This electric toothbrush from Kolibree might look like any other ordinary electric toothbrush, but it’s different, a lot different, it actually monitor our brushing activities, it will know how many times you have brushed, collects data, duration and can even track your missing teeth.

The Kolibree electric toothbrush comes with built in Bluetooth so it can communicate with your smartphone. The app (works with iPhone and Android) then compiles the data and provides real time feedback. This toothbrush, err… device takes the common activity (brushing) to a completely different level.

Well this definitely will be fun for kids but not sure how adults would take it. The device is intelligent enough to detect how long you have brushed and if you have covered the right places. The data are converted into easy to view formats (stats / graphs), you can check your progress and compare it with previous data. The high tech toothbrush can even send reports directly to your dentist and get feedback.

Hi Tech bluetooth enabled kolibree electric brush

The brush head are changeable, toothbrush looks elegant, comes with pre-loaded multiple brushing programs, there is built in Bluetooth for communication and wireless induction charging base to charge up.

kolibree electric brush charging dock

The project was listed on kickstarted – already met its goal, still 13 more days to go. The fund raised will be used to manufacture this product and will be rolled out in the U.S markets and then probably the rest of the world.

There are smart devices like smart watches, fitness band and even smart footwear Not sure if you will see this in India, but good to know where technology is heading.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -