Android KitKat 4.4 update has been rolled out on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in India. Just a few days back there were indications that the Note II will be getting the 4.4 update and as expected the KitKat for Note II is now available in India.

I have the Note II handset and have already installed the new OS, the install size is 416.58MB. The process was smooth, you just need to download the file and then install it. There is no loss of data, your current data is retained, but it would be better to take a back up, just in case.

Do note that you will not be able to downgrade after the 4.4 update. Make sure the battery percent is over 50% as it will not be a good idea if the phone shuts down during the update process because of low battery. You will not find any major difference in the interface when upgrading from 4.3 to 4.4. However there are some new additions on the lock screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note II  kitkat update size 416.58MB

Samsung Galaxy Note II  kitkat update caution read carefully

Samsung Galaxy Note II running on Android KitKat 4.4

The Note II got the Android 4.3 update in November and now the KitKat is here. I will be testing the handset for few days and will check the overall performance. I guess there will not be much of a difference and the battery performance should be as good as on the 4.3.

If I find any issues I will update this post and in case if you find any issues do leave a comment.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -