Loved the GoPro camera but don’t have the budget to buy one, well you can check the MGCool Explorer 1S that you can buy from international website for $55 approx Rs. 3,500. This action camera can shoot 4K videos.

This is a very good low cost action camera that can shoot 4K videos and slow motion videos at 720p / 120 fps. Another unique thing is that you can connect this camera with the MGCool Explorer 1S app and connect via WiFi connection. You can preview videos / photos and do more.

This device is pretty small and comes with a lot of attachments, including bike mount. You can use it to shoot videos or still images. The still camera quality is average but the video quality is above average and does really good in good lighting conditions. Night shots are not that great.

MGCool Explorer 1s box pack MGCool Explorer 1s review

MGCool Explorer 1S Specifications

Chipset : Novatek 96660
Type : Sports / Action Camera
Screen : 2 inches with 320 x 240 pixels resolution, good quality but bad viewing angles
Len : 2cm Diameter, Wide Angle 170 degrees (Adjustable)
Connectivity : WiFi
Extra : Waterproof (up to 30m deep) using casing, Microphone built in
Video Recording : 4K @ 24fps, 1080p @ 60fps and 720p @ 120 fps
Still Photo : 20MP
Battery : 1050 mAh (charging time up to 2hours / battery life 1 hours 30 minutes recording 1080p non-stop)

MGCool Explorer 1s side view MGCool Explorer 1s screen

MGCool Explorer 1S Performance

The MGCool Explorer 1S will heatup when using for a longer period of time, but that is normal. Better use a class 10 micro SD card. The screen really comes handy as you know what you are shooting. After pressing the record button, when recording starts after few minutes the screen will turn off to save battery juice but it will continue recording.

MGCool Explorer 1s port

GoPro camera quality is excellent, however for the price the quality of MGCool Explorer 1S is very good.

MGCool Explorer 1s waterproof case

You can charge the camera using adapter and data cable (micro USB to USB). A micro SD card is need to record the content. If you want to shoot underwater you can use the waterproof casing that is included in the box pack. For more details watch the video review and the video samples are also included in the video content.

MGCool Explorer Camera Sample (still)

MGCool explorer 1s sample airplane MGCool explorer 1s sample airport MGCool explorer 1s sample night


A very good buy if you have limited budget and looking to buy a action / compact / Sports camera that can shoot 4K and Slow motion videos.

MGCool Explorer 1s front button and lens

Rating 3.8 out of 5

MGCool Explorer 1S is available for $55.

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By Rajeev Rana

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