The E, yes it’s the Moto E as expected has been launched for Rs. 6,999. Now that’s a cool price tag. The handset will be available exclusively on Flipkart starting tonight at midnight.

The specifications are as follows it will be powered by dual core processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 with Adreno 302 GPU) clocked at 1.2GHz running on Android KitKat and will also get future updates (FOTA). The scratch resistant (corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection) screen is 4.3 inches with 960 x 540 pixels resolution.

There is 1GB RAM, 4GB storage and 32GB micro SD card support. Moto E weight is about 142 grams and is 12.3mm thick. There is single camera of 5MP on the rear, front camera is missing. Rear camera can shoot videos in FWVGA resolution. The phone however can play 720p videos.

Moto E launched in India with snapdragon processor for Rs. 6,999

Key features are 3G, 2G, FM radio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, Google voice search, Google play and GPS. Yes there is GPS with A-GPS / GLONASS support. There are Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor, and Light Sensors. There is a single white LED notification light too. The dual SIM handset comes with 1980 mAh Li-ion battery – as per the company will easily last for 24 hours on a single charge.

The Moto E handset will be made available at midnight only on Flipkart.

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  1. Moto E white available on flipkart now! Not sure if Moto E black is sold out again or it was out of stock all the time.

  2. gogi sir which colour hanset (moto e) u recived
    Do review early waiting for ur review only 😀

      1. But the motorola official website shows in the box it is not comes with head set.

  3. gogi sir just see your popuratity how many peoples are waiting for your review.others reviews are not upto the they reviwed moto e like oh my its not got secondary camera,flash its disspointing……..blah..blah…blah I thing they want samsung galaxy s3 at this price agree?

  4. So! GoGi Sir. can we say it is a game changer in just under 7k because it has powerful processor which is snapdragon’s processor. I think it will surely hit in the indian market. wait for your review sir! thanks…

  5. Moto e is good phone and also a best brand but when i think about xolo q700s i get confuse price of xolo is 8k and moto is 7k where xolo is quad core 8mp camera and also having front cam nd it is able to play high laver games but at last i think that moto is more populer and cheap so m confuse tell me what should i do

    1. don’t get confused just go for moto e its awesome i have ordered it after 1 min of launch on flipkart 🙂 very excited to receive it

  6. Wow. Awesome specs for the price. Even better than I had thought. Great going Moto. Great future ahead. Crush all money looting competitors.

  7. can its processor be powerful enough to play HD games smoothly….?
    can it play 720p videos…?
    no front camera n flash is really big problem…

  8. Sir,
    When you review moto E please mention the so called kitkat and sd card issue and does it anyway affects moto e

    1. Mohit I am not sure I have never experience after sales support, I did once for HTC a long time back when the handset got bricked.

  9. wow. I knew it will be a great handset for the price, It is anytime better than the Nokia X, MMX and Karboon phones.

    1. There is LED light that will blink on notification and when charging it will be white LED only, on some phones you get red when charging, yellow or green or white or blue when you receive notification etc.

  10. Hi,
    Gogi,is there any surety of moto e being waterproof and dust proof because it is not anywhere mention about it on flipkart

    1. It has some splash proof coating, it is not water proof. In general better avoid any liquid contact.

      1. Thank you, gogi and by the way when are you going to review it any approximation.

        1. Depends on when I will get the handset, I will be booking today as the sale window opens.

  11. Hi Gogi,

    With all your reviews I have bought MOTO G but unfortunately it has fell down from my bag on highway road, phone is absolutely working fine, I am using silicon pouch and not the flip cover because of which I had some cracks on the screen? Do you aware that if the moto g spare parts are available in india or not?

    Flipkart doesnt have spare parts till date and any of the local shop keepers doesnt have this accessory?

    Kindly let me know if you have some information.

    sorry guys for the off-topic question ?

    1. kiranpani, that’s sad though the screen are tough they are breakable beyond certain force, you will need to visit service centre and see what will be the cost you will need to pay for fixing the screen. And if the cost is too much then the Moto e is another option, a cheaper option in case you have budget issues.

