Though there is nothing official about if it will be the Moto E handset that will be launched on the 13th of May, some more documents indeed point out that it will be the Moto E handset. The latest import data not only confirms the model name but also gives an indication about the stock that will be in hand when launched.

Flipkart is the official partner and the E will be exclusivity available on Flipkart, they have already started making announcement about the new Moto handset though they have not disclosed the model name. Goodbye old phone and hello new moto is their tagline.

On 8th of may about 18700 Moto E units were imported almost all of the units are White colored except for the one lot that does not have the color mentioned.

This proves two things, 1. The Moto E is the one and 2. The handset will be listed and available on Flipkart the day it will be launched i.e. the 13th of May 2014. Flipkart will have adequate stock this time and it seems they are sure about the new wave the Moto E will create.

Motorola's Moto E imported into India

Tip: Nirmal | Source : Zauba.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -