The Moto E sales went live on 14th May 00:01 hours. Well some of you might probably have booked the Moto E, if you still haven’t you will have to wait a bit longer. After Flipkart started the Moto E sales the handset went out of stock in approx 16 hours.

As of now Flipkart has stated the bookings, note it’s not buy now, instead it’s book now and the delivery days instead of 2 to 3 has been changed to 7 to 10 days.

I tried booking the Moto E at precise 00:02 hours, I got the 504 error that showed up after the payment was successfully made. Instead of the order confirmation page I got the error page but thankfully the order was placed and upon few refreshes I got though the confirmation page.

I kept checking the Moto E page as I presumed that the handset would go out of stock, but then realized that Flipkart was well prepared this time and had adequate stock. There is no exact or estimated details of the stock Flipkart had in hand, but it has got to be huge, considering the number of times the Moto G went out of stock.

Interestingly both the black and the white Moto E handsets have gone out of stock after nearly 16 hours or so, probably the black color would have gone out of stock first as I believe that would be the first choice of many users.

Moto e sold out - goes out of stock in approx 16 hours

There will be more waiting time for consumers who are planning to get the Mote E, also note that just like of other Moto models Filpkart  came up with launch day offer that is still valid until today, unfortunately the stocks are out. Flipkart might get it up soon so keep watching.

There are many who are waiting for initial reviews as some of specs are not so clear. Moto E review coming up soon as soon as I get my unit.


By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -