I got the YU Yureka Black today, had ordered it from Flipkart for Rs. 8,999. I wanted to buy the Matte Black color variant but unfortunately only the Chrome Black variant was available. This handset is powered by Snapdragon octa core processor and carries a decent price tag of Rs. 8,999.

The box pack is black, specifications are clearly mentioned on the box. Inside you will get the handset it comes with factory fitted screen guard, better remove that before using the handset as it is not that good and will spoil the display experience.

Inside the box you will also get a screen guard, user manual, warranty card, SIM tray ejector pin, data cable, travel charger (5V/1.5A) and standard quality earphone. The handset supports VoLTE and on box it is mentioned – Made in China. This handset looks like the Wiko model, it’s a re-branded model. There is a difference between copy and re-branding.

YU Yureka Black unboxing and first look

YU Yureka Black has got a premium look, it is too glossy & Black and the back panel gives a plastic feel, though the handset is using a metal body. I have started using the handset and will come up with full review soon.

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  1. Micromax products specially….yu yureka,yu phoria Big no ,waste of money .cheat company.

  2. If anyone copy s8 or Apple 7 and sell it little less quality at rs20000. I happily buy do you.

  3. Which is best black or redmi 4. Or extra rs1000 redmi note 4 2gb but different segment. Which is best. Even 4gb ram black or 3gb ram redmi 4 no way compared note 4 2gb for raw speed. If you want performance go note 4 rs1k extra. Is it correct?

    1. Sure note 4 2gb ram I have note 4 3gb ram & 2gb ram both no any difference performance

  4. For me the only deal breaker is IR blaster. Dont know why YU omitted this feature which is the main reason why xiaomi is popular in India.

  5. Gogi
    Mine will be scheduled to deliver tomorrow.
    Pls review soon as i will delay the delivery
    untill your nod.

  6. This is a REBRANDED phone. Like every time, this time also “micromax” has copied the model of another company’s mobile phone. “Micromax” this time has copied the model of “WIKO UFEEL PRIME”.

    1. Tell us something new, If Rebranded is a problem, 80% of so called Branded products will be out of the market.
      Don’t just scream about the things that we are all aware of, all you know this may be a good handset for the price, No one has asked you to give award for best indigenous product innovation, You are just paying a few thousands for the same and evaluating on the parameters that are not important for the end users.

      Wiko themselves are not the manufacturers, they all get it from some chinese manufacturer, but how does it matter to the end user, if the phone is good for the price, that’s enough for the user.

      1. At the end of the day if product is good and price is right does it really matter?

        1. true , why we unnecessarily bother if it is re branded or not ? Its really not a matter to end user .

    2. If Apple copies “WIKO UFEEL” you all people will run and buy it by selling your Kidneys​. Come on man, all that matters is a service satisfaction and features and price mobile that carries.

    1. Designing a product needs a lot of investment, for which a company must have a minimum quantity for it to be viable, Micromax does not have that quantity as of now and doesn’t seem to have that No. in future as well because we Indian seem to be supporting chinese companies more than micromax, even if they launch some good products ( Dual 5 and Yureka Black).

      So the process is in “Wishes Cycle”.

  7. If you consider accesories like earphone, screenguard and silicon case plus 300 cashback through phonepe app than it actually costs you around 8300 rs only. Its pretty good.

    1. Yes also redmi4 have no gorilla glass, it has 4gb ram fhd at 8700 phone discount. Very good buy. Only deciding factor battery. So gogi please mention screen on time this with redmi 4. For me that is only deal breaker. All other black wins clearly.

      1. Screen on-time is useless way for knowing the performance. If you check my battery section reports you can compare that with Redmi 4 once the review is out.

        1. While Review of YU BLACK please compare it with Redmi 4 in all aspects hardware & software.
          This is Straight competition between 2.
          Comparison video with verdict will definitely help buyers to take decision.

          1. The comparison is most likely that Yureka Black is a step ahead in most of the department except battery and sensors.

        2. I always prefer screen on time because that is the only way I can know how much time phone survives.

          Of course while mobile is on call screen goes off and accurate calculation cannot be obtained.

          So I prefer video on loop with full battery charge and find out how much time it takes to get battery to 0 percent.

          1. Screen on time will vary from person to person. I do give estimate non-stop time that is using phones with screen on.

          2. Screen on time depends on what you are running on mobile. If you are playing games then it has different screen on time, if you are watching movies then it has different screen on time and vice versa

          3. Agree. Generally people prefer the sot when video is played continuously. Because majority of people will use their mobile in watching videos while travelling and that sot give them rough idea about battery stamina..

    2. Can you please tell me does the phone have dedicated micro SD memory slot, or it’s shared with SIM2

        1. It’s a big drawback.
          Thanks for the info.
          I was planning to buy, now I won’t buy this phone

        2. Gogi can you suggest me is there any phone which has a similar specs with a dedicated micro SD memory slot.

          1. Go with OPPO a57 which is having a dedicated sd card slot ..feature sd435 , 16mp front camera 13 mp rear camera. 2.5 d display with cg4 .price 14k ..is it ok for you blindly go with it. It’s an awesome phone.