As we all know that Motorola will launch a budget friendly smartphone in India on 13th May. There are still 4 days to go and it seems the Moto E handset image has already been leaked. Flipkart the official online partner in India has also started mentioning about the new phone that will be available in few days.

The photo of the alleged Moto E has already popped up on Facebook posted by a user on Motorola’s Mexico Facebook page. The image shows two handsets the one on the left is the older version i.e. the Moto G and the one on the right could be the Moto E.

Everything will be clear on 13th May when the handset will be officially launched. The new handset has already been tagged as priced for all. Moreover Flipkart is also getting ready to welcome the new Moto handset. The Moto G was a great hit and if this new handset is priced cheaper than the G then probably history could be repeated. The Moto X got a lukewarm response.

The new Moto handset coming soon on Flipkart

Flipkart has posted an image that says “Goodbye old phone, Hello New moto, coming soon”. The new handset will be available exclusively via Flipkart. 4 more days to go, so stay tuned. You can download our app to get the notifications as it happens right on your mobile.

Tip : Prashant Bhati and Sai Krishna.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -