Samsung launched the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comes with dual curved screen with Edge features and priced slightly higher than the Galaxy S7. The Edge version is powered by same hardware but sports a bigger screen and higher battery capacity.

Galaxy S7 Edge Unboxing

Box pack contents : Handset, user manual, warranty card, some other guides, data cable, travel charger (fast charger) 9V/1.67A, USB adapter, SIM tray ejector pin and premium quality earphone.

Design and Display

The S7 Edge looks awesome much better than the Galaxy S7. This handset comes with dual curved screen that not only look cool but are also functional. There are a lot of thing you can do on the edge screen, moreover you can customize it as per your need.

Like the Galaxy S7 the S7 Edge is also made of metal and glass, its using a metal frame and glass on the front and back. Both front and back glass comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection. The handset is IP68 certified – dust and water resistant. It can be immersed in water for up to 30 minutes (1.5 Meters max depth). Handset weight with built in battery is 157 grams and dimensions are 72.60 x 150.84 x 7.68 (mm).

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge review

Power button is on the right side. Volume buttons are on the left side. SIM tray is on the top along with secondary mic. Audio jack, micro USB port, primary mic and speaker vent is at the bottom.

Handset is comfortable to hold and operate. Build quality and the finishing is so good that when you move your finger from metal to glass and glass to metal you hardly feel anything, it is so smooth.

S7 Edge sports a 5.5 inch Super AMOLED screen with always on display and supporting 2560 x 1440 pixels (Quad HD) resolution. The always on screen also hardly consumes any battery juice. Colour reproduction, touch response and viewing angles are excellent.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 5.5 inch super AMOLED always on screen with Quad HD resolution

This is a dual SIM handset – you can use nano SIM on SIM 1 and SIM 2 is a hybrid slot you can either use micro SD card (200 GB max) or a nano SIM.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge dual SIM slot

There is LED notification and following sensors – accelerometer, light, proximity, Gyro, Magnetic, Barometer and Hall.

Memory, Storage and OS

There is 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM. On the first boot you will get around 20GB free ROM (internal storage space) and 1.7GB free RAM. OTG is supported and apps are getting installed on the internal storage by default – there is no option to move to external SD card.

S7 Edge is running Touch Wiz UI over Android 6.0.1.


This handset is powered by Samsung Exynos 8890 64 bit 2.6GHz Octa Core processor (big.LITTLE) coupled with Mali T880 GPU. Performance is smooth, lag free and handset does not heat up. Max battery temperature I encountered was 36 degrees. Like the S7 the S7 Edge is also using liquid cooling technology to keep the heat up under control.


  • Quadrant – 54434.
  • Antutu (64 bit) – 87256 | 3D score – 18362
  • Antutu (64 bit) 2nd time with latest version 6.1.2 – 116627 | 3D score – 40457
  • Nenamark 2 – 59.8fps
  • Internal storage Speed – Read (324MB/s), Write (135MB/s)
  • Multi Touch – 10 Point.


I played Asphalt 8 in high visual quality mode. This game got installed on the internal storage. Game play was very smooth and lag free. There are advance features related to gaming and if you have enabled them you will see an icon on the left side of the screen when playing any games.

When you press the icon you can choose to disable alerts when you are playing a game, there are also screen shot and record options you can use if you want. This feature works even when you are playing and has no impact on the performance.


There is Dual Pixel 12MP (f/1.7) camera on the rear with Flash and 5MP (f/1.7) camera on the front. Thanks to the Dual Pixel technology the camera can shoot much better in low light conditions. Camera (Samsung Make) quality is excellent. Do check the sample images and videos below.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Dual Pixel 12MP camera with flash and heart rate sensor

Rear camera can record in 4K resolution at 30fps. There are some new camera modes available – Hyperlapse and Food.

S7 Edge Rear Camera Sample

Front Camera Sample

4K sample shot using S7 Edge

Video shot using S7 Edge with Zhiyun Smooth-C Gimbal


Like the other Samsung premium handsets this one also comes with built in heart rate sensor and finger print sensor. The FP sensor is on the front doubles up as the home button. Finger Print is accurate and pretty fast.

