Flipkart Moto G offer – get lucky and Shop for free

Flipkart came up with exceptional offer when the Moto G was launched and now once again it has come up with another offer that sounds too tempting. To take part consumers need to buy the Moto G that is currently priced at Rs. 12,499. Offer valid from 14th April to 17th April.

As per the offer 100 lucky consumers will get 100% cash back and will also get an opportunity to shop for free for a year (on Flipkart). To win – the first step is to buy the Moto G and note down the Oder ID. The second step is to answer a simple question by sending the reply with the order number to 09250692506.

The question – Moto G runs on Android? a) Yes, b) No. Consumers need to send SMS in the format MOTOG YES/NO Oder ID. The SMS should be sent before 30th April. In the terms and conditions Flipkart has even given an example on how the SMS has to be sent i.e SMS Format: MOTOG Yes ODxxxxxxxx. You can copy the same example format just make changes to the Order ID.

Moto G Flipkart offer 100 lucky winner shop for free

100 lucky winners will be notified via SMS and the list will be announced on 7th May. Winner will not only get 100% cash back, but also get vouchers worth 1,00,000 that will be valid up to April 2015. Winner will be able to use this 1 Lakh voucher for purchases made on Flipkart via WS Retail seller only.

Buy the Moto G and get Lucky.


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