The Redmi 4 is impressive, specially the black color variant. Check this Redmi 4 Review to know how the handset performed, its camera quality and battery life. Redmi 4 will go on sale on 23rd and the price starts from Rs. 6,999.

This handset will be available in Gold and Black color options, the Black color looks awesome, and even more awesome with the front black 2.5D curved screen – just impressive, especially at this price.

No doubt this is an excellent handset and might not be that easy getting one, well all depends on the stock. And with Redmi 4 different variants the company has filled in the blank- now at every price point there is a Redmi.

Redmi 4 side view

Xiaomi phone quality is really good, do not go just by the price. The moment you press the power button for the first time, and view the handset powering up,  the screen quality is so good it gives you that premium satisfaction.

Redmi 4 box pack

Redmi 4 Review

Inside the box : Handset, data cable and travel charger 5V/2A
SAR Value : 0.750 head,  0.812 body
Body : Metal – excellent build / finishing
SIM Type : Hybrid – Micro + nano / Micro SD
OS : MIUI 8 based on Android 6 (Marshmallow) – it will get Nougat Android 7.0 update soon
Weight and Dimensions : 150 Grams / 139.24mm x 69.96mm x 8.65mm
Screen : 5 inches with 2.5D curved glass supporting 1280 x 720 pixels resolution (Color Temp Adjustment, 450 nit brightness, reading mode)
Security : Finger Print Sensor on back  – it very fast and accurate, just tap sensor to unlock
Connectivity : 4G, VoLTE (works on both SIM slots), WiFi, GPS, IR blaster (handset can be used as remote control) and Bluetooth
Sensors : Accelerometer, Proximity, Gyro, Magnetic, Light and Step counter
Sound Quality – Incall and Loudspeaker – loud and clear, no issues
Memory RAM : 3GB (around 1.5GB free)
ROM (internal storage) : 32GB (around 21 GB free)
OTG Supported : Yes

Redmi 4 review

Redmi 4 Performance

CPU : Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 octa core powered clocked at 1.4GHz
GPU : Adreno 505
Heating : Normal
Max Battery Temperature : 40 degrees

Redmi 4 back panel

Overall performance was smooth, lag free and no issues as such, handset did not heat up much and battery temp was well under 41 degrees.


Antutu : 43083 / 7848 2nd time – 42889 / 7975
NenaMark2 : 59.7 fps
Multi Touch : 10 points
Disk Speed : 155/150

Redmi 4 5 inch HD screen

Redmi 4 Gaming Review

I played Asphalt 8 in high quality mode and also played Modern Combat 5. Both games played really well no lags check the gaming video at the end of this review.

Redmi 4 Camera  Review

Rear Camera : 13MP AF with f/2.0 aperture, PDAF
Front Camera : 5MP with f/2.2 aperture, FF

Redmi 4 13MP camera on the back

Camera quality is above average. This handset can shoot FHD videos and the video quality is also very good. However slow motion video record option is missing.

Camera Rating : 4 out of 5

Redmi 4 rear and front camera sample quality

Redmi 4 rear camera sample leaves Redmi 4 rear camera sample hydrant Redmi 4 rear camera sample tree Redmi 4 rear camera sample branch Redmi 4 rear camera sample long shot HDR Redmi 4 rear camera sample long shot Redmi 4 rear camera sample night HHT Redmi 4 rear camera sample night HDR Redmi 4 front camera sample

Download Original Image files (right click and save) (do not use it for commercial purpose, without permission of

Other features

The Redmi 4 comes with step counter, just download the Mi Fit app and this handset will keep track of your step count (you need to carry the handset) – it’s your personal fitness device.

Dual Apps : This feature allows you to create two copies of any app and use those separately, you can also use different id’s.

Second Space : This option creates two space, it is like 2 users using the same handset and each user using their own private space. For example you can create home space and office space, and you even assign say left finger to unlock into home space and right finger to unlock into office space.

App Lock : With this feature you can provide extra layer of security on any app. Just enabled it for the App you want secured and the next time you try opening the app it will ask for password or you can also use your finger print to unlock.

Redmi 4 dual hybrid sim slot

Redmi 4 Battery Review

Battery capacity : 4100 mAh
Charging Time : up to 3 hours using travel charger provided
Battery Life : 6 to 10 hours non-stop (moderate to heavy)
Daily usage battery life : 2 days or over with mixed moderate usage

Battery Performance

Running Benchmark app :  18 minutes / 3% / 37 degrees
Asphalt 8 / MC5 game play : 18 minutes / 5% / 39 degrees
FHD video playback with full brightness (WiFi /4G on) :  42 minutes / 10% / 40 degrees


Another excellent phone to buy from the Xiaomi brand. This time it comes in black variant and it looks awesome, even performance is on the high scale that includes camera and battery life. Amazing phone just go for it!

Rating : 4.4 out of 5

Where / When to Buy?

2GB/16GB – Rs. 6,999
3GB/32GB – Rs. 8,999
4GB/64GB – Rs. 10,999

Redmi 4 sale will begin on 23rd on Amazon and website @ 12PM.

Published by Gogi Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -

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  1. Hi Gogi,

    After 7 months of usage, phone’s battery is swelled. In it’s final days, battery temperature was around 42 Deg.C. Now, I purchased new battery which remains at temperature of 25-26 Deg.C.

    My point is in your review you have mentioned normal battery temperature as 40 Deg.C which itself as a problematic figure during the longer use of a phone. You need to verify the same in reviews of other phones.

    1. I test the handset in standard testing conditions, now the battery life will be based on your usage. Also it is important not use the handset when it is charging specially not playing high end games. As for battery swelling, its mostly battery defect or bad charging adapter or you might have be keeping the handset charging overnight. Many of my friends and family are using redmi phones so far no issues like you mentioned. I cannot verify usage for long term use as by then other handsets will be launched. Plus logically if it works for me then there is no guarantee it will work for you. The error / defect rate is less than 5%.

  2. Gogi Sir I have been using the redmi 4 for quite some time…. But it’s having battery issues…. It barely makes 16-17 hours on normal Facebook WhatsApp browsing and YouTube viewing. What could be the problem sir……???

  3. Gogi’ji, our new redmi 4 loud speaker voice is lesser. Definitely half that of my redmi note 3. What can be the reason.

  4. Hello sir,

    Have you tried to change the notification light color?

    I heard that it has only white color for all types of notifications.

    Is is a deal breaker feature for a moderate smartphone user?

  5. Dear Gigi,
    I’m decided to buy 2 GB RAM/16GB ROM version for my wife who is a moderate user. Is it OK ? How much free ROM one can get after unboxing ?

  6. Gogi ji, I’ve decided to buy 2GB version. I’m a moderate user… Will it handle my daily tasks..?? Do you have anything to say about this particular 2GB Version. Please breief me ?

    1. Don’t look at RAM, look at the internal storage space (ROM) is that sufficient for you if yes then go ahead.

  7. Gogi ji, I’ve decided to buy Redmi 4 2GB version. Do you have any idea about the performance.? Please say it in short.

  8. Gogi brother, in my Redmi 4 my voice is breaking a lot to other side people who is on call.. is it mic problem or network problem? Am a disabled person so am not able to check the calls other than my home. Please reply

    1. Do you have only one SIM card, if possible check with other SIM. Also check if the signal bar is full, stable or fluctuating. You can try using a earphone with mic and see if there is any issue just to rule out the mic problem.

    2. Redmi phone always have voice problem people ignoring it by imagine it as jio problem.

  9. Hi gogi, in my Redmi 4 (3gb RAM) I use Jio sim in slot 1 and Vodafone sim in slot 2. When I switch on data at sim 2 the first sim network totally goes off. What should I do?

      1. As you said I checked the preferred network, both sim are on LTE only. Still having same problem.. how to fix it gogi brother?

    1. No fast charging supported and look at the battery section for your next question.

        1. Not recommended, Mi has specially mentioned not to use any fast charger as that will have an impact on battery performance / life.

  10. Gogi sir battery does a great job 4-5 days.But now battery is draining fast.Is it considered to be a defect??

    1. When did it start happening? did it happen after installing any new app? if yes then try removing that app and see.

      1. This was due to a app I installed and I removed it and battery is working normal. Thanks gogi sir

  11. I just bought this phone…. Phone Is good… Only drawback of this phone is camera . low light photos is like hell . So selfie lovers don’t buy this

  12. Upto what degree the phone is considered to be ok without any issue??
    actually my phone and charger is heating upto 45 to 47degree while charging and also while using it continuously for 1hr or sooo…..
    so can you plz say me is it normal or my divice is having an issue of heating

  13. Hi Gogi,

    you said that heat is under control in Redmi 4 as per your review, but in Amazon reviews they are saying that mobile is having heating issues. Please suggest.

    1. As long as battery temp is under 45 it is under control, as long as it is under 50 degrees it is acceptable. Most people don’t know what heatup it handset gets warm on the top, they think it is hot, it is warm, hot is when you cannot hold it for longer time.

  14. Could not find “Apply finger print to” option in settings.
    Can you please tell me how to make it use finger print instead of PIN?

  15. How much ram and rom will i get in 2gb 16 gb version???

    I hv found a aus zenfone max old phone and new redmi 4. Which will be better?????

  16. gogi sir pls rply me..###in night my redmi4 camera click yellowish pic. should i return it or it can solve

  17. Sir, in my Redmi 4 I am getting very low internet downloading speed as compare to Redmi note 3, is there is any issue? (I am using jio lte in both handset , in same location side by side)

    1. Since you got it yesterday, ignore battery backup / life, use handset for few days and then after a week see you will get better battery life. Initially when you use handset for first time battery will drain faster as there will be lot of updates, sync etc.

  18. in night my redmi4 camera click yellowish pic. should i return it or it can solve

    1. It is normal, depends on surrounding temperature too. When charging keep phone on flat surface / hard surface not on bed. Up to Mid day the handset will get a little warm, and towards the end of charging 90% to 100% it gets cooler. Avoid using the phone when charging for a faster charge.

    1. There is just one speaker and two vents for symmetrical design, it is normal, not a defect.

  19. I cant believe that all of ur posted photos has been taken from redmi 4..just awesome…most website says redmi 4 came is as worse as redmi phones.but ur pictures are just awesome.

  20. Well, Charging cable is inferior to Redmi Note 3’s cable…

    This time they gave thinner and shorter cable with Redmi 4…

    Redmi 3s data cable was as same as of RN3’s

    What you say gogi bro???

  21. gogi sir can you mention the room temperature while you where reviewing . as max temp for 3s you encountered in 3s was 37degrees and in 4 it was 41degrees . can you add surrounding temp at the time of reviewing.

    1. Battery temp at room temp before starting was 33 degrees. It is normal room without AC, only fan.

  22. Hi Sir,
    I hope you are fine. I have iPhone 5s. Is it worthy to exchange it with mi 4 3Gb version?


  23. which one is good redmi 4 with 2gb or with 3 gb RAM. Is mi phone is long lasting

    1. yes it supports quick charge 3.0 but you have to buy quick charge 3.0 charger, the charger came with phone is normal 5v,2amp charger

      1. This feature has been purposely disabled by xiaomi in Redmi 4 to avoid any risks.

  24. All the Redmi 4 variants are comes with finger print sensor?
    Plan to buy a 2GB 16GB variant.

      1. Sir in Redmi Phone Camera Settings i did some tweaks:
        and it improved the Picture quality it is my guess
        please do check and let me know as per your view this is correct or not
        My Photographer friend suggested the setting when i asked him.

        1. Picture Quality – High
        2. Contrast – High
        3. Saturation – High
        4. Sharpness – High

        1. I checked these right now….

          Well, the colours get offset a little bit than the true colours of mine bedsheet with multi colour..

          The colours get much more punchier….

          But true colours came when I kept settings at normal(Only Picture quality is set high)

  25. Sir i am note heavy game user i am music lover i like to listening​ songs in earphones which should i have to buy redmi note 4 or le eco le 2 or redmi 4

  26. Sir, as per your review Note 4 resolution 1920*1080 but Redmi 4 resolution 1280*720. Practically what is the difference or effects in screen.
    Lastly Note 3, Note 4 and Redmi 4, which one is best for heavy user.( online)

    1. Bigger screen you need better resolution. For 5 inch 720p is good enough.

  27. As it’s mentioned that Redmi 4 will get Nougat update. If so , will 16gb version face any memory issues​?

  28. How is the screen quality when compared to Redmi 4A?

    While switching Viewing angles Pixel lines can be easily seen on Redmi 4A

    Redmi 4a has poor quality display

    1. As I mentioned, I dont have any idea abt 4A display quality
      Redmi 4 display quality is definitely better than Redmi 3S