Portronics is known for combining innovation and affordability. In this piece, we will explore two unique offerings from this beloved brand; a multi-purpose Bluetooth keyboard and a breakthrough wearable Bluetooth speaker. Both of them are designed to improve your tech experience without making you broke.

A Typing Solution for Multiple Devices: The Versatile Bluetooth Keyboard

Unboxing the Bluetooth Keyboard

The first thing that one notices after unboxing the Portronics Bubble Square Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard is its bright purple color. At only 899 rupees, it presents good value. It’s not just about the color though, in its price range, the build quality and finish are impressive.

Key Features and Specifications

Inside the box there is a warranty registration card as well as user manual. It comes with all keys including a numeric pad which is quite uncommon in portable keyboards. It also includes a Bluetooth receiver which enables compatibility with devices that do not support native Bluetooth like older desktops or laptops that can be connected via USB.

It has been ergonomically designed to incorporate rubber padding for stability as well as ensure durability through the use of plastic body This means that it runs on an AAA battery, which will last between 3 to 6 months depending on how heavy it is used.

Multi-Device Connectivity

One of these features include multi-device pairing capability by pressing some simple function key combinations that enable switching of up to two different devices using both bluetooth1or 2 modes.This feature comes in handy especially if one is shifting between their laptop and tablet frequently.

Practical Usage and Performance

We successfully paired it with both our phone and iPad during our tests. Typing was smooth and reactive hence making it suitable for both casual users as well as professionals who would like to use it in their work places. The built-in slot at its back allows you to place your phone or small tablet so you can work without always looking up or down.

The Portronics Talk Three: A Revolutionary Wearable Speaker

Introduction to the Wearable Speaker

Another device that we will look at is the Portronics Talk three, a wearable Bluetooth speaker with 2-watt sound output which redefines portable audio devices. At roughly 1400 rupees, this tiny yet mighty speaker stands out in an overcrowded market for portable speakers.

Unboxing and Design

In addition to user manual and warranty card, Talk Three comes with a USB type C cable for charging it. Moreover, the speaker has been designed sleek and compact so that you can clip it to your clothes or attach it magnetically. This feature makes the product very adaptable to a wide range of users.

Sound Quality and Usability

The audio quality of Talk Three is quite impressive even when considering its small size. The sound is clear and loud enough for personal use like being hooked onto one’s shoulder as well as other things around you. This makes it ideal for outdoor activities such as walking or jogging where less traditional earbuds or headphones may be inconvenient.

Hands-Free Functionality

It also acts as a hands-free device because it has an in-built microphone. Therefore, you can answer calls using the Talk Three directly which is very handy when moving from one place to another. Also since its IPX5 rated there are dust and water resistant meaning it will not spoil easily in different atmospheres.

Battery Life and Connectivity

The Talk Three uses Bluetooth 5.3, which offers a reliable and efficient connection. The battery life is another important feature since it can last up to ten hours when fully charged enabling users to go out for long periods of time without having to charge constantly.

Conclusion: Affordable Innovation

Portronics’ commitment to affordable innovation is exhibited in both the Portronics Bubble Square Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard and the Talk Three wearable Bluetooth speaker. Regardless of whether you require an adaptable typing option or a portable sound product, these items are a superb value for money. These products can be found on Amazon; video description has links to them.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in