The Xiaomi Mi 5 has finally been launched in the Indian markets for ₹24,999. This handset houses the snapdragon 820 quad core processor and is packed with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM. Indian customers were expecting a lower price but is it still worth the price?

Mi 5 Unboxing

Content : Mi 5, user manual, warranty card, data cable (USB Type C), travel charger fast charger 12V  – 1.5A. Earphone is not included.


This handset has got a unique design. It’s  a combination of metal and 3D glass. The rear panel comes with a curved glass layer. Even the side are not completely flat in fact they are curved at an angle, this includes the buttons / SIM tray too.

Xiaomi Mi 5 review and unboxing

The design makes it more conformable to hold and operate. The second thing that one would notice is the handset weight with battery – it’s just 131 grams. Dimensions are 69.20 x 144.56 x 7.19(mm).

Xiaomi Mi 5 review

Power button and volume rocker is on the right side. SIM tray is on the left.  Audio jack, secondary mic and IR blaster is on the top. On the bottom side there is a primary microphone vent, USB Type C port and speaker out vent.

It’s a dual SIM handset – there are 2x nano SIM slots with 4G LTE and VoLTE support.

Xiaomi Mi 5 dual SIM tray

There is LED notification – you can choose from selected colours. Mi 5 is loaded with accelerometer, magnetic, light, proximity,  gyro, pressure and hall sensors.

Xiaomi Mi 5 design


Xiaomi Mi 5 sports a 5.1 inch (sunlight) screen with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. The front and the back comes with gorilla glass 4 protection. Colour reproduction, viewing angles and touch response are very good.

Xiaomi Mi 5 5.1 inch FHD screen

Memory, Storage and OS

The Mi 5 launched in India comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM. On the first boot you will get 1.5GB free RAM and about 21GB free internal storage space. There is no micro SD card slot.


The handset no doubt is very powerful. It houses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 MSM8996 quad core chipset using Kryo architecture coupled clocked at 1.8GHz coupled with Adreno 530 GPU. Performance specially graphical / gaming is amazingly smooth. Handset does tend to heat up but battery temperature is well under control. Max temperature I encountered was 45 degrees when shooting videos / images outdoor under direct sunlight.


  • Quadrant – 36871.
  • Antutu (64 bit) – 106435 | 3D score – 39195
  • Antutu (64 bit) 2nd time – 108606 | 3D score – 42129
  • Nenamark 2 – 59.8fps
  • Internal storage Speed – Read (348MB/s), Write (121MB/s)
  • Multi Touch – 10 Point.


it’s SD 820, asphalt 8 worked buttery smooth – check video review.


There is 16MP AF camera (Sony IMX298 sensor) on the back with dual tone LED flash and 4MP 2 micron camera on the front.  There is some issue with AF when recording videos in 4K resolution (I guess can be fixed – software issue).  Camera quality is above average.

Xiaomi Mi 5 16MP camera with 4 axis OIS

Another unique thing about the Mi 5 primary camera is that it comes with 4 axis OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation). I tried it with the Gimbal and the results were amazing. I used a 3 axis gimbal and a small vertical bounce was compensated by the 4 axis OIS on Mi 5 the result check below.

Xiaomi Mi 5 sample with Zhiyun Smooth-C 3 axis Stabilizer Gimbal

Rear Camera Sample

Front Camera Sample

Mi 5 4K sample

You can also check this sample with OIS and without the gimbal.


No issues with 4G, WiFi, GPS, Infrared port, NFC and Bluetooth. You can use the Mi 5 as remote to remote control multiple devices. Sound is loud and clear, in call sound quality is also very good. I did not face any issues with network quality / signal.

There is touch ID based finger print sensor that doubles up as home button. The button size is smaller than when compared with other smartphones. Accuracy and detection speed is very good. When screen is off you will need to press the button to wake up the handset it will also scan finger instantly and on success it show up the home screen.

Xiaomi Mi 5 finger print sensor


The Xiaomi Mi 5 comes with 3000 mAh non-removable battery that does a decent job. You can expect about 4 to 5 hours of continuous moderate to heavy usage on a single charge. Handset supports fast charging – you will be able to charge the handset to full in just about 1 hour 40 minutes.

Battery Performance (time / battery % drop / battery temperature)

  • Running Benchmark app – 16 minutes / 6% / 38 degrees
  • Played Asphalt 8 – 20 minutes / 8% / 40 degrees
  • FHD (1080p) video playback with full brightness (WiFi /4G on) – 35 minutes / 12% / 37 degrees


Indian users have huge expectations from Xiaomi especially when it comes to the price. For many the Mi 5 looks pricey. It is a very good handset, slim, light weight yet very powerful. It may be pricey but it definitely is the cheapest Snapdragon 820 powered available the market for now.

Definitely a very good buy if you can.

Xiaomi Mi 5 is available for ₹24,999.

Mi 5 Image Gallery

Xiaomi Mi 5 video review

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  1. Hi Gogi – If you had options to choose from Oneplus 3 and Mi 5 for a person who is not a game freak and just loves the phone’s performance and looks and features, which one would you have chosen?

    Nithin Patil

      1. Thanks a lot, Gogi. Yes, Exchanging with my Mi 3 in Flipkart will cost nearly 20K which is a better buy I think.

        Do you think/feel the actual price of Mi 5 may get down in near future?

  2. Hi Gogi, Mi 5 Indian Version Fm Radio Support Yes or No ? Ple Answer Me

  3. When will the black color will be available @gogi sir ..
    I can wait till june for this phone ?

  4. Would have definitely bought it if storage would have been 64gb, Xiaomi, why you impress as well as depress customers?!!

    1. No 64 GB for India it seems. Also the price of 32 GB in India is on par with 64 GB version in China. All manufacturers seems to be short changing Indians

  5. My interest lost on seeing the sample images, poor camera. May be its the post processor thats ruining the show.

  6. Bought Sony Xperia Z2 for around 22k few months back. Has an amazing screen, long battery life, sd card support (have expanded by 64gb class 10), excellent camera, great customer service support, beautiful design, and not to mention the brand value . I have taken the phone to its limit, I have thrown all the graphic intensive games at it, do heavy multitasking, always have atleast 6-7 tabs minimized in desktop webpage mode in UC Browser, recorded long 4k videos, still it is butter smooth. I mean what else do you need from a device in the current market! So at this price point, it doesn’t makes sense to go for a device just for the sake of SD 820, if you can get a real flagship device from a big name like Sony for a lower price. Think about it..

    1. Haha that’s a 2yr old flagship. It was TWICE the price you bought it when it was initially launched. Mi 5 will be 15k or less after 2 years. Lol. Sad people

  7. Gogi sir, With such specs.& hype was expecting camera quality to be excellent. I think u have rated Asus zenfone laser is only phone having excellent camera quality in below 20k segment. will u compare both handsets? If camera is priority which is better Mi5 or op2? Pl.answer sir.

  8. gogi,how is the quality of 4 axis ois without using external gimbal? can you please upload a moving video without gimbal?

  9. friends can I go for Redmi Note Prime @ 8k ? I want simple phone for my bro with big display, good camera & sd card slot. I understand it’s cpu is slower, but phone will not be heavily used.
    any suggestion please…

    1. Go with redmi note 3 16 GB version.I am also using this form 2 weeks after selling redmi note..

  10. what is the use of powerful hardware and 4k recording…… when there is no sufficient storage space to install high end games and download or record 4k videos……
    mi5 dug their own grave without sd card option… it seems they have not learn anything from their previous mistakes made of mi4…
    anyhow they r dumping unsold 32gb underclocked processor version in india anyhow they will get profit from the price they have kept for the less stock if they sell very few mobiles also…

  11. Overpriced due to some drawbacks –
    Design is not so tempting like leeco phones .
    Screen size is small, it should be 5″7 or min 5″5.
    No sd card slot and only 32 gb internal memory.

  12. Gogi, I was waiting desperately for this review, but i was expecting a detailed review on Camera, now can i request you tell us more about it, like how is the camera quality in good, average and bad lighting condition, any AF problems in clicking the pics?. I am bad at judging by seeing the sample images, How is the camera when compared to oneplus2?

  13. Hi Gogi,
    In camera section, you wrote ” results where amazing”.
    It should be results were amazing.
    Please correct it.

  14. Yesterday oppo launched a selfie phone with 5.5. Inch FHD amoled screen mtk helio x10 processor and 16mp front facing camera for around 25k looks equal this one .because oppo is rated as pricy and mi is rated as budget friendly .
    The funny fact is that flagship model from LG (lg g3) and xperia z3 is available under 25k in India (which also plays asphalts 8 buttery smooth ,though its not having sd820) .

    It look pricy .screen size 5inch and no SD card slot .

    1. Do you want to compare hello x10 with sd820? No doubt mi5 is little pricy but it’s far better than oppo

      1. Bro if it is SD 820/ SD 801(lg g3) / helio x10 all the three chip sets will be almost equal in a practical user point of view .I agree that SD 820 is more powerful but helio x10 is also powerful .
        I never support oppo but regarding mi5 pricing xiaomi imitates oppo .that’s what my point .
        For 25k definitely lg g3 is the best in all aspect except for the sd 820 .

        1. Lol! Comparing snapdragon 820 with helio x10!. Get a check up! U need it badly

          1. SD 820 is not that important. What’s use if you buy a mobile only for SD 820?

    2. Yes, knowing that they are 2yr old or so flagships. Mi 5 wil be 15k or cheaper after two years lol. I don’t get it, if u get a better phone why not just go buy it? Your complaining and comparing it to 2yr old phones which were 20k more or so during their launch proves that you want the Mi 5 so bad. Lol

  15. Hi Gogi,
    In Mi5 first sample video, i can see the stuttering of the video. Isn’t it? Please do through some light on it.

