Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Plus next Redmi Note Series, leak suggests

The next Redmi Note smartphone by Xiaomi will be called the Redmi Note 5. The handset probably may be launched soon, but already a leaked image looks like that of a box pack, reveals the Redmi Note 5 Plus variant, so will it be Redmi Note 5 & 5 Plus?

It is possible that the company might launch two variants the Redmi Note 5 and the Redmi Note 5 Plus. The Plus version probably may come with more battery juice, RAM/ROM and may be with a bigger screen.

Nothing official yet but the Redmi Note 5 Plus leaked image is creating interest. This next Redmi Note series smartphone will come with dual cameras. We will have to wait for more news on this probably days before the launch we might get to know some more 5 Plus/ 5 specs.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Plus leaked

Redmi Note 4 is already doing really well in India, and the next handset the Redmi Note 5 will also be launched in India. The launch may happen within few months or probably early 2018, lets see.

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