XOLO Q1000 Opus gets the KitKat update

Good news for XOLO Q1000 Opus users, XOLO has rolled out KitKat update for this model. The KitKat update was already made available a few days back as reported by some users, but now it is officially been listed in the software update page on the XOLO website.

I had already done the review of Q1000 Opus that was running on the Android 4.2, it is a good handset but had a buggy camera and was heating up, it seemed like a software issue that might have already been fixed by the XOLO team.

And now it’s like the icing on the cake the Opus users can upgrade to KitKat (Android 4.4). Q1000 Opus comes powered by BCM23550 Broadcom quad core chipset. Unfortunately we have not yet seen the KitKat being rolled out for the MediaTek chipsets.

I am not sure if the Kitkat update is available OTA and its neither mentioned on the official XOLO website. If you visit the software update page you will find the download option and instructions on how to install the update.

KitKat update rolled out on XOLO Q1000 Opus

You will need to download the ‘update_KitKat.zip’ file that is around 294MB. After downloading this file just follow the instructions as mentioned on this page.

Opus users go ahead and upgrade to KitKat and don’t forget to leave your comment and share your experience.

Tip: Aditya Saluja.


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