Good news for Galaxy Note II users your handset will soon see the KitKat update. The Android 4.4 update has been rolled out in some countries and will soon be rolled out in India.

If you may recall the Note II already got the 4.3 update in November 2013 and now it is getting ready for the 4.4 update. The main advantage of high end phones is that they keep getting the updates as long as it’s compatible; much of it also depends on the brand if they are providing the timely updates.

With Android 4.4 the Samsung Galaxy Note II will get many new features already existing on KitKat. The OS update should also improve the overall performance. If you are using the Note II keep checking for software updates one a week, the 4.4 will be available soon.

To upgrade you can use the OTA option (Over the air updates) or using Kies PC suite software.

Samsung Galaxy note 2 kitkat update

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  1. Gogi I got first update in Samsung galaxy S4 on 5-3-2014 (4.4.1) and second update on 13-4-2014 (4.4.2). There is miner changes I feel after that. Good part is that battery backup increased a little bit. Top screen bar’s icons of network, time and wireless are coming in gray-scale. default app buttons added next to app manager in settings. Disappointing part no ultra power saving mode like s5. not a bit improvement in s4’s features like Air view,Air gesture, smart scroll and smart stay. No such change in settings layout like s5. overall no such improvements are there.

  2. Great news.

    Thanks Gogi Sir.

    Sir , is there any chance of getting improved s pen features as on Samsung note 3 and note 3.

  3. Hi Gogi,
    Have you noticed any changes in the battery backup after updating to 4.3?
    Please provide these details as i have hardly been using it since 7 months.
    Thanks bro.

    1. Battery improved on 4.3 before upgrading I was using a battery saver app and after 4.3 upgrade I removed that saver app as the built in power saving did a very good job. Now lets see how the 4.4 does.

      1. I regret the upgrade, it is draining my Note 2 N7100 battery very fast. On JB it used to be amazing, in spite of mobile data on for whole day plus GPS google maps for 6-7 hours on on JB it still was a rich 50% at end of the day. With the latest update it drains 15% in just half hour just on mobile data with power saving on!!! Gogi Sir can u pls tell me how to address this huge battery drain problem? my fone warranty ends in june. If necessary I am ready to downgrade to JB. I was told by friends that I have to root it to downgrade. Pls Sir.. what do I can do with this stupid update? waiting for ur reply…

        1. Hi the best option would be to visit the service center and get the downgrade done and / or check the reasons for the battery drain after the update.

  4. hello sir.thanks for the latest news and latest launchings.i want to know which type of setting and application you use to avoid heating issue while playing heavy games??waiting for your suggestions.

    1. Nothing, better not use too many apps, instead avoid playing when the handset gets too hot. Wait for a few minutes and then you can start playing again. Heat up also depends on the environment you are in for example if you are under the sun the handset will heat up quickly whereas if you are using the handset in an AC room it will heat up much slower.

    1. sir samsung is silent on s3 kitkat ….
      Its nearly no updates for international s3 but may be for American version ….

  5. Hi Gogi,
    This is really a very good news. Have been waiting for this since a long time.
    This will definitely enhance the performance of this device.

    One small info Gogi. I am facing battery drop problem in my Note 2.
    Surprisingly, the battery is dropping even in switch-off mode. But, when i remove it from the phone, the battery will not drop at all. Any help is very much appreciated.
    Thanks Bro.

    1. I think you might have enabled some unique features like smart screen (and others) that might be misbehaving, try disabling all of those and then check.

      1. Thanks for this information Gogi.
        But, all of my mobiles work on battery optimized mode.
        i have not enabled any sensors which will eat-up the battery. Not sure why this is happening?!
        Is there any way to find the processes running even in switched-off mode?
        Thanks Bro.

      1. I too use Note 2..still worth keeping…i think this is still value for money phone from Samsung…I am going to change only when Samsung brings Note3 Dual SIM, i am told it is marketed in China.