There are too many smartphones available in the Indian markets and majority of the customers have a limited budget of up to Rs. 10000. So here is the list of best smartphones that you can buy for under Rs. 10,000 in India.

A user should buy the handset based on his/her usage. There are different kind of users, for example normal user, gaming users, music lover, camera lover and selfie lover.  There are a huge number of customers among these category who are looking for the best smartphone under Rs. 10,000 price range.

Since the usage pattern of users are different it makes sense to choose the handset based on your usage pattern and with the features that you would be using the most. For example if a reviewer says that the handset heats up when playing games, for normal user, music lover, selfie lover, camera lover it is not going to make any difference.

Also don’t believe in drop test done by some reviewers on a non-rugged smartphone, logically makes no sense. The non-rugged handset may survive a drop from 10 feet without any scratches or it can get totally damaged from just 1 feet height, it’s all about luck.

So let’s gets started here are the best smartphones you can get under Rs. 10,000.

Best Smartphone under Rs. 10,000

CoolPad Cool 1

I had already done the review of this handset. This is a cool handset with dual camera that shoots impressive DSLR type pictures. The best thing is that as of now it is available for under Rs. 10,000. Best phone for those looking for budget friendly high performing camera phone.

This handset is using Snapdragon 652 octa core processor.  There  were some users complaining about the performance, lags etc., I did not find any such issues on the handset that I bought for the review.

Cool 1 best phone

So CoolPad Cool 1 is the best for under Rs. 10,000 for its excellent dual cameras using wide aperture mode. I would also want to point out that this has the LeEco logo as it is the largest shareholder of Coolpad. LeEco company is not doing well as of now. However there should not be any issues with the CoolPad company or at least this Cool 1 model, but I don’t think it will get any future software updates – so consider that too.

Cool 1 Key Features

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Cool 1 (3GB) is available for Rs. 10,999.

Redmi 4

This handset was recently launched and is the best in terms of performance, battery life, camera and the looks. The Redmi 4 in Black just looks awesome and gives a very premium look. Another best thing about Redmi 4 is it is available in different RAM/ROM variants and price starts from just Rs. 6,999.

Redmi 4 best smartphone under Rs. 10000

Redmi 4 Key Features

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Redmi 4 available from Rs. 6,999.

Redmi Note 4

This is a SD 625 powered smartphone that does a very good job. Camera quality on this handset is kind of fluctuating (average – above average) based on updates. The Redmi Note 4 is best for gaming user, you can play high end games for a longer period of time. This handset is also best for those who are looking for a very good battery backup in a smartphone.

Redmi Note 4 best smartphone for under Rs. 10000

Redmi Note 4 Key Features

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Redmi Note 4 is available for Rs. 9,999.

YU Yureka Black

The YU Yureka Black was recently launched, it is Snapdragon 430 powered, performance is pretty good and considering the screen size for 5 inches this one actually comes with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. Yureka Black comes with 3000 mAh battery.

YU Yureka Black best smartphone for under Rs. 10000

YU Yureka Black Key Features

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YU Yureka Black is available for Rs. 8,999.

Redmi 4A

This is a low cost Android smartphone priced at Rs. 5,999. The Redmi 4A is SD 425 powered, does an excellent job, but this hardware is not for gaming users. Camera quality is also average. Best for those looking for low cost android smartphone with very good performance and battery life. Do note finger print sensor is missing on Redmi 4A.

redmi 4a best smartphone in India for under Rs. 10,000

Redmi 4A Key Features

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Redmi 4A is available for Rs. 5,999.

LYF Water F1S

The LYF Water F1S from Reliance is another very good option. This handset was priced at Rs. 9,599. Also Reliance is now offering extra data for any LYF handset that you purchase. You can consider the LYF Water F1S.

LYF Water F1s best smartphone in India for under Rs. 10000

LYF Water F1S Key Features

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LYF Water F1s is available for Rs. 9,499.

Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus

This Vibe K5 Plus is using Snapdragon 616 octa core processor and sails on Lollipop. This is a good handset but if for some reason you are not able to get anyone from the above list, then go for this.

Vibe K5 Plus Key Features

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Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus is available for Rs. 7,999.

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  1. Hi @Gogi bro and all friends.
    Yesterday Night I ordered lenovo K6 power @6700 by exchanging Redmi 2( exchange price=3400). Is it A good deal and do share opinion abt Lenovo K6 Power.

  2. Gogi bhai, please update this list for july 2017 thanks, ………… also request you to add the latest on LED TV 50- 55 inches.. thanks.

  3. I want to buy a phone under 12000₹
    And i just want good rear camera…. Please suggest me a good phone…

  4. I brought lyf f1s handset for 7500 in offline store, it is best handset amazing performance, screen on time of 6 hours

  5. Gogi ji, lyf f1s is priced rs.7899/- at tata cliq. Is it good to go for it? I currently have yunicorn. Only thing i like about this phone is its battery

  6. Redmi phones are always out of stock, it’s become impossible to get hold of one. Though they are being resold on ebay for about Rs. 1000 more. I’m getting sick of this Mi / Redmi shitty model of doing business.

    1. Surya it’s pretty easy to get a redmi device on

      I ordered redmi 4 16 GB version for a friend and redmi 4a for maternal uncle in the last sale held yesterday….

      I never find issues in getting device….

      1. I am also not able to buy redmi 4 2/16gb since last 3 weeks finally have to buy redmi note 4 2/32gb.

  7. Believe it or not Redmi note 4 2 GB 32 GB version in china is sold as RN4 3GB 16 Gb for 8000 rupees only. Openly available at any time and still not so demand.

    And here in India it says always out of stock still for a premium price.

    I think social media creating lot of positive buzz towards for them.

  8. Gogi please do a relook of cool 1 dual, it’s user reviews on Amazon are quite average and rating of around 3.5. All phones with problems get rating of 3 to 3.5 over long term.

    1. I had bought the phone and used the phone for almost a month. You can check the full review here –

      There is no issue on this phone. As for the ratings on Amazon / Flipkart better ignore them don’t take them seriously, most are by people who never used the phone, most based on opinions, there might be some who might have got a defective unit and might have got replacement but will still complain.

      1. I also used Cool 1 dual and still have with me but screen got cracked in almost all area and thats too when I placed it on a plane floor. It’s just slipped in a few cm only (may be one inch) and OMG screen cracked. Searched in local mobile repairing shops (almost in every mobile shopkeepers) but didn’t find the screen. .. So it’s a useless phone, yes heats a lot… Thats the reason coolpad has decrease its price. So don’t buy it.

    1. Yes. But use USB 3 pendrive and type C to USB 3 OTG connector, search on YouTube and also Google it and find in latest results

  9. Dear sir change the price of Lyf f1s in article. Its 7300 after discounts on paytm. If you wil mention 9599 rs than no 1 will consider it over redmi 4.

    1. Price will be different on different sites, these price keeps changing. Ranking are based on overall performance / usage experience not price.

  10. People willing to use Idea 4G in Redmi devices must get in contact with Idea customer care personnels first….

    Personal experience:
    My friend bought Idea 4G sim for Rs 250 giving 84 GB (1GB and 300 min. Call daily)…
    Idea is providing 4G at 2100 MHz frequency in Lucknow….

    Because of that my friend is not able to use Idea 4G in his Redmi Note 4 whereas mine Redmi Note 3 gets Idea 4G network as it supports that frequency too….

    Then, I checked all Redmi devices launched recently….

    And, guess what none of the latest Redmi supports 2100 MHz…

    Redmi Note 4, Redmi 4, Redmi 4a and Redmi 3s… None of them support 2100 MHz frequency….

    So, my friend is stuck with Idea 3G… But not a major issue as it still gives 1 MBps approx. Whereas Idea 4G around 2 MBps so not a big deal at all….

    4G frequencies supported in latest redmi devices are B3/ B5/ B40…

    Whereas in Redmi Note 3 4G frequencies supported are B1 / B3 / B5 / B7 / B8 / B38 / B39 / B40 / B41

    Redmi Note 3 users cheers….


    1. Yes,but redmi note 3 and latest redmi 4 supports all 4g networks available in india

      1. Yes Dear….

        My mistake…. Redmi 4 does support 2100 MHz frequency….

        Mistakenly wrote forgot to erase…. But since no option of editing here, we cann’t change once done

      1. Dear Gogi, I ran the Companion App and did all the tests. After reboot the mic issue seems to be ok. Now I don’t find any issues.

      2. Hello Gogi Bro. Just a friendly question. Do this Big Brand “Lenovo” perform QC before sending mobiles in market???its very shameful thing if mic issues are present in many new devices. Someone should complaint & show them u can not loot India. I remember Once Nokia faced battery issues in particular batch and they recall all batteries and replaced it for free. Nokia is back & hope they will bring back magic of old nokia tune:-)

  11. LYF Water F1S is available at just Rs 7,298 on Paytm (Selling price 8,599 + 75 delivery charges – 16% discount coupon FLASHMIDNIGHT (cash back of 1,376))

  12. Swipe elite max is available at 8000 on flipkart. It definitely deserves a place in the list. Sd 430, 4 gb ram, 32 gb rom. 5.5 full hd display. Fp sensor. 13 & 8 mp camera. Its the cheapest 4 gb ram phone in india.

  13. Any cool1 user please reply to this comment and let us know how is your experience with coolpad brand.

    Coolpad IR blaster is really nice. You can even program your custom remote just like universal remote programming. This type of facility is even not available in Redmi devices.

    In redmi only standard templates are given for IR control. If we cannot operate on those menu then IR blaster will not work with our device.

    So coolpad is definately having an upper hand in price and also the technology used. USB type c interface and gorilla glass is plus point.

    Dont know still why people are crazy for Redmi.

    May be due to the artificial demand created by them by diaplaying out of stock message every time.

    Anyway let me know are u satisfied with cool1 or not?

    1. UI is good in MI devices. I didn’t liked the UI in the LeEco devices. Also i didn’t like the ugly black border on all Le devices . Also Build quality is not that great.

      1. Build Quality of le eco phones are so so good ( I own le 2) its their after sale and software update makes me worry.

        1. But my le2 got so many dents due to falls from pocket even with good quality soft cover. And edges are uneven some corners are really sharp.

          1. Your comment itself states that le 2 build quality is survived after many falls.(though it has soft case.if u had used hard case no dent prob.but if u had used hard case and fall then it will not prove the build quality )believe me bro me too had falls from 4-5 feet height several times .luckily no screen shatter or damage on display.My bro’s Asus phone got cracked in juz chair fall .its been 7month I’m using le 2 and build is Great.believe me.

    2. i am a coolpad cool 1 user since 1 month not over heating,expect long time camera use, blazing fast wifi and internet (jio), wifi connectivity speed is at blaster works fine with sony tv and coship settop box, audio (via old coolpad note 3 mobile earphones) is great. battery back up am specially proud of 2days with always on 4g internet. using 2.4a charger charges in 1.5- 2hours , usb otg works fine, camera shutter speed is really fast, slr mode photos am a big fan of
      all in all its a nice combination (4gb/32gb)

      1. Thanks for commenting here. This clears lot of confusions.

        At last jio volte working fine on both slots? In forums mentions after update not working. may be a rumour.

        1. jio volte works in sim 1 only sim 2 only data works (4g)
          the ui is stable though it lacks some fancy options like dual apps at same time etc
          its worth money and solid build i must say. i hope it will run problem free for 3 years
          paisa vasool

    3. get it only if you can adjust with about 25 gb of internal memory. No expansion slot.

  14. Gogi ji,
    kindly add/insert column for cons/disadvantages and add comments like old version of android, mediocre camera, slow charging,heavy etc,as are relevant to particular model.
    But.having said that, great improvement over past articles

    1. Lyf brand is not showing in exchange offers list in all online stores. Mi has better resale value.

      1. There is no good resale value of any brand today. Even apples price keep on decreasing. The list is based on performance not on resale value. Even in gogis review of redmi 4a and lyf f1s you can see f1s beats 4a in all departments. Even swipe elite max is better competitor.