads (hope you got the point).

  12. Gogi,

    You have mentioned the below statement in reverse. The below statement doesn’t provide a good user experience, as many are right handed!!??

    “swipe left to right to go back and swipe right to left to view apps running in background”

    Plz correct it.

  13. Excellent review gogi.. Please review oneplus 3t* camera vs g5″, plus.. I think low light shots are good than oneplus3t

  14. Thanx gogi sir for helpful review. When someone ask me which phone is good I always suggest them plz check gogi sir post…

  15. Moto M is up for rs14999 is it better than g5+… or should I wait for g5+ for getting in stock… also do you have any idea when g5+ will be available ?

  16. Was waiting for this review and it came nicely. Now I will go to buy this one but aaahh, the 3 gb ram gone out will wait for that. Thanks Gogi for genuine review.

  17. meanwhile, i should be happy with moto g4 plus as g5 plus is not looking to have a major upgrade over its preceedor…o too expecting more from camera and gogi sir applied camera conditions too which he didnot applied with g4 plus…battery is still average which is a drawback camera not much upgrade, nothing special except from price hike..disappointing

    1. Not a major upgrade??? The camera has a setup similar to a galaxy S7, not saying its going to match the S7, but its still a great camera to have. The chip is a SD625 is much more efficient than the g4’s SD617, which is known to heat up and cause the phone to stutter. These two points itself present an upgrade over the G4 plus. Its a fair point that you don’t wanna upgrade, but the G5 plus is clearly a step up.

  18. In 4k playback para
    It took me 1 hour 26 hours to charge the handset from 21% to 100%

        1. Pricing wise 3gb ram honor 6x is best and if 4gb then prefer gogi’s verdict, both r good in camera.

      1. @gogi… M getting Samsung on8 @rs.11700 after discount plus 32gb card free… Do u think it’s good buy?? Plz reply soon

  19. Gogi Ji,

    Nice review, but 1 thing i have to disagree when you say that there is no need of a LED notification. For a user, there would be different requirements, in this case, the call/message notification would flash up only when the person picks up the phone physically (isnt it?). In that case, it would be a drawback over the regular LED, since a person needn’t have his/her phone near them at all times. It could be in a room nearby, the person could move from one end to the other and just have a glance at the phone lying somewhere on a table etc, (gets worse if the phone is on silent mode). A blinking light is very useful in these cases.

    Does Moto G5+ have that functionality that replaces this exact function(of visual notification without having to go near the phone)?

  20. Not a big fan of on screen navigation keys and the one touch navigation implementation on the fingerprint reader is sure to complicate things. Camera seems good in daylight, especially with close up shots. Not impressed with long shots, like the one in the parking lot, where the details are very less (you can’t see the number plate on the cars). Low light shots seems average. Maybe the camera is excellent but I’m expecting more from it. Wanted to replace my Redmi Note 3 with Moto G5 Plus solely due to the camera but I guess I’ve wait for a more powerful camera phone under 20K. As usual, excellent review by you. Cleared all my doubts, thanks Gogi.

    1. Go got Nubia z11 mini s, it has 23mp so the higher res is always great for longer shots.

    2. Exactly….
      1 button Navigation is disaster…
      Also fingerprint sensor on front is bad….
      And navigation key on screen is irritating…

      Redmi 4 have best buttons as of now…

      I skipped buying Moto G5 plus due to buttons only….

      1. Not really, I used to think that too, but I am looking it now. Give it a try, to be find of it. Also, when you double swipe on fingerprint sensor it switches between 2 of your most recent apps

      2. I’ve been using Meizu M3 Note for about 8 months now, and believe me I cannot think of using a phone with different navigation buttons ever again. One key navigation is great, at least in my experience with Meizu M3 Note.

        1. Absolutely bro. Am also using Meizu M3 about 8 months now. I cant think of buying a new mobile without front fingerprint scanner, single button navigation and 4100 mAh battery!We have one the best value for money device bro!

    1. Yes Cool 1 has best camera but LeEco company / Coolpad are same and they are facing financial problems, you can go ahead with cool 1 buy better wait and see what happens with the company.

      1. @gogi… Compare to 5.5 inch screen , does 5.2inch looking too small?? is there too much difference

        1. Moto has gorrila glass and its scratch proof to some extend and on 6x no such glass is used..and both r IPS lCD full HD .but moto g is good compare to honor 6x in protection (((its not shatterproof for yr info bro)))

    1. No there is no physical button except finger print button but you can switch off on screen navigation button and use finger print sensor as navigation. which is very good feature as its only 5.2 inch screen using FP as navigation you can use all screen.

  21. Typing with Moto G5 plus, it’s a great phone. Camera in auto mode little disappointing, but In Manual Mode Pics are excellent. Previously I had S5. Moto g5 plus seems a worthy upgrade.

  22. So which one is better honor 6x for 13k or moto g5 for 15k + 1k (memory card) ???
    As gogi sir said ter is no major difference in camera so I think honor 6x is better compared to moto g5 bcoz
    1. Price difference
    2. 5.5 inch screen
    3. more inbuilt storage
    4. excellent battery

    moto g5 is better than honor 6x in some areas like
    1. Stock android
    2. Gorilla glass
    3. Fast charging

    1. True, today if you want to buy a handset you need to decide what you want, you cannot simply buy based on what other says, there are so many options you need to know what you are looking for in a phone.

      1. Exactly gogi sir when some one ask me which phone is good in any price segment I always ask their priority which features they really want in phone bcoz every phones have many pros with some cons as well.

  23. Too pricey for just 16GB ROM out of which only 10GB is available.
    Redmi Prime & 4 are better option

  24. the samples looks great…better then 6X in my opinion. at iso 100 setting and good lighting condition Moto G plus will take great shots….just need to keep hands steady as there is no optical stabilization. Moto has removed laser autofocus system that was present in G4 plus…whish they had implemented this in G5 plus.

    1. True, but the night shots on 6X also are very impressive you need stable hand / use tripod and it is so easy to use.

  25. Gogi JI,

    What is your preferred handset amongst RN4 , Honor 6x and G5. I m planning to buy one but not clear.

    I have Rn3 , but software sometimes crashes and sometimes Mic issues, not sure if it is handset specific.


    1. RN4 will be better / best choice you will get average / above average camera (depends on updates), but apart from that in every other area it is top performing be it processor, battery life and heats up less. Look wise the G5 is better. If you are happy with 1 day battery life with moderate / heavy usage then you can go with G5 Plus. Go for Honor 6X on if you love DSLR style photos and want that on your phone.

    2. If u own Rn3, none r worth upgrade, u l just have on paper upgrade, real life experience will hardly change