The Moto G5 Plus was launched in India today. This handset will be available exclusively on Flipkart. This smartphone supports 4G with VoLTE and houses a Snapdrgaon625 octa core processor, 12MP camera and a 3000 mAh battery.

Moto G5 Plus features and specifications

The G5 Plus is using qualcomm snapdragon 625 octa core processor and will come with 3GB/4GB RAM and 16GB/32GB ROM. Moto G5 Plus features a 5.2 inch screen protected with Gorilla Glass 3 protection and supporting 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution.

Android Nougat 7.0 runs out of the box. The G5 Plus also comes with a 12MP primary dual auto focus pixel camera (f/1.7 aperture) on the back with flash support and front camera can shoot in 5MP resolution. Other common features are dual SIM, separate micro SD card slot, 4G LTE, VoLTE, 3G, 2G, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth. This handset also comes with a finger print sensor.

Moto G5 Plus launched in India

Moto G5 Plus gets power from a 3000 mAh battery. It will be available on Flipkart for Rs. 14,999 onwards.

Moto G5 Plus 3GB/16GB = Rs. 14,999
Moto G5 Plus 4GB/32GB = Rs. 16,999

With exciting Launch day offer on Flipkart sales begins tonight.

What do you think about the price?

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  1. Gogi JI, I am a long time follower of your site and recommend your site to all my friends when asked about suggestions about mobiles. However I am surprised and very sorry about your decision to have video reviews in Hindi only. What about us non-Hindi followers of your site? Do you really not need us? I hope you will please reconsider this decision.

    1. The text reviews will be in English and video reviews in Hind. 85 percent of my subscribers are Hindi speaking, also Hindi videos does better.

  2. I just got one 4gb/32 gb today for 12800, using SBI OFFER and exchanging my old and trusty lenovo a6000.
    At 12800, I think it’s a good buy.

  3. Gogi ji, I have read your reviews and confused between these mobiles:
    Honor 6x, Redmi Note 4, Moto G5 plus

    I need good camera, big screen, slim, light weight and budget close to 15000.

    Please suggest. Or should i wait for 1 month if some new mobile is surely coming.

  4. Just ordered for my sis, delivery date is before 24th march. FIrst time ordered before gogi’s review lets see.

  5. wow I think for the 1st time Gogi goes with long conversation with us… 😉 BTW moto pricing is 1k higher on both models …Camera looks promising. Android N wow .but it has some bugs like lolipop .Some apps may not download or install due to old signature of the app…Still Naugat is New…Will get fix in future updates..

  6. Moto G5 Plus Sales starts tonight. Is it like flash sales like Redmi Note 4?

    1. Normal sale, but could go out of stock. I will post an article before the sales begins.

    1. ndtv also gave their review…only 7 points out of 10 to camera…also said camera is noisey and grainy in low light…i was expecting much higher….but i dont believe anyone except gogi….first and last decision will be gogi’s decision

  7. No one mentioned about the LED notification . Is this because there is none in Moto G5 Plus ?

  8. Only Redmi phones followers or buyers will say it overpriced.. Learn about camera aperture( MP greater doesnot mean redmi camera is better) and fast charging.. which were never present in redmi phones.

    only processor ram and internal memory doesnt make good phone.. in paper might be but in real world not.

        1. So we should rip moto , mi and everyone should own a pixel like u said ? because camera is everything . battery processor doesn’t matter , guess everyone have a lot of money.
          But in my openion all mobiles priced 10k+ is waste of money ?

  9. I don’t think one should spend additional 4-5k for better camera performance compared to redmi note 4 where as g5 plus have smaller display battery and ram . note that you will have to spend additional 1k fr SD card where RN4 comes wit 64gb storage!! S625 will add additional battery life for both

    Hope MI fix the camera quality in the next upgrade and yeah redmi note 4 will also get Android 7 update!

    As moto is wit Lenovo I am afraid how fast u r gng to get O/P update!?

    If u have a tight budget and want to compromise on camera quality go fr RN4 or want better camera with above average performance go fr 6x! Or spend 17k and get g5 plus… It will not disappoint you though!!

    1. RN4 has worst camera than all my Previous phones G4, G1 and J5. I sold it within few days due to that.

    2. Redmi note 4 with 4GB/64GB is best value for money. Moto didn’t even provided compass sensor & LED notification. Also handset heats up during gaming. Every reviewer is hiding these facts purposely.

    1. Yes, but only drawback P2 has are: Hybrid SIM and poor camera. In other features it’s way superior to all >30k phones.

  10. My experience…Do not buy 16GB phone as very soon you will be running out of internal storage…

      1. Still u will feel less…Now a days large size apps and more storage require…E.g. Google maps

  11. Hi Gogi, Is there any chances of drop in Moto G4 plus phone prices in this week due to this launch??

  12. The problem with Moto for me is onscreen navigation buttons with already small screen size. Having become used to 5.5 inch size, anything less seems too small.

    1. We can disable the on-screen navigation buttons and use the full screen – the finger print sensor can be used for the functions of on-screen navigation buttons as well.

      “The One Button Nav feature makes use of the fingerprint sensor as a virtual navigation bar and hides the on-screen button to free up real screen estate. Once enabled, you need to swipe left to go back while a right swipe will bring up the Recent Apps list.”

    2. on screen buttons can be disabled now. this is new Lenovo feature wherein the home button can be used for multiple functions.

      1. But interm of camera,software,service moto has better reputation. Mi service is really bad.

        1. If U Don’t Like Mi Service Then Go For Lenovo P2… U Will Get 5000mAH Battery With Fast Charging Amoled Display And Camera Also Better In Lenovo P2….. Only They Changed The Name Of Lenovo G5 Plus to Moto G5 Plus… They R Taking More Money In The Name Of Moto…. In The Place Of Lenovo They R Using Moto… Moto Is No More Real Moto Now 🙂

  13. Mr. Gogi, what do you think of the future major version and security updates regarding this phone? Hopefully, they don’t ditch the upgrade midway through as it happened during G3’s lifecycle (Although it was most probably due to Google’s strict requirements regarding Nougat update policy and GPU restrictions).

    Hopefully, they give Android O and P as upgrades ….

    I love Motorola solely for their security updates and timely upgrades. No other phone in this sub 15K -20K price band give major version upgrades

    1. They are using stock android, any updates will be rolled out quickly. Not sure if they will provide O/P updates, as N is pretty new, early stage and usually update life cycle is 2 years max. But looking at the speed at which new handsets / technology are being launched / developed, you probably might end up buying a new handset with latest OS.

    2. @debottom, it will surely get updated to next android version which is yet to be announced. it runs the latest N and N is not going to get outdated for next two years.

  14. It’s obviously better than Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. Note 4 is a pathetic looking phone with a very disapponting camera. Moto is a great choice just because it provides pure dual sim and not the retarded hybrid sim slot.

    1. Hell no. Mind it, you are posting this stupid comment on the website of Gogi, who himself has reviewed it and has given higher ratings. This phone also features in his best mobile to purchase list.

  15. I love Moto for it’s separate Micro SD Card slot! The pricing is also good !

  16. Gogi sir please let me know the availability of native video call in G5 plus? As this feature is absent in Moto G4 plus.

  17. Pricing is ok considering 3GB Ram is enough for most users. Another 1k less would have been sweet deal…but if camera is good then it’s worth the price. Waiting for gogi’s full review with special focus on camera department since that’s the main reason people will buy this over Redmi note 4. Also want to see side by side camera comparison with Honor 6X and cool 1 camera samples.

      1. Nope, most of moto Gs don’t have.
        I am having G3 2GB but screen cast is disabled in stock rom by moto, they says its mid segment phone and casting is for high end phones only ( a comment on moto forums by official account)

        1. Today you will not find screen cast option or screen mirror option, the option in most cases is shifted to wireless display in more settings.

  18. Hi Gogi,
    This is regarding VoLTE support. I could neither see this mentioned on GSM arena nor in the specs list on Flipkart. I watched the launch event live and don’t remember a mention of VoLTE support either – I only see 4G LTE mentioned everywhere. Can you please let me know if I have missed something?


    1. Don’t worry it will 100% have VoLTE, that is bare basic requirement today. VoLTE has become a must and every handset will have that, and hence it may not be mentioned like – non one says wifi, Bluetooth these are understood it will be there.

  19. With 10% discount with sbi card we can get it for RS 13500/- Which is a great deal.

  20. I read somewhere the review of this phone. The issues highlighted in that were

    1. It heats up quite a much when using navigation at extended
    2. Low light camera could hv been better
    3. Led notification is not there
    4. Sound is a bit low comparatively

    1. Better wait for gogi bhai review, other reviews are useless. Most reviewers don’t know what they are doing. after gogis review you will be able to make up your mind easily if you buy or should not buy G5 plus.

  21. Magnetometer is not present, Ear piece and speaker are same. These two might be deal breakers for some.

  22. Moto G5 design wise looks great due to metal unibody (reminds me of Motorola Razr V3i). Although camera will definitely beat Redmi Note 4 , but price tag of Rs.15 k ( 3 gb + 16gb rom ) and Rs.17k (4 gb + 32 gb rom) seems a bit over priced according to me. Looks like Motorola is trying to make its presence in premium category brands. Lets see how everything goes for this brand in future. But still would love to buy this handset if only it would have been launched for 13k & 15k

    1. But Most important is whether it is better against Redmi Note 4 with 4GB RAM+64 GB ROM? The highest variant of Moto G 5 Plus is 4GB RAM+ 32 GB ROM. You will also have tough time comparing on these points. 🙂 It will be interesting to read your Review.

    1. I will go for 3GB it is more than enough for 95% users. Also there is dedicated micro SD card slot.

      1. yes gogi is right… moto is pure andriod so no issues in RAM management. 3 Gb is enough

        its same as other company using custom skins so need more RAM 4gb

        1. You really don’t have to worry about RAM management, some people heard this word for the first time and they just got excited. What they talk is all nonsense, RAM management is not just about app in memory (allocation), you check that again next day, find it still in memory and clap hands. There is a lot that goes into RAM management, to understand it better you need to be a hardcore programmer (I am one), to talk about it you need to be hardcore programmer, to understand you need to be a hardcore programmer. These are things you should not talk to users who are planning to buy a phone. It is like you want to buy a car and the sales person starts talk about the engine internals.

          1. Lol Gogi Relax bro!
            I think he just trying to say “User experience nd User interface will have no lag or delay issue as motorola uses pure stock Android.unlike other companiez do customisation nd makes rom heavy and bloatwares eat Ram…And Anybody can understand what ram management is by just googling need to b hardcore programmer..nd yes Nowadays customer do ask about car’s engine configuration and features…soo.chill bro…I feel u rplied veey Rude here.Hope u will not delete my comment.xD

          2. You do need programming knowledge to understand, leakages, illegal operations, etc, there are many other reasons why app might be dumped out of memory. Not that simple. Am using apache server 90% memory warning but that’s normal, as I said hardcore programing knowledge is needed. What I am saying is RAM managemnt is not as simple as running apps and then checking it next day to see if they are in memory, or playing two games and checking if you get to play from where you left – why would you want to play 2 games simultaneously! :-).

          3. Very Nice Reply Gogi Ji. I completely agree with your views. I myself work for Gameloft India and I always get annoyed when people talk about RAM just for Facebook / Instagram / Candy Crush.

            I am using asus zenfone max (for game development) with 2GB RAM and 16GB Internal (1 Yr since its launch) without any so called RAM Management issues. I am an Android Gaming Programmer and we design and code our games based on 1 or 2 GB RAM and 350-400 Mhz of GPU Speed that too using unreal engine / unity engine and many more.

            No one will believe it but games intense graphic games like N.O.V.A 3 (Gameloft) are payable on First Generation Android One devices which were having 1GB RAM of which hardly 500-550MB is available. Even games like The Wolf Among Us (A TellTale Games Title), Tales from the Borderlands (A TellTale Games Title), The Walking Dead (A TellTale Games Title), Asphalt 8 (Gameloft), Asphalt xTreme (Gameloft), Modern Combat 3 / 4 / 5 (Gameloft), Call of Duty: Strike Team (Activision) are also playable on 1st Gen Android One, to name a few. I can tell atleast 50 more high end games from some of the best mobile gaming studios, which could be played on 1st Gen Android One devices. This is related to the kind of GPU the device is using, of course the RAM also has important, but only with the GPU.

            Now compare what I have written above with that I have written below and imagine.

            Moto G5 Plus has Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 625 processor with 2.0 GHz octa-core CPU and 650 MHz Adreno 506 GPU.

          4. Thanks Mayuri, I doubt those talking about RAM management have ever done hardcore programing and am no talking about those hello world codes. 2GB is more than enough for any user, even hardcore gamers, unless they want to play two games simultaneously – they don’t need RAM management they need Psychiatrists management.

          5. Hi gogi.. such a long discussion on RAM management.. I just wanted to say so many chinese companies use custom skins require much more RAM.
            i saw so many videos on RAM management .. mostly oneplus 3t perform better wile holding 3 big games like nova asphalt modern warfare at a time.. while other ph trying to reload the phone…

            for most day to day usage 3 gb is sufficient.

          6. Gogi Ji, may be he wants to split the display in 3 (in nougat it can be split in 2) and then play 3 games simultaneously while streaming them to 3 (three) 4K smart TVs (one for Narendra Modi, one for Donald Trump and third for International Space Station) at a time over 6th Generation Mobile Communications Technology.

            believe me sanjay if you can do it you will be creating Android Version 100 and Apple, Google (Alphabet), Qualcomm etc. even Gameloft will all gift their companies to you.

          7. Gogi sir,

            He is not talking about playing the games simultaneously. For example, a user is playing a game and leave the game due to some other reasons. Next time he plays other game and opens some apps too. But, when he tries to play the same game (which he had left in between) starts from the same point (instance) from where he left it. This happens is some phones only otherwise the game restarts again.

            Why this happens? Is the better RAM management is implemented by the company or due to the more RAM space?

            Thanks in advance from throwing the light on this concept.

          8. If you have more RAM then there should not be issue, as I said, it depends on OS, if the game performs a illegal operation in memory or there is some fault the OS will close the game. Also if you are a gaming user, you will save the game, what ever the reason (I am a gamer too) and hate starting a level. With more RAM (space) OS will be kind, but if there is some issue either with app or other reasons the OS will close the app. So just because a OS allows you to continue game from where you left the next time does not necessarily mean good RAM management.

          9. hahaha Very true . BTW Congrats ,you are very fast to update the specification and price even before their official seller flipkart

        2. Just remember,

          “More apps ∝ Heavy UI ∝ More RAM ∝ More Battery”

          More the Apps we run in the background, more is the RAM and Battery required to keep it alive!!

          Custom UI can also be taken as an App for simplicity.

      2. Hi gogi and mayuri u should have to watch more videos on ram management..

        Thanks ronak and gaurav they understand what i want to say..

        Oneplus 3 also has issues in ram management insipte having 6gb.. They fix at later update..

        May be i am commenting in wrong section

        1. Oneplus 3 was using old method, where apps were closed after specific times to free memory, they did not account for the extra RAM (6GB) they had. These RAM management are tweaked based on reports from users experience say 90% users. So most users (90%) are normal users facebook, whatsapp, some gaming – you get the idea. Now some people (5%) complained about games restarting on Oneplus 3 citing bad RAM management (trying something that once would rarely try in real world), and in social world things go viral, so the code were updated to use more RAM thereby giving more grace period and allowing apps to continue using allocated memory – the results were games continued from where you left, even after switching to other apps. Issue fixed, the 5% people were happy – good RAM management, for 90% users it will hardly matter their facebook, whatsapp, will be working as is.

          RAM management is not about apps running in background but there is a lot that goes around it, there are things that OS does to keep the system stable and it depends a lot on user usage.

      3. I agree with you, run a game on mobile switch to other app, come back to game and continue from where you left, is memory management. How many people actually play games like this. for a huge majority this hardly matters, they are using Whatsapp, FB etc.

        1. Thanks gogi g for nice explanation.. I know I follow android authority they explain everything about ram management.

  23. I think Redmi note 4 4GB/64GB at Rs. 12999/- is 10 times better than this. What do u say gogi?

    1. All depends on the camera, but looking at the camera specs the G5 Plus should beat Redmi Note 4 but a very good margin. I will test the camera once I order the handset.

      1. Mi is best for those who want avg camera and can live without fast charging… 2 year back era..

    2. It has dedicated microsd card slot and camera comparable to Galaxy s7. Which is a major plus point .

    3. no my friend have Mi Note4 camera & build Quality is worst , don’t waste your time on Mi

  24. price is ok with me may be 1k lesser for 4/32GB would make me more happy. I will going to buy this but waiting for your review then take the final call..
    so you are reviewing it right??

    1. Yes I will be reviewing it, I will be buying the handset from Flipkart today, so this will be a retail Moto G5 Plus review.

      1. waiting for your review , pls post both video and text version .
        (just for curiosity bhai tu review de ne ke baad Ph ka karta kya hain ?)

    1. Yes they did will update the same before the Moto G5 Plus sales begin. The Buy Back price is bad, around 7,000.

      1. Okk…Additional 1500 Rupees off on Exchange,10 % discount on SBI cards , Buyback offer, 1889 rupees No-cost EMI, Moto Pulse at 599.

        Apart from these, can there be additional discounts for launch day alone?
        If no discounts, then i’ll wait for your review and then buy it 🙂

  25. At 15K its a killer.. Its kills MOTO M…….

    gogi please review the camera.. i think it rear camera may beat 30k phone

      1. why moto is not sending u review unit… your reviews are very good.. Thanks for all your efforts