Loudspeaker sound is loud and clear, even the in call sound is pretty good. I did not face any issues with network call quality or signal. 4G LTE, WiFi, NFC, GPS and Bluetooth worked well without any issues.

S7 Edge Battery

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comes with 3600 mAh non-removable battery with fast charging capabilities (with Fast Charger / Wireless charger). You can expect about 5 to 9 hours of continuous moderate to heavy usage on a full charge. With normal to moderate mixed usage you can easily get one and a half day of battery backup with always on screen enabled.

Battery Performance (time / battery % drop / battery temperature)

  • Running Benchmark app – 10 minutes / 3% / 36 degrees
  • Played Asphalt 8 – 17 minutes / 3% / 36 degrees
  • 4K video playback with full brightness (WiFi /4G on) – 46 minutes / 10% / 35 degrees

Full Wall Charge using 9V/1.67A fast charger – 1 hours 21 minutes from 13% to 100%.


The S7 Edge is better variant when compared with the Galaxy S7. The handset looks awesome and even the performance is excellent. If you were to choose between the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge, I would suggest go for the Edge.

Rating : [4.5 out of 5] Cannot use decimals in the rating box below.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is available in 3 different colour options for ₹56,900.

Update :

Got an update today (12-04-2016) that fixes some camera big (minor distortion – wide angle lens), fixes other bugs, improves haptic vibrations and added mobile print plugin.

Image gallery

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge video review

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  1. Gogi Just because you suggest to buy Galaxy Edge S7 over galaxy S7 I decided to buy Edge S7. This is excellent phone just purchased on Gudhi Padwa (Balck). I have also search 4-5 days in almost 25-30 shops but only in two shops Gold color was available. Got Black color in Digital express Reliance shop. And also redeem coupon at 50% off on Samsung Gear VR(got a message to delivery within 30-45 days).

    Though costly but phone is relay just awesome!

  2. Got one today, really awesome mobile, there is lot of demand, I searched nearly 20 stores to get the stock, Black is not available so I brought gold color 🙂

  3. Waiting for review of lg g5 by you gogi bro….so in comparison of s7 edge & lg g5 who stands out, we will get to know….

  4. The phone is just gorgeous, but why I don’t see any1 complaining about its hybrid sim slot, heard a lot of people crying for the hybrid slot provided on the redmi note 3 ?

  5. Really nice review and a very premium handset from Samsung. If I would have budget I’ll go for LG G5. Please do review of G5 when it is launched in India, Gogi !!

  6. Hi Gogi.. I want to buy good camera phone.. My budget is 20 K.
    can u please suggest good camera phone.

    I have seen s7 , iphone 6 , nexus 6P has great camera.. is there any company who launch good camera phone at affordable prices

  7. What abt note edge vs S7 edge? Functionality vs looks? Can you compare those two on some points?

    1. Note series are complete different. The note edge as for now is outdated, better go with the S7 if you are planning for wait for the next Note 6.

  8. Despite being a samsung hater, I have became a fan of these samsung S series devices since the launch of s6. Will it be judicious to sell my kidney to get this one ? what say gogi?

  9. Mi5 pro is best.Great value for money. Coming in India next month. Better wait for that. If one does not care for the brand go for that. Great battery life too and with snapdragon 820 processor

    1. Mi5 no doubt best bro current mi3 user but samaung premium phones has awesome features and camera on galaxy s7 edge is really too great though mi5 is superb value for money but service wise samsung is good too and mi sucks , and if i had to chose would have bought the edge bt price matter though u can check camera sample of mi5 and s7 edge on youtube side by side samsung clearly won the game that disappointed me though?

      1. Mi5 has many software bugs. Specially camera. In Low light its shutter speed does not go below 1/13 sec. OIS does not work in videos etc and many more.

        It would never compete with S7 and G5 but it will get alot better than it is currently over time.

      2. Many a times the comparison videos are biased made to favour large manufacturer

    2. Mi5 may be good but s7 edge comes under premium category not for all. I thought its really premium and complete satisfaction guaranteed. If one can afford it its definitely the best option, so no comparison.

    1. Screen size, looks, edge screen features, higher battery cause of bigger screen and price.