Long, Long time ago YU launched their last handset and just recently they launched a new handset called YU Yureka Black. Here is the YU Yureka Black review – it is a good alternative, a good attempt by YU.

The YU Yureka Black is a good handset that you can consider, though the Redmi 4 is still a step ahead. In case you are not able to get the Redmi 4 / Redmi Note 4 then the Yureka Black is an option you can consider.

Handset performance is smooth, lag free and even with Full HD resolution on a 5 inch screen there is no noticeable lag. Camera quality was above average, selfie were impressive and battery life is pretty good.

YU Yureka Black review

YU Yureka Black Review

Inside the box :  Handset, user manual, data cable, screen guard, earphone and travel charger 5V/1.5A
SAR Value : 1.150 W/kg @ 1g head and 0.732 W/Kg @ 1g body
Body : Metal body, back gives plastiky feel, build and finishing very good
SIM Type : Hybrid – Nano SIM + Nano SIM / Micro SD card, both SIM slot support 4G with VoLTE
Weight and Dimensions : 152 Grams
Screen  :  5 inches, 2.5D curved glass, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection, IPS, supporting 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution – color reproduction, touch response and viewing angles are good
Connectivity :  4G, VoLTE (work on both SIM), WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth
Sensors : Accelerometer, Proximity, Light, Step and Magnetic. Gyro sensors was missing
LED Notification : Yes
OTG : Yes
ROM : 32GB
OS : Android Marshmallow (Stock Android), and will get Android Nougat 7 pretty soon, beta testing has already started

YU Yureka Black side view

YU Yureka Black Performance

CPU :  Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 octa core @ 1.4GHz
GPU :  Adreno 505
Heating : Normal
Max Battery Temperature : 39 degrees

Overall performance was decent, you can play games in high quality mode, no impact of FHD screen. Heat up is under control max battery temp I encountered was 39 degrees.

YU Yureka Black 5 inch 2.5D FHD screen

YU Yureka Black Benchmark

Quadrant : 20849
Antutu :
44053 / 9206
NenaMark2 : 59 fps
Multi Touch : 5 points
Disk Speed : 158 MB/s read  and 47 MB/s write

YU Yureka Black back chrome black glossy

YU Yureka Black Gaming Review

I installed Modern Combat 5 and Asphalt 8. Both these games played well in high quality mode, without any noticeable lags or issues. There was a doubt in most of the users mind as to how the games will perform on this handset on a 5 inch screen and FHD resolution – well it was smooth, no issues check the gaming action in video review.

YU Yureka Black 13MP camera

YU Yureka Black Camera  Review

Rear Camera : 13MP with LED flash, f/2.2
Front Camera : 8MP Fixed Focus with Front LED flash, f/2.2
Video Recording : Max FHD – 1920 x 1080p

Camera quality is pretty good, above average, the selfies however were more impressive.  FHD video recording was also pretty good. Low light shots turned out good, not that bad.

Camera Rating : 4 out of 5

YU Yureka Black front and rear camera samples

YU Yureka Black Rear camera sample hydrant YU Yureka Black Rear camera sample leaves YU Yureka Black Rear camera sample branch YU Yureka Black Rear camera sample tree YU Yureka Black Rear camera sample clouds YU Yureka Black Rear camera sample longshot HDR YU Yureka Black Rear camera sample longshot YU Yureka Black Rear camera sample night YU Yureka Black Rear camera sample low light YU Yureka Black front camera sample selfie

Download Original Image files (right click and save) (do not use it for commercial purpose, without permission of gogi.in).

Other features

There are on screen navigation buttons and a dedicated button that can be used for back and home navigation, plus it also acts as the finger print sensor. Finger print detection +unlock is pretty slow, almost 2 seconds – check video review.

YU Yureka Black dual SIM slots

Sound is loud, no issues with in-call speaker.  The power and volume buttons on the right hand side are too much close to the body, at times hard to make out where the buttons are.

YU Yureka Black audio and buttons

There is on screen navigation button and you can disable that if need be. The dedicated single button can be used for back and home navigation.

YU Yureka Black Battery Review

Battery capacity : 3000 mAh (non-removable)
Charging Time : Full Charge – 2 hours 30 minutes using travel charger provided
Battery Life : 5 to 8 hours non-stop (moderate to heavy)
Daily usage battery life : One day / One and a half day with mixed moderate usage

Battery Test Results

Battery Temp at idle : 34 degrees
Running Benchmark app :
 10 minutes / 2% / 35 degrees
Asphalt 8 / MC5 game play : 21 minutes / 7% / 39 degrees
FHD video playback with full brightness (WiFi /4G on) :  18 minutes / 4% / 36 degrees

YU Yureka Black ports


A good handset by YU that offers smooth performance, decent battery life, does not heat up much (battery temp under 46 degrees) and camera quality is above average.  Redmi 4 / Redmi Note 4 are better and should be your first choice but in case you are not able to get those you can go for the Yureka Black.

Rating : 4 out of 5

YU Yureka Black is available for Rs. 8,999.

Published by Gogi Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in

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  1. YU Yureka Black is not available now. Out of Stock since 40-45 days. Why Micromax is not providing enough stocks of this mobile. This is a great handset by Micromax YU and it can get Micromax its market share. But Micromax is doing silly things by promoting crap like yunique2 and yunique 2 plus.

