Some of the recently launched XOLO handsets come with assured KitKat update and now the company is planning to roll out the Android 4.4. KitKat update on some of its popular models. The update should happen sometime in June.

Here are the list of models that will get the KitKat update – XOLO Q700S, XOLO Q1010i and Q3000. The XOLO Q1010 – the Q1010i predecessor will also get the KitKat update, so in all there are 4 models that will get KitKat within few weeks.

XOLO had recently upgraded the XOLO Q1000 Opus handset to Android 4.4, though it has some issues and many users were not able to use the Wi-Fi module, I believe that has been fixed now.

XOLO users using the Q1010, Q1010i, Q3000 and Q700S handsets get ready for the KitKat update that will happen soon. Interesting thing to note is that the handsets listed are using MediaTek chipset, which means we might soon see other manufacturers also rolling out the update on their handsets.

XOLO KitKat update coming soon

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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -