Vivo launched the V5 Plus and upgraded version of Vivo V5. This new handset is powered by snapdragon 625 octa core processor and loaded with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. But the key highlight is the dual cameras on the front, is Vivo V5 Plus a good buy, find out.

Vivo V5 Plus box pack

Inside the box : handset, data cable, travel charger 9V / 2A, SIM tray ejector pin, user manual, warranty card, premium quality earphone and handset case for protection.

Design, Display and OS

The Vivo V5 Plus looks even more premium when compared with the Vivo V5. It’s using a metal body, very good built and finishing, curvy design with no sharp edges. Handset weight is 158 grams and dimensions are 74 x 152.58 x 7.26mm.

Vivo v5 plus box pack

There are dual nano SIM slots – 4G with VoLTE is supported. There is no micro SD card slot. V5 Plus comes with LED notification and packed with Accelerometer, light, magnetic, proximity, hall and gyro sensors.

Vivo v5 plus dual nano SIM slots

Vivo V5 Plus features a 5.5 inch 2.5D curved IPS screen supporting 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution and the screen also comes with corning gorilla glass 5 protection. Color reproduction, viewing angles and touch response are excellent.

Funtouch OS 3.0 runs out of the box based on Android Marshmallow 6.0.

Vivo v5 plus review

Memory and Storage

V5 Plus comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. On first boot you will get around 52GB free internal storage space and 2 to 2.5GB free RAM on an average. OTG is supported, you can connect external pen drive. OTG is disabled by default so you will need to enable that, and when OTG is not used it gets disabled after 5 minutes.

Vivo v5 plus slim premium body

Performance and Benchmark

Inside the hood Vivo V5 Plus is using qualcomm snapdragon 625 processor clocked at 2 GHz with Adreno 506 GPU. Performance was very smooth lag free and the best part about SD 625 chipset is that it does not heat up much. Maximum battery temperature I encounter was  37 degrees when playing high end games.

Vivo v5 plus premium body

Vivo V5 Plus Benchmark

Quadrant : 35256
AnTuTu : 62708  / 12780
Nenamark 2 : 57.1 fps
Disk Speed : 266 MB/s read / 219  MB/s write
Multi Touch : 10 point

Vivo v5 plus ports and buttons


This hardware is quite powerful; it can play many high end games. I tried Modern Combat 5 and the Asphalt 8 both these games played well without any lags.


The primary camera can shoot in 16MP resolution, its placed on the back with flash support. On the front there are dual cameras – A 20MP + an 8MP. This handset can shoot 4K videos.

Camera quality in daylight is very good but night shots are not that great, hence I would rate it as average (though quality is close to above average). The front camera quality is awesome, excellent. You can capture DSLR style shots – check the sample images. Vivo V5 Plus comes with the best selfie camera as of now.

Camera rating 3.9 out of 5

Front camera Rating 4.6 out of 5

Vivo v5 plus dual selfie camera

Vivo V5 Plus rear and front camera samples

vivo v5 plus rear camera fort vivo v5 plus rear camera fort walk vivo v5 plus rear camera hydrant vivo v5 plus rear camera hydrant nut vivo v5 plus rear camera long shot vivo v5 plus rear camera tree vivo v5 plus rear camera sample branch vivo v5 plus rear camera sample flower vivo v5 plus rear camera leaves vivo v5 plus rear camera nightshot vivo v5 plus front selfie 3 vivo v5 plus front selfie 2 vivo v5 plus front selfie

Download Original Image files (right click and save) (do not use it for commercial purpose, without permission of

Other features

The finger print sensor on the front doubles up as the home button. Finger print detection is very fast and accurate. Sound is loud and clear, handset is using Hi Fi AK4376 chip.  I did not find any issues with 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. Reliance JIO SIM worked.

Vivo v5 plus finger print sensor


There is a 3055 mAh non-removable battery. The Vivo V5 Plus battery performance was very good thanks to the Snapdragon 625 chipset. It took me 1 hour 52 minutes to charge the battery from 12% to 100% using fast charger.

Vivo V5 Plus Battery Performance (time / battery % drop / estimated battery temperature)

  • Running Benchmark app – 10 minutes / 2% / 34 degrees
  • Asphalt 8 game play – 23 minutes / 6% / 37 degrees
  • 4K video playback with full brightness (WiFi /4G on) – 27 minutes / 8% / 36 degrees.


The Vivo V5 Plus no doubt is a very good handset with best selfie camera out there. Coming to the price it is pricey at Rs. 27,980. The Redmi Note 4 with the same processor i.e. Snapdragon 625 is available from Rs. 9,999 and if you are really looking to spend Rs. 30,000 the OnePlus 3T is the best option.

Vivo phones sell better in the offline markets, but when it comes to online customers I guess they will look for cheaper alternatives or go with OnePlus 3T.

Having said that, forget about Redmi Note 4 camera but even OnePlus 3T front camera cannot match the quality that Vivo V5 Plus captures.

Overall Rating 4.2 out of 5

Vivo V5 Plus is available for Rs. 27,980.

Published by Gogi Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -

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  1. Gogi i am confused between Asus Zenfone 4 selfie dual camera vs Vivo V5 plus

    VIvo V5 plus costing RS 15,100

    Asus Zenfone 4 selfie Dual Camera costing 12,600.

    Vivo V5 runs on SD625, plus FHD, however lacs in Software Android 6.0 and No SD Card SLot

    What should I do

    please guide

  2. Dear Gogi, which is better in between Vivo V5 plus and Xiaomi à1, I am getting both almost for the same price in BBD , please reply

  3. Dear Gogi Sir,

    Please help
    1) mails are not comming (Hotmail in outlook)
    2) no news / notifications are coming from UC News, Aaj Tak, Dainik Bhaskar etc.

    I have checked all settings and also shown to Vivo salesman but no result.

    Please please advise.


  4. Xperia X is 24k and now it is better than V5 plus as it has 23mp rear and 13mp front cam + 64 gb internal storage.

  5. Hi Gogi,
    My Redmi 2 is dead, looking for a phone around 8k to 9k, have zeroed on Meizu m3s as redmi 3s/prime is out of stock. What do u think of this phone?

    1. See in flipkart redmi 3s sale is once in a week just search in flipkart, next sale is on 10th feb, 12pm

      1. Thanks guys but cant wait longer, I am without a phone now for a week. I will see if I am able to get redmi 3s plus which is sold offline.

          1. Well wasn’t able to find the Redmi 3s plus offline, also there is no chance of getting a Redmi Note 3/4, hence booked a Huawei Honor 5C. Got it today. Well I must say it is damn good.

  6. Hi Gogi, I have been following this site since last 2 years & believe that ur reviews are excellent. I want to make one suggestion though. I live in periphery & most of my mobile handset purchases are done online, without seeing handset in Brick & Mortar shops. Ur reviews give excellent idea about hardware, but somehow miss the software part.
    Let me explain u. Since last 2 years, I have preferred MIUI & have stuck to Xiaomi handsets. Recently, I purchased Moto Z Play, but was annoyed by lack of firewall, Blocklist, Call Recorder, internet speed meter & auto BackUp, which are present in MIUI. Now for Moto Z Play, I had to install a lot of additional softwares, but sense of perfection with MIUI was somehow missing. In fiest Redmi Note 4 sale, I purchased a 4GB variant & sold Moto Z Play for pittance. To avoid such experience in future, I would like u to elaborate or at least enlist extra bells & whistles added to stock android by handset makers.

    1. You can download those block list, speed meter, backup, firewall etc apps from google store.

      1. He has already mentioned dt….not many people r comfortable wid having an app for evry single purpose…..its best if something is baked into the UI

        1. I am too stuck with MIUI…. It’s really good…The features….I tried to change to some other stock ROM. But, now i realize that it’s not easy…

    2. Stock android is always great. You can install all necessary apps. Just download their apks and you’re good to go with every hand set you purchase. Minimal ram use and fluent experience. Miui is bloated shit.

      1. you can bash custom UI how much you want but the truth is stock Android is behind custom UIs in terms of usability and in old days custom UI was a problem because of the low specifications but now even entry level phones comes with 3 or 4 GB ram there no hanging in custom UI and for this reason custom roms are also losing their relevancy

    3. Hello Bro,
      what u r saying about OS features everyone knows. what is stock android and it’s features also everyone knows. i mean the people who are checking reviews, majority had an idea about these custom OS features. that’s the reason wont mention those.

    4. You may like that brother but let me tell you that Miui is considered least secure against stock Android.

      And recently, I read somewhere that Chinese manufacturers are found to be leaking user info without consent.

      1. It is not about just the MIUI, even the Zen UI that comes with Asus phone has a lot of features that are not available on the stock android rom.

        I hope some day the stock android will have all these features by default.

  7. Sir. Not about this phone (of topic). But is it safe for the CPU in any Android phone to work at 40 Degrees C to 50 Degrees C temperature? My Asus Zenfone 2 Laser goes to 40 Degrees C during summers in our (not air conditioned) house.

  8. Gogi why are you mentioning the battery temperatures?.Even when the phone is boiling hot(chipset area,i.e,near the camera) the battery in most cases will stay cool.I don’t understand the logic.Please correct me if I am wrong.

    1. I am from physics background. There are so many reviewers out there and more adding up. There reviews are like user reviews, they have no idea about what they are doing, and some come up with stupid readings that makes no sense, and it confuses the user like you. My reviews are done in a controlled environment. I cannot disclosed what / how I do.

      Battery temp is best way to know the stability / performance of Hardware / software. Phone is boiling (with heavy usage), battery is cool – that’s good sign. The other way round is Note7 – hope you get my point.

      1. Well said Gogi. I have been following your reviews for last 3-4 years. You have tought thousands of people like me who didnt have any idea of how to judge and compare smartphones before buying one. I was a novice earlier, now my friends and colleagues ask for my suggestions before buying a smartphone. I ask them to follow your blogs for a better insight. Thanks for your impartial and apt reviews.

      2. Exactly. Feel Irritating seeing amatuer 5 star reviews on Amazon by so called top reviewers. Even on YouTube. Most reviews are biased as they fear companies won’t give them review units next time. They give good ratings without even basic technical analysis, just based on few dumb apps which doesn’t mean anything in real world usage.

        There are very few reviewers like Gogi who write technically sound and unbiased reviews.

  9. Hi gogi, this is a very important question please reply…. The first gen v5 front camera was focused to a certain selfie distance, hence long shots were not possible with that camera, now what about this one front camera, is it also focused like the previous one…? Can we shoot long shots with this front camera???

    1. Hi no you cannot use front camera for long shots. It is also kind of focused to some distance, but the wide aperture mode gives you more control. Example this is not good for long shots but for selfie the camera in wide aperture mode will capture point A and B, and you can then focus anything between the A to B points.

  10. Gogi Sir, Still i feel price is way high… no doubt about camera quality.. but to spend 27000 on Vivo.. is not logical..

    1. If you want selfies to die for, then Vivo. For everything else, OP 3T. Gogi already made it clear in review.

  11. First of all welcome to rajasthan jodhpur.Gogi i am not crazy of selfie which mobile should buy one plus 3 or this whose back camera is better?

  12. Nice video by Gogi and the Gang 😉 Video is ok but I felt like there are lot of frame drops!!! What you say bro?

    1. The frame drop in some is cause of software slow motion, the videos were shot in 4K normal, some shots were played in slow motion hence the frame drop.

  13. I feel coolpad cool1 is best vfm camera phone for budget segment. Other wise honour 6x is also good.

    1. Yes it is, and also does not heat up much compared to other chipset. You can play games for a longer period of time and battery consumption is also less.

      1. So we can go for SD625 in 50 to 60k range or we should go for SD810 and other higher version.

        1. That’s like comparing a Honda Brio to Honda City, though both are good cars in their own way ☺️

  14. Vivo specialises in off line market, because Vivo i believe gives very high margins to it’s retailers, who push the product on the customer very very hard, as the salesman incentives are also high. Because of this Vivo even with lesser sales, makes more money. Otherwise just a fancy looking set in a fancy packaging, really highly over priced.

  15. Haha
    Dear Rana, I wonder that how could u even mention thw name “Redmi Note4” when you are talking about V5+ and OP3T !!!!? It doesn’t make any sense.

        1. He has just compared the processor. Vivo at 27k offering sd625, where u can get that at cheapest for 10k in rn4. But u cant get sd820 in 10k which was used in OP3. Grow up dude. Try to understand why he mentioned rn4

      1. Gogi sir redmi note 4 ka cam average nahi hai balki bad camera hai itna bad cam tou maine redmi ke kisi phone main nahi dekha.

        1. Bhai JATT, Redmi Note 3 ko night mein use karke dekh lo…. Sayad Redmi Note 4 ka achcha lag jaaye tumhe camera…

          Well, main Note 3 use kar raha hoon, Bhaiya ke liye Note 4 ordewr karne ki koshish kar raha hoon… Flipkart LKO mein delivery nahi deti hai aur par toh lagata hai fake sale chalti hai… Kyuki coming soon se seedha out of stock,was using google chrome in last flash sale held on 3rd feb

          1. Bro use kia iss lia kaha note 4 sale kar dia dusre hi din mere se tum shart laga lo 3s prime ka usse acha hai . 1 month se jada der tak mere pass koi phone nahi tikta . Redmi note 4 pahle wala sale kar dia ab ek aur order kia se hi . Gogi bhai ne jab review dia tha redmi note 4 ka first sale wale din muje laga nahi tha ki camera average hoga per jab mere pass aia phone tou laga average nahi bad camra hai . Back open karke dekhna cam module tou china phone ka lagta hai . Bro use kia tabhi kaha.

    1. Redmi note 4 + Vivo V5 Plus = Snapdragon 625
      OnePlus 3T + V5 Plus = price.
      And by the way I have Redmi Note 4, and camera is bad.

    2. If someone is comparing 2 things, there could be various factors and context behind it. You didn’t understand doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense.