Android KitKat 4.4 update has been rolled out on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in India. Just a few days back there were indications that the Note II will be getting the 4.4 update and as expected the KitKat for Note II is now available in India.

I have the Note II handset and have already installed the new OS, the install size is 416.58MB. The process was smooth, you just need to download the file and then install it. There is no loss of data, your current data is retained, but it would be better to take a back up, just in case.

Do note that you will not be able to downgrade after the 4.4 update. Make sure the battery percent is over 50% as it will not be a good idea if the phone shuts down during the update process because of low battery. You will not find any major difference in the interface when upgrading from 4.3 to 4.4. However there are some new additions on the lock screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note II  kitkat update size 416.58MB

Samsung Galaxy Note II  kitkat update caution read carefully

Samsung Galaxy Note II running on Android KitKat 4.4

The Note II got the Android 4.3 update in November and now the KitKat is here. I will be testing the handset for few days and will check the overall performance. I guess there will not be much of a difference and the battery performance should be as good as on the 4.3.

If I find any issues I will update this post and in case if you find any issues do leave a comment.

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  1. Sir..
    I have problem wid my note 2..
    I m getting an option to hide my apps…
    How could i do tht..plzzz rply me fast..
    This kitkat version quite easy but confusing type.. so plzz guide by to hide app..instead of uninstall it..

  2. Now with the price drop note 2 is the best value for money samsung phone, 24 K on flipkart and less on others. I don’t see any major feature advancement on GN3 neo. So it turns out that note 2 is a workhorse, any comments.

      1. HTC service isn’t as good as samsung, and the build quality for HTC is flimsy, screen is easily popped out of the bezel. I don’t like HTC. Camera for samsung is the best, wifi signal is strongest in samsung. Whatsay?

  3. No sir i m charging it with regular charger and one more thing i want to add that whenever i plug for charging it shows the sign of charging but number of % does not increase.

  4. hello gogi sir please help me in this issue
    whenever i download any new app from play store the battery of my note 2 stops charging.
    for ex. my battery is 39% and i download any app (like pdf reader or LINE etc) then i starts charging even after three or four hour battery remains on 39%.
    When i uninstall that latest app the battery starts charging…
    now what should i do to handle this situation ??

    1. That’s a strange issues are you doing this when the phone is connected with PC? if yes can you try doing the same charging via wall charger.

      1. No sir i m charging it with regular charger and one more thing i want to add that whenever i plug for charging it shows the sign of charging but number of % does not increase.

        1. Rakesh that’s strange, better get the handset checked at the service centre.

  5. hey man i updated my note 2 to 4.4.2 from 4.3 battery was excellent in 4.3 but after updating battery totally drains like a hell!!! no music app(while playing music) on lockscreen, lockscreen clock doesnt get updated… note 2 goes in deep sleep mode doesnt quickly respond to wake up… device heating n bla bla bla… even if i get solution on battery drain i will be happy all other things i can instead i have to tolerate!!! please help soon

    1. Try factory reset may be some app you downloaded is not doing well with Kitkat.

      1. tried factory reset too… also done some web search to save battery n accordingly uninstalled google plus from phone… i dont have skype installed at all… even den no success… any other solution? right now m updating all the apps available via play store if the apps arent compatible with 4.4 update should fix… hope for the best… n expect samsung to release a fic for it soon… by d way i updated to 4.4 OTA… does it have anything related?