  12. Gogi sir is it a difference b/w moto e and moto g camera both r 5mp nd what is the pixel density of moto e?

    1. Not sure yet but some say its fixed focus will check that once I get the review unit and PPI is 256.

  13. For the price point it is beast, with good feature, good work by motorola.

  14. biggest drawback is its thickness 12.3 mm..!! its too bulky when i see rumours that its thickness will be 6.2 mm..that time i was too exicted..
    everything is perfect in this phone except thickness at this price..

    1. Thickness is not like what in paper my moto g has 11.6 mm thick but it feels awesome in hand. It perfectly fit in my hand never feel like loose from my hand

  15. Gogi Please reply. Also i have seen a review on youtube in which its mentioned that its a fixed focus camera. Is it true ?

    1. I don’t know but I will be doing the review soon may be this week can confirm then.

    2. Yes, it is a fixes focus camera. Indiatimes has confirmed it.:

      1. india times is most dumbest site ever..
        they said this on ther site

        “Moto E has a 5MP camera on the back, but since the display area at the event was not very well lit, some of the images we took came out a little dark. A few were grainier than we expected them to be, considering the lighting. However, once we changed focus (there is no autofocus and you need to tap the screen), the image quality improved and photos looked better, with decent level of detail.”

        WTF is touch focus then??

        1. as long as i can change focus, i consider it as “not a fixed focus” camera.. 🙂

  16. I have ordered Samsung Galaxy S duos 2 from flipkart for Rs. 8310. I am in a dilemma whether I should cancel my order and buy Moto E or should i go with Samsung. Please reply Gogi Sir ASAP.

    1. No go for s duos 2. You’ll get a much better camera with flash and a front camera too. It only lacks kitkat, 1gb ram( it has 768 mb), and gorilla glass, which isn’t a problem. But camera, flash and front canera matters a lot. Also s duos 2 has been seen to play a lot of high end games. Go for it.

  17. Hi Gogi

    If something goes wrong with phone, whom to catch for servicing?

    1. You get the list of service centre closest to your address when you buy the handset.

  18. gogi is it true that the moto e is not having wifi hotspot, then it is a bit disappointing.

  19. Wow…..unbelievable only 6999/- ..thanks moto g ….great specification .great brand value .but I have a doubt
    1) how is it after sales service .?? Me from kerala ?? If any problem whom in have to contact??

  20. Wow it is going to be the awesome phone for its price i am damn sure all the mobile companies like samsung,Sony,Lg,MMx will get a big loss Because they are priced higher

    1. On the contrary ,moto e will start a healthy competition between all these companies and in the coming months we will see a whole bunch of phones with better specs and android 4.3/4.4 form all these companies…some of them have already started rolling out 4.3 handsets like lava,xolo and even micromax with the elanza 2 …

  21. 12.3mm thickness, front camera missing and no flash . i think this is big drawback of this moto e. if they include it will big blockbuster. i was waiting for moto e but this features not so attractive except gornill glass.and prize

  22. Sad man, I just purchased xolo a500s club for rs6600 yesterday.
    Now I regret that I would have waited and buy this one.

  23. A VGA front cam and LED light would have made this perfect..perhaps Rs 500 more…

  24. Some Important Points of Moto E
    1. Non Removable battery
    2. Both Micro Sim Support
    3. 5Mp Af Camera So-So pic quality
    4. Good Screen nd Viewing Angle
    5. Audio Quality is Good
    6. Great Build Quality but lil bulky
    7. Kitkat & Timely Os updates
    8. Interchangeable back Cover
    9. Great Brand Value

  25. Sir,there are no headset provide with Moto E , but good news i have got from motorola india website, the side edges just 6.23 mm. PLZ CHECK AND UPDATE

    1. Hi thickness is 12.3mm the edges are 6.23mm it means that the handset’s bulky part i.e. in the center is 12.3mm thick. It has a curved body, as it moves towards the edges it gets slimmer.

      1. that is one man’s thinking like one would think it is bulky in the center and one would think it will fit in palm perfectly

  26. Front cam would have made it a perfect phone, still at 7k, a great buy from a great brand. By the way, will Motorola continue this trend, as it’s now in Lenovo’s hands?

  27. Motorola has cleverly left a huge price band gap between moto e and moto g …7k and 12.5k …that’s huge…I think they can easily slip in another device between these two with slightly better specs…