  2. It’s not the size of display that’s the concern but the processor, is the processor powerful enough to push out smooth experience on a full HD display under stress!? And this one did not disappoint

  3. Hi Gogi.
    Thank you for making this video is was very useful. I am looking forward to our comparison video of the Yu Yureka Black with the Redmi Note 4. I would also request you ton please post a video comparing the cameras of these two phone at the earliest.

    Many Thanks.

  4. What about customer support? Will they take years to replace defective phone and finally warranty gets over and you will again receive defective phone which is used buy somebody else earlier? I have experienced this with Yu yureka and struggled a lot with it.

    1. It’s not only you or me, many have been cheated like this. So i never allow any of my friends to buy YU or Micromax phones.

  5. Gogi sir..it there multicolor notification light or single color…redmi 4 has only single color light and also the light is illuminated from the charger point of the redmi 4..look like cheap finishing!!

  6. Gogi I am using YU yuphoria but it having problem some time when I use camera or other heaviy application it got power off and show low power shutting down .is there problem in battery ,hardwereor software

  7. Gogi can you help me out in finding a list of mobiles which provides 60fps smooth/clear motion video recording under 20000/- price tag

  8. Copy of wiko u feel prime, one year old phone, Micromax me phirse Dhoka Karen Dia, China se phone Lao, yu ka Sikka lagao, aur India me becho. Eventually China is only gainer. Ha ha ha.

    1. Bro its not dhoka it re-branding which is 100% legal . They re-brand by tie-up contracts with the original company . Micromax has been doing this from its very first series of Android phones.Most of them are re branded and the fact was known from that time to all techies. Its definitely cost effective for them instead of manufacturing the same specs product in this price range. I don’t know why people are blaming micromax for this strategy , just because many people now know that the company has been re-branding they start commenting copy hai , fool kar rhe hai and all such stuff. Actually the thing is commenters were not aware of this fact for years

      1. Re branded is not illegal but claiming others phones as your phone is definitely is not acceptable. They should tell people as they did not develop this device. They must print on their boxes as this is a re branded device made in china device developed by a chinese company and not developed by Micromax/YU. Then people will device whether they have to encourage these type of cheaters or not.

        1. As original brand has no problem with micromax then why should people just comment on micromax for duplicating the mobile . If the product is good just buy otherwise forget it

          1. What do you mean by cheaters ? They have contract and bought rights to use that design then what is wrong in that ? By your logic people should not buy phones from Mi,LeEco,Meizu and others because more than 60% part of design is same and match with each other ….compare elephone’s flagship phones with MI’s flagship phones you will find that Elephone I troduced first that curve design than Mi…but still people are buying and don’t have problem with that …

        2. This Wiko is not the original Brand of this phone. They have not developed it neither manufactured it. It is developed by independent manufactures who then sell them to other Brands.

    2. It is irrelevant for me whether the device is re-branded or manufactured, as long as it serves my purpose.

  9. I would like to say that this should be the first preference in this budget, Boss aakhir company to Indian Hai…….. Mobile bhi achha hai, then why MI, Go for this handset is super impressive Kudos Micromax!!!!

    1. Indian company? They won’t create jobs for Indians. Neither are they doing Indians a favour. At least Chinese brands are creating jobs.

      1. They won’t create jobs in India ? Then how people are working in their service centers , assembly plants , distribution departments ,customer support team etc.

    2. There is nothing Indian about this device. Designed, developed and manufactured by chinese company in china. YU people just went to china, asked them to printed YU logo on it and selling those devices in India. In what way we can call this is an Indian company or product?

  10. Dear gogi is back side of the phone scratch easily. rear camera is brighter than redmi 4 and selfie cam is excellent. can you upload some more front camera samples. please reply

    1. Yes this is important question. Gogi please reply. Phone has PLASTICY back so how prone it is to scratches?

  11. Highly appreciate for mentioning SAR value.
    Any brand not mentioning SAR should be given less weightage just like any brand not mentioning chipset.

  12. Dear Gogi, I think the camera of this one clearly outperforms RN3 & Redmi 4 (yr favrts). 😉 Well on other aspects I totally agree with you.

  13. Gogi, I am not impressed with rear camera samples. Now I wanna ask you. Is YU rear sony sensor better than that of redmi 4 camera. And, hH=ow much missing gyro sensor affects the performance.

    1. Not much of difference in camera performance, Redmi camera is slightly better in low light but Yureka camera shoots better selfie. GYRO you need if you want to use VR headset for VR experience.

  14. Gogi can u tell me pls if this has better screen than redmi 4 (720p) more ram less price and also above average camera good battery then why redmi 4 is better ?

      1. Ya I have used but now i hate redmi for one reason no gorilla glass my redmi note 3 broke in just 1 month by falling from simple height so I have now stopped buying redmi phones my letv le 2 has fallen 7-8 times till now never broke it has gorilla glass 🙂 I have rough usage.

        1. Any non-rugged phone will break you cannot say anything about it. It was your luck, better go for rugged phone if you have broken a lot of phone or use silicon case.

  15. Nice reviews Gogi bro,,
    I buy yureka on launching day but cancel it bcoz nxt day redmi 4 order was successfully placed.

    1. Good well Redmi 4 is better option, so if you get that go for it, if not then this one you can consider.

    1. Hii sir how can i order it, i mean cod option is ther are not, and how much time to take it for delivery.?

    2. Sir how to buy it i want to buy but there is no such option on it and i want it in bhopal. Is it possible ?