          1. updated instagram n camscanner… uninstalled phone tracker app(many suggested it is the bug) lets wait n see the results!!! will post the results tomorrow

          2. many of us might have known that there were battery issues with note 3 after updating it to 4.4 it was terrible n now samsung has pushed another update (19 hours ago) to note 3 its just a bug fix update hope we note 2 users if raise voice to yell at samsung about our note 2’s battery drain they may release abug fix update to note 2 also!!! heres the link of note 3 bug fix update>>>

          3. Hey guys… found a solution for battery drain if u have sonys smart connect app please uninstall it… dats d bug it isnt updated I used it to connect note 2 to Sony smart watch… before uninstalling I found my ram usage 1.25/1.74 I uninstalled it n restarted note 2 n found ram usage 662/1.74

            U can say thanx by commenting

      2. Dear Rajiv
        I got kit kat and I blame myself for that update as why I updated ? My note 2 goes to slumber and nothing happenend it hangs and I have to pull out battery to get my phone on track again. Battery is draining like hell. No game no third party software nothing. Got factory reset but nothing doing. Any method to revert back to jelly bean. I am not satisfied by KIT KAT

        1. Raj you will need to visit the service centre. It’s samsung so should not be an issue getting it resolved immediately.

  6. Hello gogi sir.can u draw your attention towards DOCUMENT EDITIOR in samsung note 2.. how can we edit spreadsheet or pdf files?? in varies sites it is clearly mention that note has inbuilt document editor.But where?????

  7. as per the review of other user i refuse to update my phone.The list of cons are following:
    1 colourless notification bar
    2 weak wifi signal
    3 heavy drain of bettery
    and just one pro that is smoothness
    gogi sir what does you feel?
    is it a good deal??

      1. Hi,
        I too updated my device to 4.4.2 and I haven’t faced any such noticeable problems.
        Battery backup has improved a lot. But, i can observe a very minor lag in the system operation like the face detection lock being slow.
        And today, i have observed Facebook being closed on its own. Hopefully, there wont be any other issues.

        1. Generally after the update some apps may close down, just check if there is update available for the app. I did face a small issue in facebook app with text missing but when I closed the app and started it again it worked.

          1. Thanks for this info Gogi.
            But, i am still struggling with the battery getting drained in Switch-off mode and not sure why?!!!
            Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks in Advance.
            Bye bro.

          2. Strange, on my note 2 its works perfectly fine. It could be some app that is misbehaving. Try downloading battery saver 2x app (disable the power saving on the phone) and then use, see if that makes a difference. If not try a factory reset. If that does not work get the handset checked at service centre.

          3. Alright Gogi. I shall be checking this with the ‘battery saver 2x’ app as well (Not sure if this works in shutdown mode as well.!!).
            I do have warranty for the handset. Not sure if the problem is with the battery. If so, i may not get the replacement as it has crossed six months 🙁
            Thanks a lot for sharing this info Bro. 🙂

    1. finally i update my phone and all rumour has vanish. my phone is working as usual.not any visual and dramatic change.

  8. Does not seem available OTA here in Simla..did you update thru Kies with a computer ?

  9. Hi Gogi,

    can you please let me know when will be the kit kat available for iberry auxus nuclea n2

  10. Hello Gogi…
    any information about kitkat update for canvas magnus or any canvas series….

    reply plz..,….

  11. Hello gogi sir,
    Is there any differences in camera interface after kitkat update???
    Please give some screenshots…..

  12. Hi Gogi, Yes, i too got the update brother:)
    Please let me the improvements/issues that you might come across with this update.
    I want to update it after your confirmation.
    Thanks a lot…:)

    1. So far looks good, there is no update from my side on this post in the next two to three days, then all is well.

      1. Does not seem available in Shimla OTA, & Samsung service Shimla will have it after a month did you download it via Kies thru a Cable ..Please guide.

        1. Wait for few days, and did you but the handset from India, if yes then wait for some more days it will be available.

  13. Read somewhere that kitkat has a battery bug linked to the camera app which drains battery and Google is working on a fix.

  14. hello gogi sir.
    I hav updated my s4 to kitkat (4.4). since then I hav strange issue .handset heats up lot. even when handset is idle in my jeans pocket. and battery is draining very fast. please suggest me any solution for this problem.

    1. Could be some incompatibility with some apps, try removing the recently added apps or check if there is update available.

      1. I reset my s4 and now everything is working smooth. no heating n battery drain issue.kitkat is smoother than jellybean. thanks gogi sir for ur advise.