  16. How much is SAR value of this phone? Searched a lot but couldn’t find it anywhere.. Is it mentioned in the package?

  17. So when the screen if off, we press the home button and the screen will unlock without any delay. Correct? Or should we press the home button and again put our finger on it to unlock? Please do reply dear Gogi

  18. Nice review.
    Big question is that why to buy overpriced 32 GB version. With 4K video shoot and excellent photos, storage will run out quickly.R Note 3 (32GB) seems sensible choice as of now.

  19. They should have given SD Card support option or 64 GB Internal Storage as nowadays with 4k recording and Heavy Gamed and many apps 32 GB will get filled up easily.
    Also does USB OTG works & assuming Android OS updates are given in future.

  20. Not at all interested. To pricy. Just do add some videos with out gimbal as well, for those who are trying to get some idea on camera.

  21. Mi does a real good job in the budget segment and it looses its mind in Flagships, same fate expected for Mi5 as we saw for Mi4.

    P.S. Am I the only one who noticed that the 820 in this one is under clocked? And it’s QuadCore too?

    1. Number of cores doesnt really matters apple has been long using just dual cores in their iphones and yet they are fast enough to beat octa cores used in androids and same goes for the clock speed too. Altough yeah the clock speed is underclocked in this, SD820 does come in higher clock speed in the pro variant of Mi5..

    2. Yes the version we are getting in India is under clocked. May be they will bring higher rated version once the under clocked version sells out completely

    3. No i am well aware of this how ever i think we can adjust the clock speed after rooting ?

  22. Hey gogi! I have the same question as I asked you for s7!
    Can the sd820 with adreno 530 play 10bit videos on h/w acceleration?

  23. all the MI phones facing problem in photo output yellow tint, faces turn out into yellow shade if we use flash in low light. i am suffering alot with my mi4, need to check MI5 before purchase

  24. Well i was going for the Mi5 after failing to book a Redmi Note 3 32gb in previous attempts. Thought that i would buy the 64gb variat which i thought will be priced at 25k. But looking after this i will wait for the launch of Oneplus 3 in india so that Mi will bring the 64gb variant in the 25k range …tab tak ke liye picture abhi baki hai…

  25. gogi bro to me the black borders look ugly, note 3 borders are wee enough…as per ur comparison normal user wont find any diff bw note 3 and mi5, so does it mean note 3 is betr buy? never the less for me 5.1inch dosnt appeal..wot do u think friends??

  26. Hi Gogi,

    Please Please reply.

    In comparison with redmi note 3 how is camera performance. By keeping prices in matter. Like it cost double then redmi note 3. Then how is the camera quality in comparison to that. Just give scores in **/10 for both phones only camera.

      1. Same results bro??? RN3 is 9999 nd this is 25k??? Ohhh man tnk u. hmmm people will not show much interest in mi5 if camera is same as RN3 cuz Mi5 was hiped as camera centric mobile nd 820 sd but as u said it heats up nd also 45degree hmmm i will not recommend my friends to buy this….

        1. ZTE z9 mini best camera phone plus dts audio I am using it, though some glitch in software but still a better hardware at 10k

          1. अरे भाई कहाँ ,zte z9 को लिये घूम रहे हो,
            …इस रेस में बड़े बड़े टिक नही रहे है और तुम अपनी टांग भिड़ा रहे हो…..चुप ही रहो

          2. Samsung S7 is costly but still is a better option in terms of camera and others.

          3. Yes ZTE z9 mini is still a beast when it comes to camera, comparable to samsung s6 in terms of clarity. I was looking to buy it at Rs 8700 from ebay, but the price has increased now.

  27. Only 1.5gb ram available out of 3gb on first boot??
    In my Redmi note prime 1.4gb ram is available out of 2gb on first boot.
    Is it loaded with too much bloatware??

  28. Fantastic value for money when compared to Galaxy s7. Much battery life too. Camera quality comparable to Samsung s7

      1. gogi bro pl throw some light on 4 axis OIS(optical image stabilization we know) ..4 axis means wot? there are three axis in 3D(x,y,z) is it related to dimensions??

        1. Most OIS cameras correct vertical and horizontal movements, Mi5 does same and also corrects rotational movements.

          1. I tested it with both handsets just now, and I did not find any noticeable difference. Just tried walking same posture with one handset at a time. I guess the huge difference in the video you listed is cause both the handset are attached to a same platform, also weight is different Mi 5 is lighter, or probably Mi 5 not fitted properly. Would have been better if the handsets were tested individually.

          2. Thanks a Ton Gogi !

            I think the Mi5 would be a good option. Just need to wait for more colour options. I also Hope they get in some more stocks soon and the 64GB variant. 32 GB is a bit less these days considering the sizes of Apps, Photos & Videos, especially if one considers the 4K capability of the handset.

  29. As usual, Nice review Gogi bro. Phone is good but price is too high. It will not be able to encash itself due to price factor only.

  30. Thanks for the awesome review as always gogi bhai. I’m just curious that how is the camera quality output compared to Apple iPhone 6. plz answer it as it is critical.

    1. I have not checked iPhone 6 but if you check the camera sample of Mi 5 on this page, I was expecting it to be in the excellent category.